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Hai I am Prakash. I am a bachelor from Bangalore. I am 23 years old and I am working in IT. She is my neighbour(38years old) very attractive 5.6′ her boobs was 38- 40 size her body was a very well build one and more to that her height made her look more beautiful. She also had a very good ass one of the two things I often used to look at whenever I got a chance. She had a husband one son and one daughter. I had expressed my feelings to her many times that I wanted her but she said that it was wrong and that she was much older than me. But whenever I got her alone I used to catch her boobs and ass.

Once I even got to see her pussy just a glimpse when she was in the kitchen doing some cooking she did not realize me coming in to the kitchen. I went behind her and put my hands from behind her and cupped her boobs she suddenly turned in surprise and said no praka no it is not right but I was in the mood so lifted he nighty she didn’t had a underwear so I saw her pussy it was very beautiful to add she had shaved off her public hair and then suddenly I heard the voice of someone coming so I left her and she went on to work again. This incident gave me more courage and I stared calling her and asking her things but she used to stop that conversation and bring in something else later she would cut the call. I knew with her talk and other incident that happened that she wanted me but was afraid of being caught and then moral value and so on because she a typical housewife.

The ones that said husband is god. This time I had decided that I would fuck her some how. The day this thing happened her son had gone to office as usual and so her son’s wife. Her daughters were working in Mumbai as nurses she was in the house with her husband. In order to get her husband away from the house I called her house as a courier man and said that there was a parcel in her husbands name and that he had to come himself to the courier office to collect it before 4.30pm. I called at 3pm. So I knew he had to hurry because it took 1.15 minutes to reach there and so back home. After 15 minutes I took the bike and went to her house it was 5kms from mine. As soon I reached I parked the bike and rang the door bell. She came and opened the door. Wahoo she was looking so beautiful in her nighty (she at home wears that) a red one the top was a bit to open as one button was broken. I could see a bit of her boobs and was staring at it when she put her hands to cove it and came out.

On seeing me she said uncle has gone out so let sit outside and talk. She knew that inside the house it will be difficult to handle me as she knew my intentions. Fuck now what to do well I got a idea and told her that I wanted a glass of water but she was more clever than me and told to go and get it myself from the kitchen. I understood it was hopeless asking her again she was not going to come in. Shit will this chance also go away? So I got in the house and drank myself (not that I was thirsty ). I called her inside, she came in. I requested again…touched her hand and slightly pulled her towards me and planted a kiss on her shivering lip. I hugged her tightly and grabbed her boobs it was so nice.

She suddenly turned back and said prakash it is not right we shouldn’t be doing this as.. She was speechless for a movement then said again that it is not right…..but she was silently co-operating to my hugs and kisses. By this time my hands were in her kundi (ass). She tried to get free halfhearted but I didn’t let go. I again tried to kiss her on the lips but she moved her head away. So I lifted one hand from one ass and lifted her nighty up to the hip she obeyed but half heartedly I knew by now that she was half willing. So after catching the nighty with the hand on the kundi I placed the next hand to her pussy she wasn’t wearing any underwear(mostly all kerala women don’t normally wear underwear’s) I touched he pussy it was wet then I tried to insert my finger inside but was not able to as she had held it tight. She was continuously saying it was not right and so on but she also in nice mood.. Then I said aunty if you let me put my hand inside your pussy and feel it for 5 minutes then I promise you that I will not disturbed you again without your permission. At first she didn’t agree to but after 2-3 minits she said ok only your hand and just for 5 minutes.

She realized that it was the best way out as I will not leave otherwise. The second thing is that she knew that I was very true to my word that I would keep my word and stop in the said time. Ohoo at last I am getting to feel her pussy after a long wait. I had waited about 5 years for this movement. Now she asked me to show her my fingers I showed he after looking at my nails she said ok (luckily I had cut my nail well). As the signal was on I slipped my two fingers into her pussy it was so nice she was completely wet down there as was inside her I was feeling in heaven. My breath was heavy so was hers. With the fingers inside I made her sit on the bed.

Then with the technique I learned from the net on G sport I tried on her with in no time she started to morn along with that she said no prakash no then she laid on to the bed and started to squeeze her own breasts and the other hand was rubbing her hips in pleasure then was rubbing her head and pulling her hair by herself. I knew she was enjoying it so I continued for some more time it went for about 15 minutes as she didn’t say to stop instead she was enjoying it. When I realized that she was at the peak I slowed down and took my fingers a bit as if bringing then out.

At this she caught my hand and pushed it inside and said please don’t stop. Since she was very frank and true person she said in a soft voice “I have never experienced such great pleasure in my 32 years of married life please don’t stop please. I said ok I will give you the best sex experience of your life but in return you will have to satisfy me as well. She looked at me with a very pathetic look and then with broken voice replied ok I am all yours just tell me what I got to do. (Till that day she was a true wife and had never cheated her husband though he never was able to satisfy her (this she told me later).

