Moring Walk Turned Into Sex

Hi aunties boys and girls out there. I am going to tell about my experience with a lady. Basically I love aunties. Forgive me if there are any mistakes. Unsatisfied aunties can contact me at [email protected]

Coming to the story I am a average looking guy with decent size to satisfy you. I have a muscular body as I regularly hit the gym as I want to become a body builder.

About the heroine she is around 30having one kid. Don’t know her correct size but she has correct amount of fat at right places. She will make every ones dick to dance and has a descent face and a horny body. This incident happened when I went for walking in her housing board.

I started to see her on my first day itself. I used to stare her boobs continuously. It was like a coconut. She used to see me while I state her. This continued for 3 weeks.

One day I just smiled at her. Few minutes later she smiled a little. I have no words to explain my feel, I was in cloud nine. Went to home and masturbated 4 times thinking about her. Next 2 days she didn’t come for walking

Those two days were like two years. On 3 days I saw her. I was very happy. Slowly asked why she did not come for two days. She thought for a while and said she was not well. Her voice was like a song too me.

Slowly we started to speak and exchanged our numbers. We messaged almost every day. Started to sent double meaning messages and she reacted positive. I used to masturbate daily while message her.

She started to tell about her personal life, about her problems etc. She also said her husband had lost unrest in her. On hearing this I was very happy. I replied her that your husband is a waste. If I get a chance I will fuck her till you die” she saw the msg and didn’t reply. I was afraid and said short, still no reply.

Later that night she msg as “Is it true” I couldn’t understand her message. Again she said “Will you fuck me till end” when I same this I immediately said yes. She replied “Why would you do?” I said I will lick your pussy and drill hard, bite your boobs and will like marks on it….

She said”Hmm …. Let’s see” I was very happy and asked when. She replied tomorrow morning.I couldn’t sleep the whole night and didn’t want to masturbate.

Morning I shaved near my dick and bathed well. I went to her housing board, and say her after few minutes. I gave a big smile to her. She slowly singled to me come to her flat. Slowly followed her.

When I entered her house she locked the door and kissed me. We were kissing for almost 10 minutes. When we parted we were like very horny.

I lifted her and went to her bedroom and threw her in bed. Slowly I went her and started to kiss from her foot. Slowly went to her track pant and removed it.

It was the best sight I have ever seen in my life. It was all wet and dripping cum looking like Niagara falls. The smell was like a perfume and slowly kissed her pussy. She started to vibrate and moan. Made my tongue in circular motion and few minutes later she ejected a huge load of cum.I drank as much as I could.

Few seconds later she said “No one has done this too me and it is my turn!” she removed my pant and started to stoke my cock, while I was playing with her boobs. Her nipple were like a 1 rupee coin. Have seen a nipple like that only in movies.

She took my cock in her mouth and made a circular motion.I couldn’t with stand for longer as it was my first blow job.I cummed a lot in her mouth.

She spitted it.I stayed to kiss and play with her boobs. Then I was biting her nipple and posting with her pussy. She was crazy and started to speak bad words. She again reached her peak.

Now my cock was ready for real action.I inserted it in her pussy. It went easily. We were fucking in that position for almost 20 min and we both cummed together.

I lied over her boobs for few minutes. We checked for new position in internet and started to do it. First we tried doggy style as bit is my personal favorite then girl in top position. We were fucking for almost 3 hours. We both were tired. She was sleeping on her stomach I saw her butt and butt hole.I was horny again. Slowly went near her butt hole and started to lick.She said”What are you doing?” I replied to wait.

After licking for 5 min I bought some oil and poured it in her hole and my pole. Slowly inserted, she started to beg to stop. But I was in no mood to stop. Slowly my whole dick went inside. The fight was awesome. Slowly started to ride her. At first she cried and later started to enjoy. Started to finger her at the same time. We both reached climax at the same time. When I removed my dick saw cum flowing from her butt hole and pussy.I cleaned he pussy with my tongue. I slept for20min between her legs with my lips touching her pussy.

We went to bathroom and had our bath.I soaped in her and her ass and asshole.I bite her ass leaving a mark in it. She shouted and had tears in her eye.

I slowly licked her tears and said “It is my autograph, you will remember me wen ever you see your ass” she was happy and kissed me.

After I went home I couldn’t walk properly. She was also in the same state. Her questioned about her walk somehow she managed it.I could not forget those moments. It’s still fresh in my heart. We had many encountered after that in theatres, mall bathrooms, beach.

In my next part I will tell you how I fucked her ass in presence of her husband.

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