Mother And Son Love And Lust

Greetings! This is my first attempt in writing story. I love only one stuff and that is mom son incest. Here’s is such a story woven from imagination

High school days, a time of great friendships and new discoveries… I was enjoying the beautiful transition from boyhood to manhood, exchanging magazine tearups with friends, seeing girls on a totally different perspective….The teachers whom I considered with respect and reverence turned to be objects of sensuality and hormonal surges. The nights were spent fantasizing about tasting teachers. I don’t remember when I began to see my mother as a woman, but I felt that the more the new me interacted with her, the more I became drawn to her.

I began to observe her more and more and I couldn’t resist thinking about her in a lustful sense. Her moonlike face, her voluptuous frame, her flaring fertile hips and the glorious descend starting from her shapely curvaceous ass to her long shapely legs always gave me a giant hard on. I knew it was incorrect to see her that way. I respected her very much and feared her a bit too but her grace, personality and body kept on catching my attention. I knew such thoughts were uncalled for. My Dad was always around, I loved him too and I regretted thinking about such things. I’m their only child.I was cut off from my family after completion of high school. In college I found someone but sill, I couldn’t help thinking of mother

That summer I returned home, Dad was there to receive me at Railway station. Signs of aging began to show up in him. We reached home sweet home and there was mom, waiting at the door. There she was, this beautiful lady, clad in a light pink Saree, She didn’t look a day older. She smiled just like that and we hugged.

“Freshen up you two. Dinner is ready”As we dined, I couldn’t help saying“What happened to you Dad? You so look bloated”“Business and job, you know my life”“And Alcohol too!” Mother quipped.“Just a little, Dev, usual quota, that’s all” and so the talk wentAfter dinner Dad, switched on the news channel and settled himself on the couch while I went to kitchen where mother was busy.“Liked your pulav, young man?”“Loved it Maa. Missed your cooking so much”

We talked a lot and I couldn’t help notice her sweat stained armpit area of the blouse, or the beads of sweat sticking on the back of her blouse. I noticed the delicate hairs heralding her slender neck and wished to feel them, god, my hormones began rushing and before a hard on could be formed, I retired to my room. I rubbed myself against the bed imagining to be on top of mom, making love to her. I breathed down the pillow, whispering “Oh Maaaa!” when the door suddenly opened. Instinctively, I pretended to be asleep on my stomach. I heard the sound of anklets and knew it was her. She placed a bottle of water by my bedside and gently closed the door. I lay like that naked. Might she have heard what I said? God. I don’t know, but I remembered the sound of the anklets, I imagined her beautiful feet, I dreamed of licking her sole clean and clear, sucking her toes one by one. I imagined my mother rubbing her heel along my penis, just imagining her toes on my cock gave me an intense orgasm. I wetted my boxers. I took the soiled boxer to the laundry room. On my way I heard strange noises from parent’s bedroom. I went nearby. It was mom sobbing. My parents were having some bitter arguments and I heard Maa say, “I can’t take it anymore”

“Alright!” I heard Dad shout and heard the cupboard door open.“Do it yourself bitch. I don’t wan’t to be tired for the next day”

I understood something was wrong and I thought I could find a way to having maa after all. I reached the laundry room and I saw my mom’s brazier and panty. I took them to my room. I slowly took the brazier and smelled its insides, I smelled that pungent aroma. I sucked the cups, chewed it, sucking and sucking, feeling some insane pleasure. Her panties smelled like worn out clothes, but there was a pungent sweet scent. I rubbed her brazier against my cock, imagining her heavenly tits and came inside her cups. I then put the cum stained bra in the laundry and went to sleep.

As I expected, when I awoke, there was no trace of Dad. I lay there pretending to be asleep, waiting for ma to come and wake me up. Thinking about her gave an giant hardon, which stood like a tent over the bedsheets. I did nothing to hide them. Just then, Maa entered. I slightly opened my eyes. I saw a look of surprise in Mom. Her face reddened, and she seemed to gaze over my hardon for some moments, before she went away. I slowly got up and sneaked out of my room. Downstairs, I saw maa, walking towards the kitchen, engrossed in chores. After that she walked to the laundry room, tying her hair in bun. She picked up her bra lying on the floor. I saw her examining the stains, she seemed to pick some of the gooey semen and rub it against her index and thumb finger. I saw in her an expression of shock as well as excitement. For a moment, she gazed towards my room as if to make sure no one was watching and then slowly tasted her fingers. Soon, she picked up my boxers and did the same before throwing it in the washing machine. However, she held the brazier with her and seemed to walk towards my room in anger.

