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Hi to all and I hope everyone is in pink of your health and spirit ad well this is KK from Hyderabad I am regular reader of this site ISS from 2004. This is my first story and I like to share with you if something is wrong kindly forgiving me.

I am 30 years now 6 feet good personality fair and good looking working in MNC and I stay with my mother this instant happened 1month back. One find day my mother went to her sister’s house for visit in the morning.

I was all alone till evening around 11 am in the morning someone knock the door I opened there is a girl she is around 25years as soon as and I opened the door the girl started telling me she is working and she is in to social service

The reason for her visit is she is collecting the information of the person who want to help children for the education she don’t want cash she want me to visit her office and pay the cash or DD.

I was lessening to her and I seen her face she has pretty cute face and nice breasts may be 36 she is slim and fair height 5.4 she is perfect with her stiff body. I asked her to sit and gave her water to drink as she was sweating and asked her to relax first and then

I explained her that I am not in the point to help her or any child financially She agreed and I had few mins talk with her and we exchanged our numbers and she left after a 3days she called me and we spoke for some time and in few days.

I invited her home and when my mother was not at home and I started talking to her she was telling me and she is from rich family but more interested in helping the poor I appreciated her kind nature while talking to her.

I was looking in to her eyes and I can feel that she started breathing heavy. I slowly moved near her and in no time we started kissing and she tried to stop me but she was helpless because she was hot too and I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom

And in no time we where without cloths and I kissed slowly on her lips and I continued kissing her on her lips then I made her sit on the bed and I started kissing her face her eyes and then to her neck.

I cupped her one breast and felt her fast heart beats she was sweating in excitement with eyes closed and so was the condition of mine and I started pressing her boobs and I was in heaven and I can’t explain how much the pleasure I was getting that time.

I hope you can imagine how I was feeling she giving me signal I started pressing her boobs freely now without any hesitation. I wanted her to exit very much and when I saw her very excited she was holding my hands which were busy in folding her breasts

I started pressing her boobs hard now started kissing and licking and we both were enjoying I sucked her nipples in my mouth and she laughed on such a condition of mine but I didn’t cared at all

I was totally open and moved my hand on her thighs and massaged her thighs then she made her legs parted and lied freely, with closes eyes I again laid on her with her boobs crushed against my chest and kissed and licked her lips for few minutes

I moved down and put my hand straight on her pussy and started rubbing it I felt in heaven, I was very well feeling the shape of the pussy and she was moaning very slowly and periodically the thought that I’m going to fuck her was making me so excited because

I had no sex from long time Feb 2012 and saw her beauty for a long her fleshy thighs her boobs her hips and beautiful pussy that was wet then I went close to her gain and rubbed her pussy again and ask her to raise her hips and she did that she was fully naked in front of me

There were little hair above her pussy I rubbed the bare pussy and then insert my tongue into her pussy which was so wet and I fingered her with my tongue for some time till she cum playas with her citreous with my tongue and index finger and thumb

She was moaning high and enjoying my foreplay now it was hard for me to control anymore i took my tool which is quite bigger and its very thick and placed my cocked on her pussy opening and started inserting in her.

I didn’t faced any difficulty in inserting my cock in her pussy I was in fully and started pressing her boobs and kissing on her lips and then I started to and fro motion I was feeling in heaven for much time and I stroked her

I was lout in her and then I saw change in the body I came to know she is cuming again that she is going to come so I increase the pace and within few strokes we both cum heavily juice flown out of her pussy and we laid like that for few minutes

Then she opened her eyes and kissed me on my chicks and then on my lips said come on get up now its late now and she wore her jeans and top in front of me and I helped her wearing her bra then she again kissed for some time and I told her and I like more foreplay in sex

I hope you all enjoyed I wish to post many more in near future depending on your feedback, I want to maintain relationship with married and unmarried females who are in Hyderabad, please don’t ask me for the contacts of the females hope you understand the reason kindly give your feedback to [email protected]

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