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Hello iss readers, my name is harry living in phagwara punjab. Age 25 and not so good looking not so bad. An average boy with 6 inch dick size and lots of hunger inside. I am about to takeover my dad’s business.

Moving towards story. I am living in the area where almost reputed families of the city lives. I usually walk in the morning, where other people also walk. From past 3-4 weeks I had an eye contact with a bhabi(which I thought she is girl). Her name is jyoti. She is so fit that anybody can attract towards her. She lives little far from my house. She always wore fit sports wear where I can see her figure very well. She is damn hot with the figure 36 30 38.

One morning I was walking and I saw she was doing yoga, I went near her and ask can I join. She was like ya sure come, thank you! Hi I am harry with reply she said I am jyoti.

Me- so finally we talk (flirt starts)Jyoti- ahaa! Yaa glad someone approaches me.Me- is it (blush)Jyoti- ok do this asan. You make relief from tensions.Me- I think to talk with you make me more tension.Jyoti- ???? How?

Me- I am not talkative so don’t have words what to talk about.(watching cleavage and she spot me)Jyoti- (with smile) nice view na?Me- no nooo nooo its amazing. Very greenery hahhahahaJyoti- clever fox. Like your sense of humour.We do more asanas and we left.

Next morning she was late and as usual I was waiting for her. She came near me and say harry where you lost?Me- ohh you come. Hello! (damn she was hot)Jyoti- hello!Me- why so hot?

Jyoti- ermm what?Me- sorry cant resist.Jyoti- thank you for compliment.Me- my god you are blushing?

Jyoti- hahaha no ????????We talk and we do exercise. So its our daily routine now. I used to flirt with her and she also liking it. We exchange our numbers. Times goes and we are now very good friends.

We chat and talk a lot on phone, where we used to share 18+ msgs, she was very happy when I used to send her msgs like these.One night I was chatting with her and she told me send your pic now.Me- why?

Jyoti- cmon bhejo naI send, where I wore shorts and sando.Jyoti- whistle! Hot lag rhe hoMe- tumse to kam he. Aap bhu bhejo

Jyoti- usne shorts and top pehna tha pura fitted.Me- meri to halat khran hogai dekhke, itni hot????????Jyoti- haha acha ajao fir.Me- abhi ata hu ok

Jyoti- no no kal dupeher ko ana. Will arrange something special.Next afternoon around 1 I went and she open the door, damn she look such a hottie, usne fitted salwar kameez pehna tha yellow colour ka.Jyoti- hi handsome!Me- hello jyotiJyoti- come sit

She goes and get coke for meJyoti- what you looking at?Me- ab itne fit kapde pehne hai kuch to dekhunga he.Mere sath baithi and we keep on talking. Usne ghar dikhaya and she was like so kaisa laga.

Me- ghar ko chodho aap baut hot lag rhi ho.Jyoti- bas hot he kuch aur ni.Main pass gaya and we smooch.Kafi lamba smooch gaya hmara.

We keep on kisses and hugssssss.Ohh harry your vibes make me hornyMe- muaahhh jyoti bas ab to bilkul ni rha ja rhaHmne kapde utare and when she open her bra omg 36b boobs calling me. Maine pakde aur bhukhe sher ki trah khai ja rha tha.Jyoti- aaahhhh!! Aaaaaahhh! Aram se kai jana hai kya?

Me- bas aisa he smjoJyoti- sale aram se kar nai to main sherni banjaungi.Smmooccchhhhh pe smocchhhh and I kissed all over the body. Maine legs spread kari aur pussy ko chatne laga.

Jyoti– aaaahhhhhh! Yaaaaa I always wanted to do that cmon harryyy!!

She grab my head and keep on pressing. She was moaning like hell. Aaaahhhh aaahhyyiiiiiiiKhaja sale isko khajaaa! Kamine I just love you

She orgasm and have to drink that all. She grab my cock and keep on sucking. Sali khaja ab isko aaahhhhh

Omg she was pro in that. She keep on sucking and jab main jhad gaya to mera sara maal pi gai. We now both silent. Main smooch kari and firse garam hone lage.

She came near my ears and whisper- chod de mujhe abbMain uper aya or dala ander

Jyoti– aaaaahhhh haramzade batatode aaaaahh aahhhhMe- ab dekh sali teri aisi ki taisiHamne takreeban 2 ghante tak sesion kiya and I fucked almost 3-4 times.Jab main jane laga to bhagti ayi aur boli come we shower together. Fir shower liyaaTub mein let gaye main niche aur woh uprr.We keep on smoochingg

Mmmmm mmmmmm I finger in her pussy and simultaneously smoochhh. That was amazing fun.

I left her home and slept.Itni nind ayi mujhe ke 5-6 ghante soya rha main. Jab jag khuli to dekha jyoti ke almost 4-5 miss calls. I called herJyoti- uthgye jnaab!

Me- arey yaar bas pucho mat itni nind ayi.Jyoti- so how was your experience handsome.Me- bas aisa samjho, guru ne apne bache ko ache se khelna sikha diya hahahha

Jyoti- arey mujhe to feel ho rha tha tum achi batting karte hoMe- bas apko dekhke to ache ache batting karle. Have you enjoyed?Jyoti- I really enjoyed, thank you for such an amazing session.Meri saheliya hai 1-2 agar tum chaho to baat karu?Me- dekho pehle apke sath to bonding achi trah hojaye. Fir unko bhi sambhal lenge.

Jyoti- clever fox!Me- when the next move?Jyoti- soon! May be tomorrow or tonight. Hahahahha!Me- an kya kar rhe ho. Main to abi ane ko ready hu tum darwaza kholoJyoti- tum itne shareef aise ni lagte jhat se ladkiya pta lete ho. Itni garmi chadhi hai kya. Vaise aa skye hoMe- open the door.

Jyoti- tu aa bhi gaya.Me- arey itni bhukh aise ni lagi mitani bhi padhti hai.Door ope kiya and she wore only nighty.Nighty main b kmal lagti hai jaaan.Maine nighty utari aur boobs chusne lag gaya. Aaahhhh itni jaldi firse aaaahhhh kamineeChusle chusle jaise kal milenge ni tereko

Me- chal tu let.Main upr chadha aur lund pussy mein dala amd keep on smooching again-

Hmne 2 session aur kiye and I left

So now we used to have sex session and she always called me is she want to go movie or something.

Any interested girl or bhabi wants to contact in punjab or delhi just contact me on my email- [email protected]

Much love

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