I retreated to my bed. I had another hard on seeing maa tasting my fluid, this time, I lay on my back with the sheets set aside, revealing my naked hard on. Maa again opened the door. For a moment, she gazed at my hardon, she slowly advanced towards me and pulled the sheet over my body. She waited there till my morning wood receeded. I closed my eyes. I felt her going out of the room again. She reentered soon and gently called my name. When I opened my eyes, she said “Get up” and left.

It was a busy day. I had to do several errands which consumed most of daytime. I left my mother to her dancing class and picked her up the evening. We had a lot of meaningful conversations. I learned how Dad was acting irresponsible by not spending time with her. She sat on the couch,reting her feet on my lap. I was pressing them, ever so gently.

“That feels good, beta! Can you put on the ointment too?”“Sure Ma, Why not”“Its in the cupboard in our room”

I went to their room, opened the cupboard, took the ointment and noticed something else. It was a vibrator.“Tell me about this!”

I asked, showing the piece of plastic. Mom got angry and glaringly said.

“Keep it where it was and mind you own business! How dare you ask such questions?”

“I’m sorry Ma, I was just concerned..” I replied in all earnestlyAfter moments of silence, I told her. “Now I get the whole picture. I’m so sorry don’t deserve to be treated like this”I got close to her and noticed tears in her beautiful eyes. I slowly caressed her hair as she rested her hear on my shoulders. I drew her closer and kissed on her forehead. My eyes met with her. I edged closer to her and whispered.

“I love you maaa, I need you” I slowly nibbled her earlobes.“What are you doing Dev? What do you mean?” She pulled me back.“I….I don’t know…Mmm..Mom” I felt bad and confused.Mom pulled me close, brought my face closer to hers and told“I know what you did to my brazier last night, Look…I understand you beta, I know you love me so much…but this is wrong okay…”“I don’t care Maa…I need to worship you, I need to be your man” I don’t know from where I got the courage to utter those words. Before Maa could tell anything, I tenderly nibbled her upper lip. I slowly let in my tongue into her and felt her warm tongue. We passionately kissed, closing our eyes, savoring the moment. I tasted her for the first time. It was such a beautiful feeling. Suddenly, Mom broke the kiss and pushed me away.

“No Deva…I’m your mother. Get away from me!!” Just then the doorbell rang.

“Damn it!” I thought. Mom, took the vibrator and stormed to the room while I went to open the door for Dad to come in.Throughout that night, we pretended as if nothing happened. After dinner, I went to kitchen. I went right behind her and held her shoulders gently.

“Can I kiss you again Maa?” I asked with all my love.“No. Not when you father is around?” She whispered back.“Pleasee…” Whispering, I gently turned her, holding her neck, I slowly tasted her lips again, This time with certainty and nibbled her upper lip and lower lip for what it seemed like eternity before she pushed me aside and whispered“Enough. Now go sleep”

“I want to sleep with you”“Nonsense!”“I mean every word of what I said, Maa. I just want to feel close to you, I promise I won’t hurt you”“Are you insane son? Your thoughts are sinful, disgusting…”“Is it wrong to give you love mother, is it wrong to worship you?”“You are talking about sex between mother and son, which is the worst sin imaginable!”

“You may be right Maa,…But Is it sin to kiss you, and hug you mother, Is it sin to feel your love?”

“I don’t know…” I could feel her overwhelming feeling of love“Please come sleep with me tonight, Maa” I asked again. “I promise you I won’t hurt you”

“What will you do then?” She asked, with a slight mischievous look.“I will love you” I replied, smiling

I went to my room, tidied my bed, opened the curtains and windows allowing the full moon light to flow into the room and waited for her, completely naked…waiting and waiting, I drifted off to sleep.The sleep was interrupted by some beautiful feeling, I awoke to feel my lip being nibbled.

“Oh mother, sweet mother” I murmured amidst our kisses. I opened my eyes and saw my mother, clad in her saree, with her hair tied to bun. She retreated and walked towards the window, facing moon.She then turned around and smiled at me gently.“Shall I remove my Saree?”

