Movie, Birthday And My Girl Part – 1

Hey friends its Rudraksh.I’m back with a new story. I received tons of emails for my last story so I would like to thank you all for taking out the time from your horny life. I hope you’ll appreciate this story too and send me feedbacks on [email protected]

Before coming to the story let me tell you about myself. I’m a typical North Indian guy who is 6 feet tall and has an athletic build as a workout 5 days a week. I am fair in complexion and have a 7 inch long dick.

Now coming to the story.

It was the start of the winter season as the weather started getting colder with each passing day so did the morning fog which was getting denser and denser too. I was traveling to Gurugram to meet my girlfriend Sur. Sur was working in a Big MNC in Gurugram from last 3 years and we have been dating since past 4 months.

Now let me try to describe Sur but I am sure my words will fall short on doing justice to her beauty. She is 5’8 with very fair complexion and has a figure of 36-30-32. She has very long and slim legs but the body part that stand out is definitely her big boobs. I would often have hard time talking to her eye to eye as my innocent site would wander over her big boobs.

I was on my way to her flat where I did have to pick her up for the movies. It was my birthday so we were going out on movie and dinner date. I was pretty excited as she had planned a surprise for me. Being a guy the only surprise that would have made my day would be me getting in her panties but I knew she was of shy nature and this could never be the surprised.

I reached her society and dropped her call stating the location where I was waiting for her. I was waiting in the car and was busy oogling girls from her society. Damn these young college going girls and their short and tight dresses. Even in winters they can make a guy sweat. Suddenly then I saw a girl in the rear mirror. This girl was wearing a red colored tight one piece which made her curves more visually appealing. The girl was getting closer and then I realized that it was my gf , Sur. My brain made sure that all my sexual hormones were activated in an instance.

She finally reached the car and sat in. She said hey and reached out to give a kiss on my cheeks and wish me happy birthday. Dude I surely wasn’t expecting this. Her red dress was quite deep neck and which gave an ample visual treat for my eyes. I could hardly take my eyes off her and she just sat there blushing.

“Can we go or you just want to keep staring at me?”

“I prefer doing a lot more than just staring”, I said jokingly.

” You wish”, she said punching me on the shoulder.

We drove to the movie theater and as soon as we got out of the car, all the horny eyes of the sex addicted Indian men were on my girl. She ignored these stares and came close to me. We went inside the theater holding hands and I could still see a lot eyes were checking her out. We somehow made our way to our seats through all the stares. The movie she chose was an English movie 50 shades of Grey which had a lot of sex scenes in it. She had read the novel a couple of months ago so she wanted to see the movie. Although it was the last day of the movie in the theater so there was not much crowd there.

We had the corner seat on the top row. There were another couple on the opposite corner but the rest of the row was empty. Soon the movie started and we both were chatting a little and watching the movie. 35 mins into the movie the sex scene started and now I would feel her grip tightening on my hands. Her hands started sweating a little. Her breath started becoming heavy. Just then I looked on the other side and saw the other couple making out. Watching them made me more horny than I was after watching the scene.

I looked my Sur who was watching the movie so closely. Without her noticing I moved near her neck. I planted a kiss on her neck and waited for her reaction. To my surprise she just moaned a little but didn’t utter a word. This gave me confidence to proceed further. I then bit her neck and now she reacted negatively.

“Don’t do it. Someone will see”, just as she completed her sentence even she noticed the couple opposite us making out. She just smiled and moved forward to kiss me on the lips. God damn I was taken back by her sudden advancement that I couldn’t react for the initial seconds. But the way her soft pink lips were felt on mine made me reciprocate in equal measures. I started kissing her. She started biting my lips and before I could realize her hand was on my already hard dick. She was feeling my dick over my jeans.

Without wasting much time my hand made its way to her big boobs. Those untamed mountains were now under my palm. I started squeezing them one by one over her dress. She would occasionally let out a soft moan while still kissing me madly. Our tongues wrestle their way into each other same as my hand wrestle with her big boobs. We were tasting each other for the very first time and that’s why we couldn’t get enough.Just as we were getting more horny I saw that it was time for intermission so I had to stop us.

She didn’t look very happy but we had no choice. We both sat there smiling. I could see a small love bite on her neck that I had given her just couple of mins ago. We didn’t say much and waited for the lights to go off again. After 10 mins the movie started again. Just as I was going to kiss her she pointed my face towards the couple opposite us. I was shocked to see that the girl was on top of the guy and she was riding him. This made my dick so rock hard that it hurt a little as it was still caged. Just as I moved to adjust my dick my hand rubbed against her hand. I realized that even she was going to feel my dick again.

