My Aunt Sat On My Lap In A Crowded Car

It all started when I was least expecting it. I never thought in my whole life that I’ll have the chance to fuck my aunt.

This is the story of my wildest dreams getting fulfilled. About me, I am a 19-year-old guy with a slim body, 5’11” height and surprisingly an 8-inch cut cock with a huge pink mushroom head.

About my aunt, she is a 43-year-old fair skinned woman with pretty big boobs (which turns out to be 36 C Bra) and a nice big ass. She was a bit fat but she was fat in the right places. She was only 5’4″ in height.

We live in the nearby apartments, so I often was able to see her and jerk off thinking about her. It was one of my fantasy to fuck her, which one day came true.

It was one fine morning when my family decided to go on a trip to this far temple, which is about 100 km from our home. My aunt’s family was also joining us. We were 8 adults and we had to adjust to a Duster which is a five-seater.

Somehow my aunt ended up sitting in my lap, at first I didn’t feel much as we all were engaged in a conversation. After a few minutes, my family was silent and some song was playing.

I was seated on the right end of the seat while my sexy aunt on my lap. Now I realized the opportunity I had in my hands, literally in my hands. I had the woman who I had a lot of fantasy dreams with.

I was wearing a veshti (Dhoti) and shirt. She was wearing a beautiful Red Saree. There were a million thoughts inside my head, should I use this chance? Should I not??

After a while, I took the courage to go for it. I slowly put my right hand on her right thigh. It was so soft and I kept my hand there for a while. After a while, I took more courage and started caressing her thighs.

Oohhh! Man, I was a few steps away from stepping into heaven. She didn’t react to what I was doing. After I got bored of her sexy thighs I got my hand a little higher to her waist. As soon as I placed my hand on her soft bare skin which was open, as she wore a saree. She turned at me but said nothing.

I didn’t know what it meant so I gave it a few minutes and again started. By this time, I was pretty bold. I started to trace through her skin, caressing her sexy waist. I played with her belly button for a while.

All my actions were not visible to others because of her saree. As I was pretty horny by now, my cock was semi-erect and placed right between her ass cheeks. I was pretty sure that she was feeling my cock now.

She didn’t turn but I saw her biting her lips and she made her face expressionless in a moment. I took that as an approval and moved my right hand from her sexy belly to her juicy melons in the top.

As I pressed them hard, my cock was getting harder and poking her ass. It was softer than I expected. I was enjoying the position I was in. I was massaging her big juicy boobs while drilling her with my cock on her ass.

But, unfortunately, our trip came to an end and I was forced to stop enjoying her. After we came back from the temple. My aunt didn’t sit on my lap which made me terrified.

All the way back home I was scared. But nothing bad happened to me. So I moved on considering our secret was safe.

After a few days, my aunt called me to her home for helping her lift some heavy objects. Uncle was out of town, and so was my aunt’s daughter. Basically, she was home alone.

I didn’t keep much eye contact with my aunt because I was kinda afraid that things might go wrong for me. But I was wrong. She locked the main door and asked me to come to the bedroom.

I followed her, she was waiting there with her hands folded and head up high. I entered the room and saw her. She broke the silence. she said,”Come here, Don’t be shy!”

I went near her. We sat on the bed. She started talking. “I’ve been lonely these days and to be honest your uncle tries his best to keep me satisfied. But when I felt your dick the other day, it felt pretty big and good. I’ve done a careful thinking and I’m ready.”

I was shocked to hear what she just said. She smiled at me and said, “It’s normal in this age, come on now, make me feel young again,” and she started caressing the small bulge in my shorts caused due to my semi-erect dick.

She came close and I knew that I was in for a great time. We started off by kissing. I took over, I started kissing her deep. Her lips were soo soft and juicy.

While I was kissing her, I started to massage her boobs over the nightgown that she was wearing. To my surprise she was not wearing a bra, I was able to feel her nipples through the nightgown.

I smiled at her, she smiled in a very naughty way and she fell on the bed, pulling me towards her. I was on top of her. I kissed all over her face and kissed her neck while she softly moaned.

While I was unzipping her nightgown, my aunt said, “Wait! Let me see your dick first.” I said okay and let her unzip my shorts and my underwear.

My dick popped out as she did. she was happy to see my dick. It was a cleanly shaved 8-inch cut cock with a big pink mushroom head. She held it in her small hands, she could keep three hands of her size to fit my whole cock’s length.

She started stroking my cock making it harder. But the thing she did is something that I thought she won’t. She started to kiss my cock head and then she started to slowly suck it. I was on cloud nine. I enjoyed my cock inside her mouth.

She was doing wonders with her tongue to my cock head. She stopped for a moment and said that my pre-cum tasted great. She started sucking again. I was sure she was enjoying my cock.

While she was sucking my cock, I was holding her head with one hand and massaging her boobs with another. After making my cock hard as hell she just stopped and lay back on the bed. I understood the gesture and undressed her.

Damn! She was a beauty that was to be admired. I thought I was lucky. She said,”Go on!” and I started to kiss every inch of her body. As I was kissing between her thighs, working up towards her pussy, she started to moan.

It is the slight moans she gave that made my dick throb. I reached her clean shaved pussy and she asked me,”Do you like it?”

I didn’t answer. I went straight to kissing her sexy pussy. It was already wet for me. I started putting my tongue inside that juicy pussy.

She was enjoying my tongue inside her pussy and she shouted that her hubby never liked to suck her pussy. So I gave her the pleasure a little more.

I couldn’t wait anymore so, I took my cock and started hitting it on her pussy and positioned my cock head to her pussy hole. I slowly penetrated my dick inside her wet warm pussy. She gave a soft moan.

Then slowly I leaned forward, slipping my whole dick inside her pussy, reaching her lips and started kissing her while moving my hips to and fro, softly fucking her.

She held my hair while kissing me. She spread her legs very wide for me to fuck her more conveniently. So I did. She told me to fuck her harder, so I started fucking her more and harder.

She continuously moaned, enjoying my cock inside her. The room was silent so we could hear the sound caused due to me smashing her pretty ass. I took my dick out and turned her, told her to come to the doggy position.

I started to fuck her from behind while holding her head from the back. She started to moan out louder and then she shouted that she was gonna squirt.

I enjoyed as her juices rushed over my cock while I was fucking her pussy. I took out my cock and turned her around and jerked my cock a bit and cummed all over her sexy body.

We both were exhausted, so we lay down on the bed for a while, kissing and cuddling with each other. Then after some time, I kissed her forehead and pinched her ass and left for home.

This is my first story guys! Sorry if I have made any mistakes. Give me your feedbacks through my mail. I’m a 20-year-old single guy always looking for fun.

My mail id is [email protected].

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