“Let me do that for you, my beautiful lady”. I got up, walked towards her and slowly removed her saree . There she was, my mother, clad in her petticoat. The moonlight revealed her beautiful curves, the contours of her melons hidden beneath her blouse, the lazy curves of her flaring hips, her beautiful navel button and the long shapely legs hidden beneath the petticoat.

I kissed her passionately on her closed eyelids, the tip of her nose, her cheeks, and her lips as she slowly drifted off to the bed. Just then we heard footsteps downstairs, It was Dad going to kitchen for some water.

“Oh no…What will I do, God….My saree…I’m in a mess…”“Stay here…” I commanded and stealthy headed to my parent’s room. I entered the bathroom, switched on the light and turned on the water; Dad must have assumed Mom was in the bathroom. I heard him switch off the light and fall back to bed. After some fifteen minutes, I heard his snoring sound. Thanking Gods, tiptoed back to my room.Once Mom saw me, she passionately ran towards me, closing me in a tight embrace. I was in no mood for slow sensuality. I pinned my mother down to bed, and she passionately removed her blouse and bra in one sweep. I attacked her neck, sucking and slurping, my hand gyrating around her full breasts. Soon I fondled both her melons as she purred receptively.

“Oh Mom! Look at your breasts, so…beautiful!”“God, You love what you see beta”

“Oh yes Maa” Saying so I gently bit her nipple, sucking and stimulating it with my tongue, while gently pinching her other nipple with my fingers..

“God ! That feels good” She the strongly held my neck and pulled he towards her melons as I switched sucking and stimulating her nipples.

My hardon rested proudly on her stomach as I fell on her body, breathing down her neck.

“You know its so good to feel your warm willy against my tummy” Mom whispered.

“Oh Maaa…” We joined in another wild embrace. Soon I broke it and like a mad ,proceeded to pull her petticoat down. Mom immediately lifted her back and kicked her panties away. The next moment, I spread her legs and buried myself into her entrance. Mom held my hairs and pulled me down as I began to eat her..

She was moaning and whimpering with abandon…”Ohh….Dev…Do it…awwwww baby…yea…take it..taste your mother…god, lick me baby, eat me as much as you want baby,..oooooh….mmmmmh…baby, Ahhhhh…just like that beta….Noooo..Ohhh…Ahhh..Ahhhhhh..AAHhh..Ufffff” I sensed her climaxing…she moaned and moaned in wild abandon trembling as waves of orgasm hit her.

I lapped up her cunt juice, tasting my own mother’s sex juice, smelling the beads of sweat and fluid between her thighs. Not feeling satisfied, I inserted my tongue into her hot warm slit, alternating with sucking and tonguing. Mom began to tremble and shake again..“Ohhh…Dev…yea…yea…ooohhhhh baby…oh…I can’t believe…my baby, my own son…so sinful….ahhhh….ahhhh…mmmmmph…baby…eat your mother, ahhh…do it baby..ahh..ahhh…ufff…isssssahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She moaned with abandon I ate my mother like anything….

She came back to senses and I could see tears of joy as she wildly kissed me. In that embrace, she wrapped her legs around my back and I felt my penis along rubbing against her velvety labia.“God Beta….That was the best orgasm I ever had!” Maa whispered.“I can give you more mother,” I said as I slowly rubbed my penis against her moist vagina.

She pulled my cock away..”NO ! NO Deva…”“That, I can’t allow beta…That’s…that’s just sin….This is the limit…”“Please Maaa…I feel so incomplete”

“I’m sorry son. You know I don’t want sex, that’s just immoral”“Okay mom…But can I just put it in, just a little, just to feel you maa…and then I’ll pull back”“Have you done this before Dev?”

“No Maa, I’m a virgin you know…” I blushed.“You eat like a wizard!” She slowly gripped my raging hard on.“Hold your penis” I caught hold of it.“Now carefully slide it in…just the tip..good, slowly Dev, your are very big, bigger than you Dad, just take it slow…That’s it Stop and now slowly pull out” Mom commanded.

“Shall I stay in a little bit longer Maa…Your inside feel so good!”“Okay Baby, just don’t slide in further…alright?”“Alright, Maa..” I said staring into her eyes.

“I Love you maaaaa..” I whispered.“I Love you…..ahhhhhhhh…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!” I plunged deep into my mother’s pussy. Holding her under my firm grip, I began violently thrusting into her womb.

