Mrs Sonia Unsatisfied Housewife Of A Fat Man

Hey guys, I am Aksham Goel from Gurgaon. I am 22 year old. I am having a great body with six pack abs. This is a real story which happens with my neighbour Mrs sonia she was 34 yrs old married to a fat man. Mrs sonia is slim with heavy boobs and perfect heavy ass. She is fair with blonde hair and blue eyes,she is too perfect.

Sunday morning i was doing exercise in my garden and after few minutes Mrs sachdeva came to collect her Newspaper she was in long sleeveless Gown(nighty) with deep neck her cleavage was perfectly visible as she bent down to pick her newspaper hers boobs was perfectly visible…my all senses were noticing her till the time we get an eye contact….she noticed me checking her out but didnt say anything and pass a sexy smile

We started a normal chit chat my all concentration was on her cleavage her one boob was just going to pop out. Suddenly she left as his fat ugly husband disturbed us by calling her inside the house as his husband is so insecure that he never allow sonia to talk to anybody but watching sonia always make me excited and my lund becomes too hard i know she was married but because of his husband overweight they cant have proper sex and because of that they dont have a child so she is Unsatisfied and horny for sex. I never leave any chance to impress her. She also notice my body.

One day i was leaving for my gym on my bullet she stops me and ask for lift to the spa which is in my Gym she was wearing shorts and a crop top. She was looking too cute her skin was getting reflected i made my move and took this opportunity as a golden chance i asked her why to waste money and time in spa when i can provide her massage at home only.She looked at me seriously but i manage to save our conversation i told her her that i had taken training in spa course and i can provide better service after a while of explanation she get normal and agree to get message on one condition that she will pay me, i had a blast in my pant my lund salutes me.

She took me in her bedroom i ask her too remove her clothes she gave me a naughty looks by saying no you cant see me naked and went inside dressing room and get out with a long towel draped around her breast and cunt … I must tell you she was looking so hot and sexy in that also. I bought oil and ask her to lie down on bed. Her first touch gave me a current in my whole body.

She adjusted her towel her boobs were clearly visible but by the time I dont make any move i had planned everything

After 5 minutes she started getting relaxed and that was a time for me to have some naughty moves I started messaging her thighs tightly and every minute i was gaining new positions I touched her hips pinched them and starts toching her cunt but after a while i put hand on her neck and slips them to her boobs when i saw she was okk with that i press he boobs and told her this is a part of spa.

I start rubbing boobs which are of 36B size start massaging them very gently and sensually she moaned with closed eyes and seeing that i remove her towel and now she was breathing very heavily and i made her naked from upper body She grabbed me and put her lips on mine she hugged me bite me on my lips and neck as she was praying from me to ride her in another world of sex She remove my clothes really fast and release my lund from my shorts

My lund was very tight and 7 inch tall & thick she was too happy watching such a big lund she hold my lund in her soft and starts licking it i was enjoying it and playing with her boobs

I push her back and start licking her cunt with my tongue which gave electric sensation in her body soon we were at 69 position she came on my face and i cam on her but we clean it up really fast we were smooching biting each other she was making sounds and My lund was burning from heat i push her back, put a pillow under her waist and inserted my lund in her cunt in full speed she started enjoying & moaning loudly. I switch the position and took her in my arms we had a lip lock…

She cried to fuck her more and I increased my speed we both were sweating and breathing heavily.She bite ear lope and whisper in my ear .please cum inside me I through her back came in doggy style she was enjoying and told me she was enjoying sex after a long timeI speed up and came inside her and lie over her we had a smooch. There was a blast from her Clint and hot fluid make the bed sheet wet. She put her head on my chest and closed her eyes i was adjusting he hairs and kissed her forehead. She have tears in her eyes we both saw each other and said i love you.

Then i took her in wash room in my arms and press the shower button she was looking more hot after getting wet. We were kissing madly I again put my lund in ass and this time she cried in pain water is working as lubricant i pulled her hair from her pony giving her stroke which she was loving. Slapping her ass and pressing her boobs i made it too wild for her that she got tired and breathing and moaning heavily.

She dress up back and gave me 30,000 rupees and told me that she want me to be her toy friend. After that we started having sex regularly .

I hope you enjoyed my encounter with her. I can really help ladies who are not physically satisfied just write me at. [email protected]

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