I didn’t want to waste the opportunity so I unzipped my Jean and took out my cock. I then took her hand and placed it on my cock. Now it was her time to be surprised. She was trying to remove her hand but I held her hand strongly. I made her grip my cock and started stroking it slowly. Ahh that was so godly like feeling. She came closer and started kissing me. I removed my hand over her hand went on to her boobs. This time I tried to touch her naked boobs by putting my hands inside her dress through the top. The dress was too tight that I couldn’t get my hand inside. She could sense my dejection so she unzipped her dress a little and let out one of her boobs. She took my hand and placed it over it. I was so happy that I went straight onto her boobs and started sucking on them. She let out a moan which was a little louder than any previous one. I knew that she loved her boobs being sucked.

In the darkness of the hall I started sucking her boob deeply and strongly. Her stroking my dick also became a little faster. While sucking on her boobs I would bite her nipple a little. Just as I use to do that her grip on my dick also use to get tighter. I kept on sucking her boobs and biting her nipples just as she continued her stroking. My orgasm started building up but I didn’t want to finish so soon so I decided that I need to stop her from stroking. So I removed her hands from my dick and guided it between her legs. I made her touch her own pussy over the panty. She let out another loud moan. She came close to my ears and said,

“Ahhh baby I’m aahhh so wet”, her words were like last nail in the coffin. Now I wanted to fuck her badly. I wanted to feel her wet and warm pussy on my dick. But before that I wanted to taste her pussy juice. So I went on my knees. There wasn’t much space so I had to knell down in front of my seat. She looked at me confused. I made her sit diagonally in a way that she was half lied down and spread her legs wide open. She was a little scared as she thought I was about to penetrate her tight wet pussy. But before she could react or say anything I buried my head between her legs and started kissing her pussy over her panty. She was right she was damn wet down there.

The sweet aroma of her pussy juice filled my nose. That was like the scent of sex and was indeed the best. I lifted her panty from the side and made a long lick on her clean shaved vertical lips. As soon as I did that her hands were on my hand pushing me on her pussy. I knew she loved it more than anything. My bitch wanted me to lick every drop of the juice dripping out of her clean shaved pussy. I too like thirsty dog started licking her pussy. I also massaged her clitoris.

I could feel her breath becoming unevenly heavy as her tummy was going up and down vigorously. Just when she thought she had it all I inserted two of my fingers in her flooding pussy. I got feel her warmness and wetness on my fingers. Her pussy was mindblowingly tight even for my fingers. I was finger fucking her and at the same time was licking her clitoris. She could no longer take it and she gripped my hair hard as she reached her climax. Her pussy started flowing these endless pussy juice which I was so willingly ready to lick off. She was breathing heavily as she was recovering from her orgasm. I was just cleaning off the last drop of the dripping pussy juice.

Then she pulled me up and made me sit on the seat. She said, “Now its my turn”. I knew exactly what she meant. She took hold of my dick and in one go swallowed its complete length like a pro. She gagged on my dick as it was just too much for her to take but the way she created the vacuum inside her mouth and the way she used her tongue over my dick made me moan like it was the first time I was getting blown. She was stroking my cock with her mouth. My hands were folding her boobs as my cock was getting the VIP treatment. She moved her tongue slowly on the full length of my cock giving special emphasis on the top of the cock which was indeed my weak spot. She knew what I liked and she gave me exactly that. She was licking the top and stroking the rest. My climax was building so without wasting anymore time I grabbed her head by her hairs and started fucking her mouth. She was trying to get herself free as she was gagging on my cock but I was in no mood to stop till I cum. Soon she was able to adjust to it and started enjoying it to. Then I forced my cock’s full length into her mouth as I came inside her mouth. Her teeth tighten around my cock as my spilled my hot cum on her throat. She gagged onto it but my cock didn’t let her waste it. She had to swallow it all. Then I let her head free. She immediately took a sip of the soft drink she had. I was laying her exhausted. She looked at me shaking her head and smiling. She started adjusting her dress and hair. She made me put my cock inside my jeans.

The movie was about to be over but we decided to leave for her flat. As soon as we came out of the hall she moved straight to the washroom to adjust everything nicely and put on some make up.I just waited for her outside the washroom.


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