“Noooo. NOOOO Deva…Stop it…..You can’t do this to me….Stop iToHHHH, It hurts…It hurts”

I didn’t pay much heed to as I increased my pumping action.The room was filled with my beautiful mother’s moans and the sound of “Spluch” “spluch” as I began ramming into her..She was sobbing “ Noo…Oh god…this is a sin…Noo…With my own son….Noooooo…Don’ this to me beta”

“Love is never a sin Maa…I love you with all my heart”Her moans of pain began to turn to moans of pleasure…“Noo…..This is soo…please…don’t…don’t….ahhhhhhhhhhhh…hmmmmm…yeah…Don’t hit me like that..owwww….please…mff…ahhh…yeah…like that ohhh yea, thrust in me baby…I love yo…I love you…AhhhhhDevaa…Ahhhhmmmmyeah!!! Oh do it baby, fuck me like that…yeah..yeah…don’t stop..don’t stop….ohhhh God”

I felt so good, knowing that I was thrusting into the womb of none other than my own mother, I felt her slimy walls grip tightly against my manhood…As I thrust deeper and deeper, my mother locked her legs around my back, gripping me like a vice.

I thrust inside her with all force while she moaned in ecstacy. We didn’t care about the fact that her husband, my father was sleeping next door, we didn’t care we were mother and son, All we knew at that moment of eternal bliss was that we were united, we were one. As climax began approaching, Mo violently pulled me closer and closer, clawing my back and I help her back as closer as I can thrusting deeper and deeper into her raw fertile unprotected womb.“I’m cuuuumingmaaaa”

“Ohhh yea baby, fill mommy’s womb” She cried as I ejaculated ropes and ropes of potent semen into my mother’s womb. As the orgasm subsided, we relaxed kissing, exchanging saliva, passionatelyfondling each other. My penis got shrunk out and as I pulled out, I saw the mixture of our orgasms drip out through her sacred love hole.“Its beautiful isn’t it?” My mother said…I remember falling back to bed, holding her head against my chest, sliding on my slimy cock on her belly.

I was woken up by the sound early morning birds. I put on my pajamas and stormed out of my room. There Dad was, knotting his tie. Mom was in the kitchen, radiating happiness and joy.We sat at the dining table

“Sujatha, bring breakfast for Deva too” Dad announced.“No Dad, I’ll have breakfast after you leave”. I saw mom’s expression change. It was so comic!

“Don’t feel hungry now?” Dad asked“Dinner was so wholesome and tasty, I ate too much! ““I see you love your mom’s cooking. You missed home didn’t you?”“I missed you, mom and her pastries!” Mom began to blush“You made pastries? I didn’t get any” Dad remarked.

“Your son ate them all, seems he never like to share it with you! In addition, he is so eager and relishes it all, unlike you who just licks the base and leaves the cherry! I love to feed him!” Mom joined“Good! I forgot to tell you, I brought you favorite marmalade and honey syrup. I kept it at the kitchen table.”

“Thank you so much Dad! I’ll have the marmalade and syrup with mother for breakfast” I smirked, mother blushed!“Any errands today, father?” I asked

“No. You are free today” Dad remarked “I’ll be back by the evening and let’s watch the premier league together” He added.“Cool! I love you Dad!” I truly love him

He bade us good bye. We closed the door and as his care left the compound, I grappled mother from behind, kneading her breasts and rubbing my hardon against her fleshy ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmmm…beta…How could you talk like that in front of your father?” She cooed“I didn’t lie about anything, Did I?” I breathed down her slender neck, feeling my cock slide along her ass crack.

“Leave me beta, I got chores to do before we can make love” She whispered in her lovely tone.“I’ll leave you only if you agree to my conditions”“What are they?” Mom asked coyly

“You’ve to do it naked, wearing that heeled sandals of yours”“Sandals? Why” She asked.“Makes your feet look delicious” I replied.“God, beta…you love mommy’s feet too?”

“There’s no part of you I don’t love Maaa, Now do you accept my conditions?”“Okay” Her moonlike face reddened as she undressed and put on the sandals, hair tied to the bun. She looked so beautiful, so feminine.

I kept my word. I didn’t disturb her for some time but her body was so damn hot I went to her, hugging her gently from behind.“Work almost done! I love the feel of your nakedness beta…”“Ahhh.I love you, Mom…Are you hungry?”“Are you?” Mom asked.

“I’d like to eat,” I said“Good. Here’s is the thing. You’ve to do as I say, okay”“Okay,” I replied.Mother walked towards the kitchen table, took the marmalade and honey syrup and walked towards my bedroom. I followed her. She opened the marmalade jar, poured honey syrup into it, mixed it with a spoon, took a spoonful of it.

