My Aunty Hot Bitch Who Liked To Get Fucked

Hi everybody, first of all I would like to thank for ISS to allowing me to give this opportunity

And here begins the story my aunt who is unmarried her name is jamuna I am rahul talking about my aunt she was 30 then with assets of 36 22 and she had a very big boobs which gets even bigger when she is tempted she lives in our native she had visited our place for my uncles marriage and as I saw her the first time when she came to my house same night I thought about her and masturbated that day everyone got ready and left for marriage all on the way

She sat next to me in car and we had a huge discussion about my study my likes etc and about her etc she became to close to me in marriage she wore the saree in a way showing her assets and her melons was visible and every guy in the marriage hall were trying to befriend her but she was just smiling on those guys after marriage we all came back to our house where in I planned to some how try to touch her boobs because I liked it very much to my luck I even got better luck that night she was holding my sisters kid in the room and playing then I just went inside the room and pretended like playing with the kid some how I managed to touch her hand in between and was parallel y trying to look at her eyes after some time I tried touching her ass and pretended by mistake I touched it after some time

I tried touching the top of her boobs and everything was going fine then my mom called me I left that place in our place water comes once in two days so my mother and aunt was feeling water to house at night I was sleeping in the varanda and my aunt use to come and sit on the bed waiting for my mother to get the water filled pot from the tap in our area in mean time I some got some courage and touched her boobs above the dress and she kind of shocked but the bitch inside her could not control and her boobs became very tight because she was tempted she could not hide it and I started pressing her boobs like there is no tomorrow and she too was enjoying and suddenly my mother came but to our luck lights were off but she could not see my hands in my aunts boobs and that night

I enjoyed kissing her lips and licking her nipples and pressing her boobs she was moaning but could not do loudly as family was her around the next day I got the opportunity so as previous day I went inside room she too followed me and we kissed each other and she was already in very heat we were like biting each other lips and licking tongues and she opened her top and I started to lick her nipples she was moaning heavily and I put my hand inside her lehenga and started fingering her hole she was already wet and she grabbed my cock and opened my pants and asked me to fuck her and she was kind of moaning fuck me fuck your aunt come on mother fucker hahahaha and we were in 69 position I was licking her juice out of her pussy and she was giving a blowjob of my life time

Then I asked her to turn in a doggy position and inserted my cock in her pussy she was kind of warm in her pussy and I started banging she was like come on fuck faster faster aahahah you mother fucker fuck your aunty bitch ahaha I liked it then I turned her into mission position and started to pump she was in an heaven enjoying the fuck I started to shiver and I cummed in her pussy hole and we slept naked together for some time and later got ready and she said she enjoyed the fuck and kissed me in my lips and asked to press her boobs and said will fuck each other when you come to my place and she left.

The next few weeks it was like dry I was only thinking about my aunty’s pussy and boobs and masturbating and I had exams and got busy with exams then came my summer holidays and I asked my mother I will go to aunts place for holidays and she agreed and I left to the bus stop and left for my aunts village once I reached village I went to my aunt’s house and she was not around and I asked her mother she said she has gone out to her friend’s house I was sad I could not see her then I said I will go around the farm and come and as I was roaming around

I heard my aunts moaning and as I peeped in that bushes she was getting fucked by an uncle who is 40 years and above he was fucking her in missionary position and she was like fuck my chute and make it big fucker I love it when your dick is in my pussy hahah ahah come on fucker faster and few moments later he was cumming he took his cock out of my aunts pussy and asked her to suck it like a dog and she was on her four like a dog and feasting on his cock and sucking his cum and after that he got ready and gave her some notes to her and left and I was confused on what I just saw she was bitch getting fucked for money and just silently left from there and reached home and she came after few minutes and she was very happy seeing me she hugged me and said how are you I was missing you that night we had food and she was not in a mood to play and I also was stressed travelling

I slept next day she asked me come I will take you around our village and show you something and as we went around the village few guys were teasing her and trying to come closer she rejected there advances and we walked and she took me to falls we played there for few minutes and left and she said I have a surprise for you come I will take you there and as we went there was a tiny pond and no humans were there in that place immediately she got naked and got into the water and asked me to remove my clothes and get inside the water as she said I removed my clothes and got into the pond and she came near me and kissed me and hugged me as she hugged her boobs touched my body it was so tempting to have fun in water then I started to press her boobs and she was kind of liking

She went near the corner of the pond near a stone and lied on her bank and asked me to lick her pussy the water in was also touching her pussy lips the view got me a bulge and I went near her and started licking her she was moaning saying I like it come on do it hahah love it then she held my head firmly and said I am cumming and some salty white discharge came out of her pussy

Then I gave her my cock and asked her to give me blowjob she sucked me for minutes and then she asked me to fill her hole then I inserted my pussy in her cock and started to fuck her and calling bitch I missed your pussy for very long and she was saying mother fucker even your aunt missed your cock to control the temptation in me for your cock I used to get fucked by old mans in my village but they all could not give the happiness which you can give me aunty fucker fuck me tear my pussy afffahh hhhhah hahha haha come on you fuckker even faster fuckkkk me love it hahahah ahahah ahahhah  and it was a very beautiful day which I could not forget hope you guys liked the story you can contact me on [email protected] thanks

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