Mona Bani Rakhel Ek Jawan Ladke Ki

This is a story about my wife mona and her new sexcapades. Let me first describe her to you, she is 28 yrs old, 5.2” 50 kg and has a nice figure of 32 28 34, she has a dusky complexion.

During last few months she was very irritated with staying home and doing nothing, so I suggested to go out with friends and enjoy but thats not what she wanted to do, so I suggested to her to do some course which will help her and also pass her time. She jumped at the idea of going back to a college again and I can understand why. Next day she was all ready and had shortlisted a few courses and was very eager to share it with me. After few discussions we shortlisted a course which was suppose to be a year long and the timing was also very comfortable. The admissions had just started and she got the forms and paid the fees and was all done with her paper work. Next day we went out shopping and she was very happy and excited to go back to college. She bought a few dresses [short ones] and some halter tops, tank tops and hot pants.

I was very surprised and looked at her in a questioning gaze to which she smiled naughtily and asked me:

Mona: interested to fuck a college girl again [winked at me in a seductive way]

I just could not control myself and pounced on her &we started making out with our clothes still on. It was a very satisfying fuck I had in the last few months.

In couple of weeks the classes started and she started going to her classes regularly, she made some friends from the class and was enjoying their company as they were still in their early 20\’s and would love to have fun by hanging around and roaming places.After a few days I started noticing that she was tired and used to come home late sometimes even after I came back home. On one such occasion I was home sitting and watching a movie and mona had not come, suddenly I heard the keys in the latch and I could see her coming in her top all wrinkled and hair all messed up, she came in and smiled at me and said will be back in a few mins and rushed to the bathroom.

I knew something had happened, she came back and kissed me deep and lied down with her head in my lap and started telling me what exactly happened

Mona\’s friend riya had a bf (rahul) who used to visit her after college hours and they used hang around with another friend dinesh. Most of the time riya was with rahul all cozy so mostly dinesh and mona used to get scarce from the place and used to walk around. Dinesh had a girlfriend and had recently broken up and so used to flirt with mona openly knewing she was married.

Few days later dinesh & rahul made a plan to bunk the classes and visit rahul\’s farm house which was an hours drive long. Riya forced mona to come along and mona hesitantly but excitedly said yes. She was completely enjoying dinesh\’s company and the attention she was getting. On the farm house they had arranged for some drinks along with some parcel food. Everything was going good & as usual rahul and riya started playing around and went upstairs in the bedroom leaving dinesh and mona. Dinesh was a bit high but in his senses and siting next to mona.

Dinesh: hey mona you know what….I I wanna take you out for dinner someday…..Mona: {teasingly] really but why….?

Dinesh: please yaar…Don’t play with me..Chal na just harmless dinner…I know you are married so I\’ll behave…Mona: to fir kya fayda….[smiling naughtily]

Dinesh: [laughing] you girls na…I could never understand….Fayda uthana chaiye kya [catching her hand]Mona: kyun nahi….[laughing]

Dinesh: actually after my breakup na you\’re the only one I opened up to talk

Mona: I\’m sorry for your girlfriend….But what happened y did you guys break up? You never mentioned this before

Dinesh became a bit uncomfortable and started changing… chodona kya karna purna sochke

Mona: arre bol na don’t be so shy…Dinesh: promise you wont tell anyone….Mona: itna bharosa to kar sakta hai tu mujhpeDinesh: [in a hush hesitant tone] I could not satisfy her….Really….U are kidding with me na….

Dinesh: nahi seriously…mazak nahi kar raha…kasam seMona: ohhhh…[and she started laughing]Dekh tujhe batana hi nahi chaiye tha…

Mona: [controlling her laughter] nahi nahi galat mat samajhna…..Hum dost hai na, chal mujhe bata tu kya kya karta tha…

Dinesh : chod tu wapis hasegi ….Jane de mein nahi bataunga..Bolna dinesh kyun bhav kha raha hai…tune kaha na you opened up to me so tell maybe I can help you fir agli relationship mein issue nahi hoga…[n she winked at him]

Dinesh: pakka hasegi nahi na…? Tu hasi to mein nahi bataunga…Mona: pakka baba nahi hasungi…

Dinesh: woh kehti thi ki mujhe kissing nahi aati aur nahi mera itna ……u know usse….Lagta hai mera jaldi ho jata hai…..

Mona: bas itnisi bat….Kissing mein aisa konsa science hai…chal aa idhar [moves near dinesh and pulls hi towards her]Dinesh is surprised but doesn’t try to move back. Chal kiss karke bata ….

Dinesh totally surprised …..Tu pagal hai…ur married pata hai na…kuch bhi

Chal na kiss hi to hai aa ja…fir mujhe samjhe ka kaise ..Chal [n catches his collar n pull near her]

Dinesh now hesitantly moves near her looking at her red lips not knowing what to do….