“Here, eat it” Saying so, she leaned against the window, wedging the spoon in between her glorious ass cheeks, emptying the content in her precious ass crack.

“Mmmm…I love this game” I told as I parted her ass cheeks and sucked the marmalade mixture from her ass crack. I licked, sucked, bit and slurped my breakfast as my mother enjoyed the feeling of my tongue roaming around most private places of her.

“Good boy, lick my asshole clean and good! Oooh, I love it, baby!” She moaned. After I was finished with her ass crack, Mom sat on the bed.“Let’s see whether you’ll handle this” saying so, she took another spoonful of the marmalade and put it beneath the space between her feet and the sandals. I kneeled in front of her feet, removed her sandals and licked the marmalade of the sandals with relish, then I sucked and licked her beautiful beautiful soles, sucking her toes and the space between them. All the time, mom was purring with pleasurable sensations. Then she put the marmalade on her belly button. As I sucked the marmalade, my mother writhed with pleasure, moaning ever so gently as I softly sucked her delicate tissues and sloshed my tongue against her deep whirlpool.

The ritual continued as mom made me eat marmalade from her breasts, the crevice beneath them, her neck, her armpits, between her calves and she sucked marmalade after spreading it throughout my body, finally, we decorated each of our genitals with marmalade scoops…I sucked my mother’s vagina as she laughed and wiggled in pleasure which peaked to a wonderful orgasm. Then, she rose up and leisurely sucked the marmalade stuck around my balls, God! She gently sucked and blessed my balls after which, she gently sucked my glans, slowly swallowing my manhood, jerking rhythmically. Soon we were overcame with so much passion that we poured honey around our bodies, bathing in nectar, exchanging honey from mouth and sucking them from each other arse holes. Then we made love gently, spooning against each other, slowly, passionately, talking and laughing and sharing our stories. We lay like that for some three hours before Mom got up and returned with butter. She handed it over to me and told to follow what she says.

The mother then sat on the bed on her fours, then spread her ass cheeks wide.

“Can you see mommy’s butthole beta?”“Yes”

“Well, take in some butter with your finger and put it in my hole…..yea…slowly, just like that….go on deeper, slowly…YES…yea…Now pull out”

She turned back, smeared my cock with butter, fully lubricating it. She then, lay on her stomach, placing her pelvis and her head on pillows.

“Enter me slowly, beta….slowly and gently”

Good God! I’m gonna make love to mommy’s arse hole. Like an obedient son, I slowly made way through her incredibly tight butt hole, her anal muscles gripped tight against my cock but nevertheless, I slowly waded in.

“Ohhhhhhh….Beta, slower, slower….yea…keep up that pace….ohhhhhh…feels so full, yeah” she whispered“Like it Mom? You like your son’s thick cock enter your anal canal?”“Ohhhh I love it, baby!”

Soon we got comfortable and I slowly began jerking in my mother’s beautiful arse hole. Soon the slimy sensation returned and I began drilling my mom more savagely.

“You like this mommy, you like your son drilling you?”

“Oh yeah, my prince, my beta….ahhhh..ahhhhh” She began moaning aloud as strange sensations began emanating. I thrust my fingers into her pussy, stroking her vaginal walls as new waves of pleasure began overtaking my mother.“Oh baby, do it…do it …harder…yeahhhh…ahh..ufff.ufffff.owwww.uufffffffff…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ueah!!!!hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….AAAAAAAH” She trembled again and again as torrents of orgasms shook her. I was so much exhausted because of her anal tightness and ejaculated soon, but entering mommy’s ass hole was something!!

We kissed and rested like that for some time.“Look at the mess!” Mom exclaimed.“Let’s go shower, what do you say?” I asked.

And so, we had a nice shower. I cleansed every inch of mother’s body and she cleaned mine, we rubbed soap on each other, enjoyed making the bubbles…We played like lovers, kissing, fighting, biting, pulling hair…As we stood in the shower, removing us of the soap, mother hugged me, wrapping her legs around my waist…We kissed tenderly. My penis became hard again..

I leaned her body against the wall, facing her, with her body wrapped around me. I slowly positioned my cock at my mother’s vaginal entrance.“So mommy wants her son’s manhood, huh?”

