Money Make Me Surrogate Father To Call Boy

Hello to all ISS Readers & Welcome u to lots of love, My name is Vicky from pune & I m 28yrs old good-looking guy with 5.5″ hight,60kg weight, air complexion, fit body.& I m very old fan of ISS, so decided to share my sexual life with u guys, and this is my first story. So please friends email me your precious comments on my email id – [email protected] / [email protected]after completed MBA from pune in 2008, I got job in some company but after 2 years I got fired from my job because of ressesion. So i was looking for another job and daily morning I used sit online to search for job on naukri, etc and simultaneously use to chat on yahoo messenger.

So one fine day , one guy buzz me and we continued to chat. His name was rahul(name changed) 27yrs old, Indian guy who stay in U.S as he told me he import-export business & basically he is from Mumbai and he is married. some after few days of chatting we were very close friends & he like my looks and after that he use to ask his wife – sanam, 26yrs(name changed) to come online & we 3 use to chat together everyday. so I was confused why he invite every time to his wife for chat with me, so I finally decide to ask him, next day I ask him why You are doing this? So he asked me for my cell phone number & after 5 min he called me on my cell phone & told me that he is impotent & he married 2yrs ago & his wife is still virgin as he is impotent & his wife sanam is staying with her mother in Mumbai only.and rahul & sanam were looking for good guy from good family background to fulfill sanam`s sexual needs & make her pregnant secretly.

So he said Vicky as we 3 are chatting from some days so found u a good guy & sanam also like u a lot, so can u please help us to make sanam happy & satisfied & make her pregnant? & also promised me to give 10lacs & as I was searching for job so till I will get job they take care of my expenses, so I accepted their proposal. So he said but we have two conditions i.e. once sanam will be pregnant after I should not contact them & I need to make all necessary physical test from his doctor from Mumbai that I m physical fit & fine to make her pregnant. So I agreed. Next day he called me ask me to day after tomorrow I have an meeting with his doctor in Mumbai, & gave me his doctors phone number and asked me to get in touch as his doctor was a very good friend of rahul & sanam`s.

So after getting doctors number I called next day & told him that my name is Vicky & rahul gave me your number. So talked to me very nicely & asked me to come tomorrow to Mumbai at his clinic & gave me his address. Next day I went to Mumbai from pune to get done all the tests, after reached at their clinic I asked resptionist to meet doctor & told her my name so she asked me to sit & called doctor that Vicky from pune is came to meet u so he asked her to send me in doctors cabin. When I entered in cabin doctor welcome me & asked how journey & all. After then he looked at me asked me r u nervous? As I was little bit,because it was my first time all this was happing so he understand my feeling so he asked me Vicky do u drink? I said Yes ! he asked lets have couples of drinks after then you will feel badness so he took me to the nearest bar of his clinic @ santacruz I had couple of drink, & he had colddrink, after having a nice conversation we came back to his clinic, so I was bit confident & ready for tests.

So he asked me remove my jeans & underwear. so I did after that he asked me to have masturbate in front of him & get erect my dick, I tried so long but it didn’t happed as in front of male people it cannot be happened so he asked me u want me to sent some female person to get it done? So I just say Yes to him, so he went outside & sent her receptionist to help me, so that respotinist was in her 30`s but very sexy so she came to me & touched my dick and took my hand kept on her breast and suddenly my dick was fully erected. I enjoyed a lot & also taken advantage of that condtion. She asked me to masturbate fast as got one small bottle to collect my sperms, so I asked her I need smootches to have discharge my sperms so she naughtily smiled , looked my dick & gave me nice smootche & she was shaking my dick after 3-4 minutes finally I had discharge. Instantly she broke smootche & collected my sperms in that small bottle.

And ask me go to wash room & get it clean get it clean & wear my underwear & jeans, & waited for meet to doctor after 10 min doctor came to cabin, gave me smile & said u have nice thick & big dick as his receptionist told her, & now he told me we have to wait for sperm count report. & it will take 2 hours. So i said ok fine will come after hours so asked if u like u can wait here or if you has another plan u can go for that so finally I decided to wait in his clinic. It was 5pm and finally doctor called his receptionist to send me in his cabin, so I went and doctor smiled & told me all is well. And congratulate me then he asked me now what your plan is? Are staying tonight in Mumbai or going back to pune? I said not decided, so immediately doctor called rahul & with him that all tests are done so rahul was also happy and he also talked to me on phone over their, then he asked me to stay in Mumbai tonight & told me that my doctor will arrange hotel room for u & sanam will meet u for dinner as this was our first date, so I happily agreed.

