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This has happened some 6 or 7 yrs back when my sexy mom Radha was 40 years at the prime of her sexuality.My father was a busy civil servant who used to come late from office and was always on tours.I was 21 years at that time just finished my graduation and looking for openings.Lakshmi was money minded and has liking for good things in life.

My dad didn’t do enough justice to Radha ,a dusky South Indian bomb,5’7″ ht..She has milky breasts 39d waiting to be sucked,sensous lips and black forest covering her redlight area.It was treat to watch her emerge from the bedroom in the morning as she has a habit of wearing semi-transparent nightie without bra and panty.Her hairy choot,big tits used to welcome my doodhwala,paperwala.In buses nobody used to allow her pass without pinching her bum.

Lakshmi used to spend the day watching TV,not knowing how spend the of dads friend Umesh uncle who was a businessmen rented a house next to my flat,he along with his wife 35 yr old used to frequent our house.radha slowly became close to umesh uncle’s wife Mona.Mona though not as beautiful like my mom was extrovert and social she used to take drinks also and used to wear skimpy outfits.

She planted the idea of doing business in sarees to my mom.Lakshmi was always ready to do anything for money readily acepted the plan.They used to visit wholesalers in the city and in turn used to sell it to housewives in my neighbourhood.Radha started enjoying the money business is bringing.mona aunty not only taught business skills but also her social skills.They used to frequently go outside for business purposes,my mom now realised what works in business and started wearing tight sleeveless churidars without chunnis.

Once it so happened when my mom,knocked the door of Mona aunty’s flat,Umesh uncle opened the dooor.Mom said “Kya mona hai kya”.Uncle said “nahi kuch kaam se bahar gayi hai 2 din ke baad aayege”.”Theekh hai my baad me aati hoon” said Radha.uncle said ‘come inside can i help u”.My mom went inside and sat in a sofa opposite uncle.uncle was stunned to see a tight maal in front of him.In tight dresses Radha nipples create good impressions.though he came in the flat months back this was the first time he was seeing Radha from close quarters.A i was watching from distance i couldn’t hear what exactly they were discussing but it was obvious they were enjoying themselves.After half an hour mom returned to flat.she was in very jolly mood.

Now there was change in her behaviour.she used to look frequently towards umesh uncle’s balcony .Next day when my mom woke up in morning as usual in her nightie “jo sab kuch dekhaata hai”.umesh uncle was sitting in his balcony,from his balcony he can see my mom cleaning our balcony.lRadha saw uncle staring at her but made no attempts to change her dress or hide her boobs which was hanging freely.i also never saw lradhai’s assets so closely as on that morning.

After displaying her maal to Umesh uncle for full 10 minutes.She went inside.umesh uncle was thethird person after my doodwaala,paperwaala to see lradha’s natural was 7 am at that time.My dad was to go on tour for 3 days that packed for dad and he left around 10 am in the morning.

At around 11 am Umesh ncle rang to my house.I lifted the phone he asked for radha.i gave it to my mom. i could listen to some words some were not audible.he was calling my mom as darling.he was refering to my mom’s business.i could hear him saying “kya paisa milege us business me”.He was suggesting some idea to my mom.Radha was very upset and reluctant to listen to him any further.

She was looking tense.After about an hour door bell rang i opened the door to find umesh uncle smartly dressed.he usually doesn’t visit our house in dads absence.In the meantime mom came she offered him seat and asked me to go inside.i immediately sensed something is wrong.Umesh uncle started “lRadhai jo business tum kar rahee ho usme paise nahi hai”.”Main tumhe lakhpati bana doonga” said umesh uncle.Mom was still apprehensive.umesh uncle “Tumhe kuch nahi karna hoga mere do teen guests logo ko entertain karna hogaek party ke liye tujhe Rs.10000. rupaiya denge”.mom was still reluctant to agree.

Umesh uncle told mom in hindi “u dont have to loose anything ur identity will not be revealed beyond closed group”.i assure ur chastity will be protected.

Finally Radha relented “evening kya time par aana hoga”.8 pm sharp replied Umesh uncle but wear good panty and bra.Lakshmi smiled.thinking he has let i entered in to the front room.Uncle was kissing my mom’s was embarassed to find me.Uncle left immediately.

Mom did’t sleep in the afternoon usually she does.she went outside and told me she was going to beauty parlour.she returned after an hour her,facial hair was gone.her eyebrows were beautifullymade up.she brought for herself a new pair of tight churidar,kurta.

It was 6 pm in the evening.after having quick bath she started the meantime i found that she also brought herself a new pair of transparent nylon bra and panties brownish black in color.By 7 pm she was ready she was wearing a low neck ,sleeveless kurta and skin tight churidar.her boobs it seems were padded to give effect.the cleavage was stunning.

She was were very excited much by the new assignment.At around 7.45 pm 2 guests arrived in Umesh uncles was in early 40’s slightly was young around 35 yrs fair in colour well built.At around 8 pm Umesh uncle called radha over mom told me she will return in 1 hour and left for umesh uncles flat.from my balcony i can see them clearly also hear their conversation.they were taking was dark outside.

The younger guest was asking “umesh maal kaha hai”.umesh “yaar bus a raahi hai”.

Mom entered in to the room.Inspite of 3 eagerly waiting drunken customers she was composed.uncle was making her feel comfortable i coudn’t hear their was evident he was asking her to pour drinks to the guests.

Mom stood and poured drinks and ice for the three.first she served younger guest first he was being called as ajay.ajay was looking dashing .she then served other guesthe was rough and uncouth he was called seth. when she went to seth’s he caught her arm.but withdraw immediately.Umesh uncle sensed moms inhibitions.when she bent to serve him.he made her sit on her lap.He poured one drink for mom.At distance i could see bottles of vodka,old monk,some other desi stuff.Slowly party was warming up mom was forced another drink by umesh.she still sitting on his lap.radhawas comfortable with umesh uncle fondling her but she still not open with the guests.

Suddenly party enlivened when umesh uncle pushed mom into seth’s lap he caught her in tight embrace.Surprisingly she was not resisting.He went closely and gave her a kiss and his hands were fondling her boobs.he was saying in hindi “umesh kya maal hai re”.mom stood up and on her on fell on seth and both were tight embrace.she untied her churidar nada.but it was not unfastening.seth helped her to remove it.lradha stood in just transparent panty on seths lap.

Ajay was looking hungarily at mom.meanwhile seth put his hands into mom’s kurta and he was virtually squeezing my mom’s boobs.Suddenly umesh uncle rose and made the panty covering moms gand into single strip.

Moms gand was almost naked they were heavy and redy to be explored. For who was so far not participating actively suddenly came into action.He took mom on to a nearby diwan,Forecefully removed her kurta it was not coming.umesh uncle said “Lakshmi kurta nikal do”.mom obliged.

The sight was stunning mom was in only bra and panty.Bra was unable to hide jugs.Ajay admired mom’s jiggling tits in his face as she bounced up and down on him. He toyed with her ass, thighs and hips.He had a hard time keeping off mom .

Seth rose and asked mom to dance with him.She danced with him for a while seth was thoroughly drunk he kept fondling mom.Ajay not willing to miss his chance took mom on diwan and removed her bra.Her boobs were open now.Ajay madly feasted on her nipples.

As the party was coming to an end.Umesh uncle removed moms panty.Mom was completely naked umesh undone took her in his lap and over entire body he inserted his finger in her choot while seth took care of her gand.

After some time party came to an end.Mom dressed and came come.Immediately phone came and umesh uncle thanked mom for her performance and promised her another party shortly.

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