“Yeah, beta, mommy, needs you inside her fertile womb, mommy needs his lover son to make love to her and fuck her hard!!”“Oh God Maaaa, I moaned as my penis cut through her buttery vaginal canal”

“Take it mother, take your son’s hard cock into your womb, there you go”

“Ohhh yes…beta…ahhh…come back to mommy, fuck mommy hard. I need you son. You are mine mine…yes…Ohh..Uffff my god…You are go big my boy, bigger than your father, plunder your mother…give it all…Ahhhh yes beta beta…OhhhhDevaa..”

Holding her like that, I walked to the bed placing her there and began pounding against my mother with all my energy.

“Take it, mom, take your son’s love, Here you go, You like it, huh? Like you son pounding into your tiny tight vagina, you love me? Huh?”“YeaaaaahYeahhhh oh my son!Ahhhhh Breed your mother sonny, give her babies, bless her fertility, give me your love son…Ohhhsweetheart…Oh I Think I’m ….Ahhhhh baby” She screamed“Ohhh Mommy, I’m gonna cum….oh momm…”

“Yeah, cum inside me son, cum inside your own mother, fill your mother’s womb, give her a baby, ohh breed me you monster…Ahhhhhhh…Yes”

I shot my load again and again into my mother as we orgasmed together. We finally settled on the bed exhausted. We cleaned the mess. She made me chicken wings, crabs and pulav. After lunch, we slept on the master bed, fondling each other…..I was in heavenIt was late in the evening, Dad arrived much late than he promised and he was drunk. Nevertheless, we watched the premier league, had dinner and retired to our beds. I went to kitchen, hugging my mother from behind, I whispered. “Won’t you come sleep with me?”“How about a change beta, tonight you come to my room”“Mom, Are you crazy, won’t Dad find out?”“He’s dead drunk! Come to room naked!”

“God mom! You are fucking crazy!! I love when you plan crazy stuff! I’ll see you then!” We parted.I was confused and a bit nervous, entering into your parent’s room to fuck your mother, when Dad’s sound asleep next to her! Man, I felt strange horny sensations”

“Alright, I’m gonna do it, please my mother, satisfy my goddess. She suffered for long enough. I’ll give life to her fantasies” I thoughtFew minutes past eleven, I tip toed my way into the master bed room. I heard huffs and puffs, and peeked in carefully. There was my dad, on top of my mother, fucking her, puffing more than grunting…Some five or six thrusts later, he groaned..

”I’m coming darling” After which he panted for a while and dropped dead, asleep. I slowly walked towards my mother, my penis erect from what I saw.

My mother was lying there naked, she slowly parted her legs and invited me. I climbed on the bed and kissed her tenderly.“You are brave, son?”

“And now what?” I asked.“And now, breed your mother” She whispered.Suddenly, I heard snoring sound of my dad as he turned around. Carefully, I adjusted myself between my mother’s legs and placed my drilling ram against her honey hole. Slowly and silently, I made way into the gates of heaven and began doing my duty.

“There you are son, fucking you mother like a man, yes! Claim me beta, make me your’s…Love me” Soon, she began gently moaning.“Ahhhh,…hmmm..darling hubby, look…look who is fucking your wife, look at this man, look at our son pounding his mother, you fuck your secretary. Fine! I fuck our son. Look at his cock darling….Its twice your size. See how strong your boy is as he fucks his mother…..Ahhhh…Ahhhhh…Can you hear that baby, look at this…” She moaned as we secretly fucked. What if Dad wakes, what if he finds out, I was dead scared, but loved this thrill.

Her moanings and groanings began louder with my poundings.“There you see dad, I’m making love to your wife because you don’t deserve her body, Its now mine. She’s mine now, daddy, try to bring your puny cock around my mom and you are dead…”“Here take this mommy, Oh yeah…!”

We made love like that, the most exciting and dangerous in my life. We fucked like animals in heat and kissed passionately. After love making, I lifted my mother into my arms, looked at Dad and told“This beauty is mine forever old man, She is mine and mine alone. You never get to mate with her. Never!”

I took her to my room and we fondled and hugged gently.“I’m happy now son, your Dad was fucking his secretary and I was so lonely before you came like a blessing…”She kissed me tenderly, tracing her fingers over my chest.

“I Love you too mom, You are so special” I ran my fingers through her long braids

Entwined together, like Adam and Eve, we surrendered ourselves to slumber; only to wake up to find love and make love till eternity.

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