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Hi, friends, it’s Deepak from trichy, just I am going to share my real sex story with my aunty monika which took place last year.Just now I finished my school studies. So I was very poor in english but sure my real sex story will make you hard.

Last year I finished my 12th std and I went to chennai to spend summer vacation. My bad or good luck my grandpa and grandma went to dubai to meet another uncle. So only uncle and aunty were home. My full-time pass is my cute little cousin boy manoj just studying 1std. We use to play a lot like com, play station, watching movie cartoon etc.

One fine day he went to took bath that time he was standing only in a towel.I removed his towel and said,” shame shame puppy shame” to tease him suddenly he started to cry and my aunty monika came and convinced manoj and said do not worry manoj we will beat deepak hard and acted like beating me and I acted like crying.On next day I went to take bath and my aunty was cooking, manoj was sleeping.I went to take bath after finishing I went to the hall to change clothes.During bathing time, my cock become full length and I covered with a towel, aunty was sitting in the hall and taking coffee.Suddenly I heard manoj voice and he removed my towel and started to say,” shame shame puppy shame” and I didn’t  know what to do. I was standing full nude in front of my beauty queen monika aunty with full-length dick, with face full of laugh my aunty went to kitchen.From that moment my aunty was teasing me a lot and from that day onwards I won’t change dress in the hall and I will finish all dressing in the bathroom itself.

One week past, my cousin went to school for special class. At 10.30 am I went to bath and came to the hall with the only towel I forgot my mobile in the bathroom itself so I went to take it in towel itself and my aunty saw it and said,“hey mr. Brave man what happen due to the absence of manoj. You become brave va and roaming in towel” and I said,” why I have afraid about manoj only you have to afraid to see this brave man deepak”.  Aunty said,” ha ha why I have to afraid I am daring enough to watch if you are a brave man means stand nude now another wise I will call you deepa only”.I tried to escape. My aunty called me “deepa ha ha you want saree to wear” I turned back with lot of hesitation I said shall I remove by saying itself I removed half but my aunty standing without any movement and I completely removed my towel and kept in front of cock to hide it and said now ok do you agree on  I am brave and she said,” no no” so I removed and threw my towel in aunty’s face.

Aunty removed it and started to watch my dick due to shyness I faced my head down. It was full of size in school time itself my friends use to tease me like big dicker boy because of inch cock and the first time (sorry second time but first time with full pakka view) and said you are looking like a beast and she went to the kitchen. I also went with her and asked now are you agree ok ok do not cry go and put dress. I said you watched me full nude now if you dare stand nude, with full of shocked face she turned back and said no no you are small boy. But I am a woman. We both forgot the main door was open and we heard the door opening sound.

Suddenly do not know what to do aunty said me to hide in the store room and I will lock it. It was the maid.The storeroom was full of dust and useless things. I cleaned some portion and sat on the floor. I was really very hungry but it’s my fate. I have to be here for nearly 2 hours until maid finishes her work.(I forgot to tell about my aunty she was aged only 27 with sharp boobs, 6 feet height really very sexy girl and cute face, really my uncle was very lucky but not my aunty after manoj birth uncle was not good in sex, I came to know this during their late night conversation ) but I do not have any intention to have sex with aunty. Due to hungry, I slept on the floor, its selfAfter 2 hours aunty opened the door and called me ay yoohoo so sad deepak boy sorry. Full of dust go and take bath, with the sad full face I said I was very hungry my aunty know very well I won’t bear hungry alone she said ok come on eat, I will dress up and come wait but she said no problem no one is here doors also locked eat you can wear dress later and I also agree and eat without dress itself.

Aunty said maid washed all your cloth you do not have any cloth to wear you want uncle cloth are will you stay in the nude itself. Ok, I will stay, ok then watch tv. She said will take bath and went she called me to wash my body its full of dust my aunty was standing only in a towel. I went into bathroom my aunty also standing in the bathroom only within one flash I removed her towel and said shame puppy shame and she started to beat me and said a mad mad mad boy and hugged me. My cock started to grow full length.

Body heat started to flow between us. I started to hold her sharp boobs and kept my tough in it that’s all my aunty was become total out of control she pressed my head on her boobsikiss lot and came down to stomach aunty opened shower water started to flow on both body and makes us cool andiwent to brown pussy and started.

Suddenly she released urine with cum and she said the first time in life I am squirting deepak and she came and took my big dick in hand and said hey deepak how it becomes this much big only in porn movie we can see like this type of dick. Watching your dick first-time itself I become your fan and your sexy in six pack also.

She started to suck after moaning she said fuck me, baby, please and she died in bed I tried to insert it but it not going inside due to size so aunty said me wait she sit on my dick and started to move his hipishouted stop because of pain any said it’s your first sex so tissue will be tight keep calm deepa cool, I said deepak, not deepa. I proved I am brave. She said ok ok cool deepak. After 4 min we changed to normal indian position and hadifucked really very hard hitting sound become loud because of my fast aunty saying ahh aaaa aaaa mmmm like that after 5min we changed position to dog sex and that time only I watched my aunty ass wow.

Amazing ass full of white milk skin chanceless fucked her in that position for 5 min and after that Iremoved my dick and started to taste her ass.

I am an ass lover. I inserted one finger in butt hole and taste itisaid aunty really you have sexy ass chanceless, her but hole also neat and clean there was no bit of smell. I enjoyed a lot.

Suddenly doorbell rang. I said come on aunty we can go nude and watch who it is. She said what deepak are you kidding and I said come. On aunty hide behind door and deal. It was carrier boy aunty collected courier by leading out head alone she was in wet hair so courier boy thought she was bathing said sorry mam I disturbed you in the wrong time and aunty said no problem.

Aunty said deepak really it was very thrilling to stand nude behind the door in front of a stranger and I said oh ya aunty so only I said and I hugged her in the hall and fucked in standing position 4 min and I try to lift aunty and to have sex in standing position butican not she was tall than me so standing sex itself very difficult.

I said aunty to stand in dog style in the show she also did it. I open ass hole well and put my dick on it to have anal sex she let big noise ahaaaaaa and gas bomb came from ass only. I can able to have anal sex for 1 min and I came in it. Aunty said she also came 3 times. With uncle sex, I use to have 1-time cum only, now I am feeling like having my first sex that my pleasure totally we had sex for 35 min, I hugged her and slept.

She woke me up in nude  2.30 pm and said come on baby come and eat while eating in dining table my aunty was sucking my dick its become full rock hard after finishing aunty asked hey deepak will you drink beer and I said sometimes shall we have now little bit if your uncles beerisaid ok and she poured it into one glass and asked her to come and kneel down and inserted my dick in beer and give her to taste she amazed a sucked this goes for some time and told her to lie on the dining table and started to fuck hardly at same timeiinserted in ass hole also one insert in pussy and another in ass wowwwwww really amazing fuck chanceless ..After that she dressed and went to manoj school to pick up him .. Still more to come in second part.The part of the sex story, we fucked for one week with lot fun ..If you want to see my dick just comment you mail address I will send it.

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