Dekh mona kuch ho gaya to fir mujhe mat kehna….Mona: ha re baba mujhe dekhna hai akhir problem kya hai….Chal ab jaldi

Dinesh moves closer and kisses her lips n immediately moves away….Bas ho gaya

Mona: bas yeh kyat ha…isse kiss kehta hai tu….Sahi hai jo chod ke gayi who…

Dinesh got a bit upset with that and said “ thik hai fir aur kaise karte hai kiss…”

Idhar aa….Mona pulls him near and kisses him passionately with biting and sucking his lipsmoving her tongue in and out, over his tongue. Dinesh’s hand automatically goes to her waist and pulls her on top of him and now in sitting position they are kissing each other not knowing how much time passed engrossed in each other’s arms, mona now moving her hand through his hair. Finally mona breaks the kiss and allows herself to breath looking in his eyes…she realized that she was on his lap and could feel his lund poking her.

Dinesh now out of control “ aur fir kya karte hai…..” smiling naughtilyMona smiled back and they got up and seeing that riya n rahul still in their room they rushed to an empty room and closed the door. Dinesh immediately took off his shirt “ agge ka bhi sikhna hai mujhe mona”

Hearing this she smiled at him and slept on the bed n signaled him to come near

Dinesh just pounced on her they were again kissing dinesh was catching her waist n crushing himself on her, mona’s shirt had moved upto her bra and now it was visible. Dinesh was just looking at mona like a hungry wolf and removed her shirt and threw it away. Looking at her boobs in that perfect bra he started biting her on her boobs and with one hand pressing them hard…mona was whimpering and moaning with him. He then pushed her bra took her nipple in her mouth and started sucking them with one hand now below on her stomach caressing it.

Mona pushed his hand down in her pants opening her buttons for him to access easily. After some time mona pushed him on the bed and came on top of him, smiling she said “ now next lesson….” she started kissing his chest and working her way down removed his pants and threw it away, now only a boxer was in between them and she slowly pulled it down. Dinesh was in heaven and his lund was erect like a steel rod. Mona teasingly smiled and said “next lesson tumhari gf ke muh mein apna lund dena..” and laughed slowly. Dinesh could not control and pushed her head down towards his lund. Mona slowly took the lund in her hand n started stroking it up n down. He was going insane, mona started kissing his lund n balls n finally dinesh could not conrol looking at how mona was kissing his lund…he started moaning loudly and mona knew he was gonna cum and kept on licking his lund’s head making him more and more excited and then in few seconds he just started cumming.

Dinesh was moaning so loudly he just cud not control and mona was stroking his lund to let all the juices just flow out he just kept on spurting cum. Mona kept on stroking his lund till the last drop and her hand was filled with dinesh’s sticky fluid. She was smiling at dinesh and he was smiling back embarrassingly.

Mona took a cloth from nearby and wiped all the cum from her hand and then from his stomach and wiped his lund clean. She just smiled at him dinesh was about to get up when she pushed him down, dinesh was blank not knowing what she wanted and again mona came on top and started kissing him all over biting him dinesh was in heaven and was enjoying the attention he was getting, she came down towards his crotch and took his limp lund in her mouth and looked at him from below and sucked it like it was a lolly pop he was literally in a shock not knowing what was happening to him. Mona’s warm mouth and tongue moving around his lund gave him sensations he never felt before.

His limp lund started getting erect and within no time it was hard like before.

Dinesh: ye aisa kabhi usne nahi kiyaMona seductively said “abhi bahut kuch sikhna baki hai” and she moved and let him come on top. He was now a new man in control, he removed her pants which were already open and slipped her panties out which were soaking wet. He came on top of her and started kissing her like she had done earlier. “bada jaldi sikh gaya” smiling at dinesh. He was now fully confident and brought his lund between her boobs and started rubbing in between them. Mona held them together and started to boob fuck her. After some time he gave his lund in her mouth and she happily sucked it.

“ab final lesson keliye tayar ho na” mona said after licking his lund one final time. His lund was all wet with her saliva and was shining, with out wasting any time he pushed his lund in her.

“aaahhh mmmmmm….Chod dal aaj apni sari kasar nikal de”, dinesh got excited hearing this and started fucking more hard sucking her boobs one at a time.

“kash tu pehli mili hoti…apni rakhel banal eta saaali” dinesh said while thrusting her.

“to…abbb…..Banaaaa…leee….Naaa…” mona said while moaning in between.

They kept on fucking for more 15 minutes and dinesh was not ready to let go, he turned her around and started to fuck her in doggy style. He was so pumped up mona was scared if he might get a heart attack. He finally cummed and this time in her chut with full force and mona was so exhausted she could not even breath properly for some time. Dinesh collapsed on her and they lied there for some time. Dinesh was not ready to let go of mona but then they heard riya and got up and dressed up, dinesh kissed her one final time and said “aaj se tu meri rakhel hai yaad hai na…?” mona smiled and kissed him back “yaad hai jaanu..” winked at him and came out of the room before riya cud see them. They all cleared everything and headed back home. Mona came with dinesh on his bike and she made sure he cud feel her boobs all the way making him hard to drive. Dinesh and she kissed goodbye before anyone cud see them and mona came home.

Please let me know your comments and what more you all like to hear [email protected] write to me.


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