With that invitation of hers I got back to work, my fingers was again deep inside her pussy and continued to stork her. I could tell that she was really enjoying because she had started morning and also through her body language I knew as she was squeezing her breasts then catching her hair then rubbing her body and also was moving her body like a snake moves it body. In between she also caught my thighs and rubbed then and massaged then as I was sitting next to her beautiful body on the bed. While still with my hands in pussy I said to her to relax and enjoy and to loose her muscles. She did and enjoyed.

Then not much later may be after 15 minits lots of water came out form her pussy and she started shivering like anything. This time I got scared and didn’t know what to do. I asked her if she was ok on which she pulled me on top of her and glued her lips to mine. We French kissed for about 10 minutes. Then she said thank you very much today and from now on you can do anything to me. So I said can you take my rod in you mouth. At this she gave me a weird look and said I have never done that so I may vomit I understood that she was not used to it so I said it is ok. She said sorry and then said if you want I will try. I said leave that we will try only when you are comfortable Then I asked “can I tast you pussy” she gave a look and then asked are you really sure about it. On that I immediately got on my knees in front of her lovely pussy. The pussy was fully wet so was the bed and the floor that I was kneeling on.

It was from the liquid that had come out from her pussy. I reached foreword to her pussy first kissed it the brought my tongue out and started licking it hooo no it is so tasty the juice was flooding in to my mouth I tongued her and started eating her I put my tongue deep inside her and then sucked her pussy that it nearly came out of her body and got to mouth I drank all the juice that cane from without wasting a single drop. On this she caught my hair on the back of my head and pressed my head to her pussy. I nearly couldn’t breath. My head was closed in between her legs on this I festered my tongue rate and slit my fingers also inside. Now she was morning like anything then suddenly she came again this time the liquid filled my mouth nose and all my face and body and she was shivery with pleasure. She said ho dear you are so great I love you. The liquid that came inside my mouth tasted very good so I drank that. After which I kissed her pussy again and then got up.

I slowly went up lifting he dress all the way with my tongue liking her body on reaching her boobs I unhooked the black colored bra then I sucked them one by one while all this time she was shivering and morning with pleasure. I slowly removed he dress there was my dream girl in front of me full naked. Then I kissed her on the lips we stayed in that position for 5 minutes doing French kiss. Then she said “I want you in me, please, fuck me”. I said but aunty my age and yours are….you said you are like my mother.(just making fun of her). On this she just shut up and fuck me with that she caught my rod and inserted it in to her pussy it was bit tight because she didn’t had sex with her husband for a long time she said it was years. I then started slowly inserting it deep inside her.

My rod was 8inches long and was big in diameter. When I was inside her she said in my ears “Your rod is big, bigger than my husbands. On hearing that I was stunned as I never expected she would say that because she was very reserved person and faithful wife who never criticized her husband or would let anyone do that. Now I started to slowly increase my speed and she started to morn with pleasure. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and head to the side she was biting her lips and same time morning.

As the speed increased she put her both hands on hip and started making me do at faster pace. At this point I placed my hands on her boobs which she enjoyed more I fucked her for about 5-10 minutes finally when I was about to come took out my rod and unloaded it on her boobs. Finally I fell to her side tired. She with her hand took a bit of sperm and tasted it then she said it doesn’t taste that bad.

Then she turned around and said in my ears can you fuck me once more. I told “my rod is down and needs some time to come up but if you want it fast there is another way. She asked how. I told you have to use your mouth to do that. Suddenly she was on her feet so wonderful she looked on her feet without clothes.

Then she asked me what have I to do? On seeing her enthusiasm I sat up and said on your knees. She immediately got to her knees I said come closer she was close to my rod then I said close your eyes and open your mouth and bring out your tongue. She did as told then I brought her face near to my rod.

Then I placed my rod in her hands and now think you have an ice cream in your hand now start sucking as you suck an ice cream. She opened her mouth then with great difficulty took the rod in her mouth hooo it is feeling so good. Then I said just start slowly sucking it with your tongue she sucked for some time and said it tastes good I didn’t expect it to be so good after that words she was on to it like a mad dog going after a bone. She was really enjoying it so was I now my rod was hard and ready so I told it is ready I can start fucking you.

She replied “I have never tasted anything as good as this so let me have it all” with that she continued on it harder and in 2-3 minutes I came in her mouth and she eat it all then she again started sucking it I said are going to kill me she said shut up and sit down and she continued again I was tired and fell to the bed while she continued. Any way after some more time I came again and she again ate it all. Then she fell on top of me then kissed me on the lips and then whispered in my ears “thank you very much, from now on you are welcome anytime. As from now on it will be open for you only. I will not allow any one else to enter not even my husband from now on you are my husband though not legally. I love you for everything”. Well though I had sex before with younger women I never had such satisfaction as I had with her. I had sex 2 times with her after this. If Bangalore Girls and aunties want to have sex just mail me in my id [email protected]

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