After that doctor backed a room for me in 5star hotel & drop me to the hotel & asked me to get ready till 8pm and sanam will call u & meet u for date in same hotel @ restaurant. And then he shake hand and wish me all the best and left. Now it was 8pm and I was ready to meet sanam after waitng15-20 minutes I got call from receptionist that sanam madam is waiting for u in I told will be their in 5mins. Finally I reached to meet sanam at resto-bar in same hotel. I saw one preety & very good-looking girl is waiting for me,sanam was 26yrs old fair,buetyful,sexy figure with nice asset. so I went near her table and she stand up & shake hand to me with beautiful & also lusty smile & asked me to have sit. We both sit and started talking to each other & gave order for some drinks.

After some snacks & drink we ordered for maincourse as she was very happy to her dream come true, so finally she told me after four days rahul is coming to india & we are having our first night in pune as they are going to book service apartment in pune for 10days as per she is in her monthly periods so after that it will be best time to convince child. And suddenly she asked me what I like to wear on first night?So I said I want see u in bridal wear like, complete bride so she happily agreed and hold my hand and gave kiss on my hand and promised me that she will b in complete bridal wear in our first night. Finally after waiting four long days and lots petions, rahul gave me one day before meeting and gave me address of their service apartment which they have already booked for next day rahul & sanam reached pune @ service apprtment -12 noon.

And gave me a call to join them at service apartment.& I was ready with my bag pack to stay with them for 10 days in service apartment with them. I reached in apartment at 1pm and knock the door, door open & sanam was in western cloths welcomed me. After closed the door sanam hugged me & gave me kiss on my forehead. and rahul was sitting on sofa so rahul also gave me hug and welcome me. After that we had lunch & rahul asked us now u both decide whatever u guys want to do both plan your self. So sanam & me plan to go for shopping for me. sanam paid all the bills and we were now husband & wife for next 10days and enjoyed each others company & we came back to apartment at 7pm so we both were very much excited for our first night & now cant wait for single movement so I asked sanam to get ready for our first night.

Sanam went inside room & locked the door to get ready as bride. I was talking to rahul in I told rahul that now we are going to enjoy our first night and can not join you for dinner and also asked him to sent champing & dinner to our room so he happily agreed, after 45 min sanam called on rahul`s cell phone and asked him to come inside the room so rahul went after 5 mins rahul came from room & gave me hug and whispered in my ear that sanam is ready for u as u wanted and wished me good luck, I thank him.I knock the door and sanam opened the door,sanam was completely bride for me as she dressed “lacha” bridle wear for me then she closed door and hold my hand and hugged me tightly.

I also hugged her tightly…Hum dono ek dusre to bahot tightly hug kiya aur aag dono ke jism me lagi hui thi then sanam ne meri t-shirt aur jeans uteri aur kaha ki aap pehle fresh ho jaiye main aapke liye night gown lekar aati hu bathroom me , so I went to bath room & had shower so sanam came to bath room with towel,underwear & night gown. sanam mujhe deke room me chali gayi aur rahul ne hume champing sur snacks laker diya tha jab main shower le raha tha to sanam ne room ke ander he jo safa aur tea table tha ussse candles ke sath saja rahi thi champing aur sanacks & candles. jab main underwear aur uske upper night gown pahenke ready ho ke bahar aaya to sanam sofa per bilkul angel jaise baithi hui thi.

Jaine main aaya to uthke mere paas aayi aur boli , janu first night start karne se pehle jaise aapne mujhe bride banaya hain waise aap mujhe kya mangalsutra pahenakar meri maang me sindoor bhi bhar do please janu? So I hugged her and asked her to get mangalsutra & sindoor so she opened her bag and broght managalsutra and sindoor.aur mujhe de diya.fir maine sanam ki kamar me haath dala aur use sofa ke paas le gaya fir main sofa per baith gaya aur sanam ko mere thaiees per baithne ko kaha who nayi naveli dulhan jaise sharmate hue mere lap per baith gayi aur sharmayi hui thi ekdum chuimui jaise fir maine use hug karke uske forehead per kiss kiya aur mangalsutra pahenkar sindoor se uski maang bhar di,aur uske baad suddenly hum dono ek doosre ko tight hug karke ek doosre to kiss karne lage, smootch karnelage,hum dono ki tougue ek dusre ke mouth me explore kar rahi thi,

Aur who to mano pagal hee ho gayi thin a jaane kitne janmo se pyasi thi.aur mere hairs me apna ek haath daalke mere hairs ko nochte hua mujhe smootch karne lagi aur bhi paaglo jaise use response de raha tha.aur upper se uske boobs ko sahalake daba raha tha to use bahot josh aa raha tha ek dun aag -sholay ki tarah hum dono garam ho gaye the aur yahi sahi time tha uski seal break karne ka as she was virgin so. To fir smootch karte karte maine use guide kiya aur bed per leta diya , who ekdum pyasi dayan jaise bed mer let gayi aur mujhe pakad ker uske upper sula diya aur hum dono ek dusre ke cloths remove karte hue ek doosre ki body per kiss aur suck,lick karte hua nude ho gaye.

