My Angel Showed Me The Way To Heaven

Hi my name is Jeevan. I am a very friendly person from mysore any girl or ladies who is sex starving can contact me, my email id [email protected] I maintain secrecy you can trust me.

Sorry guys am not a story writer if there’s any mistake pls forgive me this is my first story here.

Okay coming to the story am an engineering student living in a rented house in mysore with my parents am 23 years old with 6″ monster. Heroine of the story is my landlady’s daughter she’s of 25 years age staying in home finished her engineering. She has a figure of 34-30-36 her ass was the most attractive in her I came to know her figure later ;)first day when we came to new house everything was new to us. I saw this angel climbing the steps down to give us the key. Oh man!!! She was looking like an angel my heart stopped beating for a minute.. My mom called me suddenly I came back to my sense.

She introduced herself as priyanka and helped us to settle down. We used to see each other daily n greet each other with a smile. One day I took a dare step and asked her number she gave me suddenly I was almost flying in the clouds. We started texting daily we became close to each other. I asked whether she had boyfriend she said she has one I was disappointed and stopped texting her and later she only texted me asking whether I had girlfriend I said no. She asked me why but I was not interested in explaining the situation to her and I slept off. One day while texting…

Priyanka:- hiiii… 🙂 🙂

Me:- hello..

Priyanka:- I got a job.. You know am very happy today… 🙂

Me:- that’s nice where’s the treat

She:- you want treat!!! Ok tell me what you want??

Me:- oh you will give me whatever I need..??

She:- yes of c ourse… Ask whatever you need…

Me :- how about dinner??

She:-hmmm dinner!! Okay but not outside come to my home tonight nobody will be there in my home.

I asked about her parents she said they have gone to her native they will return next day. You know guys how my feeling will be I was very much excited and waiting for the night to spend a night with my angel when nobody is in her home.

Night arrived I somehow hide myself from other neighbors so that they couldn’t see me.

I knocked the door she opened the door.Oh my goodness she was in her white nightie I have never seen her like that before. It was almost transparent I could see her bra n panties she was wearing… My cock was saluting her beauty 😉

She made me sit on sofa and went inside for preparation later she served me the food we both had together I said I ‘ll leave now with unwilling mind. She told me not to go now you can leave I . The morning I was almost in the cloud nine 😉

I asked her

Me:- where’s your bf??

She:- he is very rude he don’t know how to treat his girl( she started weeping)

I somehow consoled her and started wiping her tears because I couldn’t see my angel crying. She kept her head on my shoulder I was hard again but couldn’t do anything because she may feel uncomfortable. I said can I use your washroom she showed me that n came along with me to the door and sent me in. When I came back she winked at me and said I know… I know… With a cunning smile this ignited me.

Me:- can I ask you one personal question?

She:- yeah ask

Me:- ( I took a bold step and asked her) are you virgin??

She :- (bit angry) yeah why??

Me:-  you have a bf na so asked

She:- what if I have a bf he doesn’t know how to treat me I think he’s a gay

For her reply I was shocked and asked her

Me:- dint he touched you at least once

She:- no he dint even kiss me

I came to know that she is horny inside and praised the lord for giving me such an opportunity

Me:- I thought he would have already done everything to you but you are saying like this.

Her face got red but I took one more daring step and hugged her tightly from back. She was shocked and trying get off from me but I dint leave her.I made her to move towards the wall and pressed myself from backside my cock was piercing her ass I think she noticed my hardness and told me ” this is not correct pls leave me” but I was not in situation to leave her I started kissing her neck slowly and biting there slowly she almost got surrendered.

Then I carried her to bed and made her lay down on bed and jumped on her she was closing her eyes. I kissed her lips hardly to which she was responding I took this as green signal and removed her nightie. She was in white matching bra panties I kissed her cleavage and opened her bra. Wow that was the most beautiful pair of boobs I have ever seen I saw her bra size it was 34 she took it from me and threw it aside I was pressing the slowly and kissing her lips she was moaning “Press them hard jee make me your wife today” I started sucking her beautiful nipples and pressing other boob 😉 I came to her navel and started licking her deep navel.

Slowly I removed her panties she had a hairy pussy but she dint let me see her flower but I somehow saw her pussy it was dripping I slowly touched her dripping pussy and tried to insert my finger as she was virgin I couldn’t insert it fully. She asked me to lick her pussy. Slowly I moved towards her pussy and started licking my angel’s pussy she was moaning like hell. I was licking her pussy lips like there’s no tomorrow. She woke up and removed all my dress I asked her to suck my cock for that she said that she doesn’t like that. I said it’s okay she asked me to make her a woman.

Slowly I positioned my dick towards her pussy hole and started inserting inside but she was very tight she asked me to stop but I dint. Slowly I started inserting inch by inch my entire cock was swallowed by her pussy and blood dripping down. Her eyes were filled with tears I kissed her eyes and drank her tears and said “Don’t worry dear I will take care” started fucking her slowly with low strokes and I started fucking her hard she was responding me very well. Ah.. Ahhhh .. Ahhh .. Ahhhh she was moaning this was making me crazy I was fucking her hard.

I was about to cum she asked me to cum outside I came fully on her stomach and fell on her.. We both did three times that night and had lot of fun tries almost all position. Even now we carry our relation nobody knows about it.

If you liked my story pls give me feedback I will be waiting for your response and help me to upload my next story.

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