Ab blaket ke ander hum dono hum dono nude the aur ek doosre ko payr kar rahe to maine sanam ki vagina me apni ek middle finger inster ki to ek dum se kaamp kar zor se chillai aaaahhhhhhhhhhh,aur dono hands se pillow ko nochne lagi. Fir thodi der baad jab uska pain thoda shant hua to maine apna 7inches long & thick cock sanam ke hath me diya to who ekdum hakki bakki rahe gayi aur poori tarath se tadapkar garam ho gayi thi aur boli janu itna bada hain aapka ? aap to mujhe maar he daloga, meri to poori vagina futt jayegi to maine use kaha janu tum bhi to yahi chahti ho na ki main tumhari poori tarah se faad du, to fir aisa sunte he usne apne hath mere hairs me daalke mujhe boobs ki taraf press kiya to main uske dono boobs alternatively chatne,dabane,suck , lick & bite karne laga fir main uski vagina ke pass gaya to who poori geeli thi to maine puchha janu tum kab discharge.

Hui to kaha janu ab tak 2 times discharge ho gayi hoon please ab suck karke jaldi se apna monster ghusake faad do meri ab aur nahi saha jata , please janu I beg u,fir maine uski vagina achche se chati aur ekdom hot hoke tadapne lagi, aur beg karne lagi ki fuck me darling please, to maine kaha pehle tum mera dick achche se choosogi to dalunga usne mujhe ek dum gusse dekha aur dick choosne lagi but 2-3 minute baad maine use zyada na tadpate hue use leta diya aur ek smootch karte hue uske dono legs spread karke apne dick ko uski vagina me ek zordar shot diya to who zor se cheekh padi Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,No No please ….aaaah, aur uski aakho se aasu bhi nikalne lage aur chhatpatane lagi dick se bachne ke liye to maine uske dono haath apne hath me pakad kar uski vagina me apna dick ko shot maarte hue poora insert kar diya, uski vagina se kaafi blood nikalne ki wajah se bed sheet me poora blood lag gaya tha.

Fir thodi der baad who shant hui to main dhere dhere dick ander bahar karne laga to use bahot maza aa raha tha fir sanam ne meri back apne nails se nochna chalu kiya jab usko zor se shot deta who mujhe deep smootch karte hue meri back ko apne nakhuno se nochti rahi,aur hum dono ek doosre ko bahot sare love bites diye aur finally 45-50 mins ke baad hum dono discharge huye aur ek dusre per aise he one or one n half hour soye rahe fir dinner ke liye uthe fir humne sath me champing le aur dinner kiya ek dusre ke haatho se khilakar aur first night ko dinner ke baad humne aur 2 times jamkar sex kiya fir aise hee 10days tak chata raha fir sanam aur rahul Mumbai chale gaye,aur approx 20 days tak hum phone per baat bhi karte the uske baad sanam ne mujhe bataya ki she is pregnenet and as promise rahul ne bhi apna promise nibhaya but maine sanam se kaha ab tum to U.S chali jaogi but mera kya hoga?

To usne kaha darling mujhe khudse zyada tumhari fikar hain to usne bataya ki ye job hi hua hain uski elder sister to sab pata hain,so she asked me ki meri elder sister tumhare sath enjoy karna chahti hain as she is also married aur uski married friends bhi hain jo young guys ke sath sex enjoy karna pasand karte hain to kyat um ready ho? To maine kaha zaroor,aur fir sanam na kaha tumhe jitney bhi paise chahiye who inreturn tumhe de degi,bus jaise mujhe pagal karke satisfy kiya hain waise use bhi karna.aur please Vicky jab tum anal sex karte ho to thoda dheere kiya karo meri ass me bahot dard ho raha hain aur thodi lachak bhi aa Gayi hain aur fir yaha se mere call boy – gigolo banne ka silsila chalu hua,

So all ISS readers ye meri life ki true story hain, now I have my firm & alternatively I m call boy – gigolo.i stay in pune & I can travel anywhere in india also if needed. So please aap logo ko ye story kaisi lagi? Ya fir agar kisi ko sex enjoy karna ho to please main me on [email protected] / [email protected] .Complete Satisfaction & security assures and I have one golden rule,if you are not satisfied in sex with me then no need to pay me single rupee. but I know u will pay me full amount whatever u will promise. ahahahahe-) Thank You to all of u.

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