My Aunty’s Hidden Desires – Part I

I was totally aghast by the incident.I actually touched Radha aunty’s boobs. That night i just jacked off 3-4 times on that incident. But next day when i woke up and went upto Aunt. Aunty was totally indifferent. She was wearing a very serene pink and white saree,’sindoor’ in her hair partition,Mangalsutra and bangles. She was praying to God. After half an hour of prayer she came to me and thanked me genuinely for easing feeding her baby. All that scenario just turned me off. Next day onwards nothing been changed. Even I also pressed down my desires for Radha aunty into abyss.

October passed and my semester exam was over. I told aunty that i am going my home to meet my parents and will back after a month. Radha aunty did not say anything but looks like she was not so happy with my decision. Ultimately at dinner she asked me “Deepu beta, your uncle not coming for another month. So if you could at least stay back till diwali then it will be great. I will also into feel alone here. !!!” I realized aunty’s plea and decided to stay back till diwali. That night i realized aunty is missing uncle and she is lonely. So idea flashed in my mind.

After 2-3 days of relaxation on Saturday i woke up early around 6 am. Straight away i went to bathroom and had a bath and wore Aunty’s panty which I used it during rainy season. Just wore that and went out, I went to kitchen said aunty good morning. Aunty saw me wearing her panty only. She asked me with straight face “Deepu beta why are you not wearing your own under garment beta ?” I replied curtly “Aunty, its vacation time.I like this silk texture.So please don’t mind”.

Aunty did not say a word. So next 3-4 days i continued wearing only panty or my underwear in the morning. Sometimes deliberately i used to make my cock hard and used to go in front of aunty. But aunty was totally indifferent to me. I was again disappointed. Day before diwali aunty told me during dinner that “Deepu beta , tomorrow is 1st day of Diwali. And on 1st day of diwali all family members wakes up early in the morning before sunrise and does the “Abhyanga-snan”(holy bath). So please get up early tomorrow.i agreeed to it.

Next morning around 4 am only aunty came to my room and woke me up. “Deepu, Wake up beta, its diwali dawn beta !! Lets go and have a bath. “And she sent me to bathroom. But while going inside she told me “And wait beta !! I will pour first bucket of water on you.I used to pour first bucket of water on your uncle when he used to be here. I just bring good aroma shower gel.” and she went into kitchen. I entered bathroom. Hot water was already been removed into big bucket for me.

Rangoli was drawn around bath-sitting table. I removed my cloths.Kept only my half pant. But then devil inside me lurked in and i removed that pant to. I was standing stark naked in bathroom. In next 2 minutes aunty came in a hurry and startled a bit to see me standing naked. But then as usual she pretended nothing and poured water on me and started applying aromatic shower gel on my head. Next moment she told me “Deepu beta , now i am leaving you carry on and come fast even i have to take bath before sunrise.” and she went away. I felt bit down. But today no matter what i was not going to leave Radha aunty empty handed. I made up my mind. Took bath and wrapped towel around and moved out.

Aunty was in bedroom taking out her new saree. I went inside bedroom and grabbed her hand and kept on talking “Comon aunty , lets go , let me pour first bucket of water on you too !! I am sure uncle must have been doing so on Diwali morning” Aunty was “Oh Deepu , Thats alright , I will manage !!” But i did not listen to her and start pulling her towards bathroom. Aunty resisted but she came with me in bathroom. She was laughing now. i kept on talking “Radha aunty , today i dont want to keep you longing for uncle’s presence. I want to see you happy before leaving for my home. ” Aunty murmored “Ohh Deepu, You are so sweet. !!”

And i just grabbed her Saree pallu and started unwrapping it by saying “Common aunty , lets untie your cloths.”Aunty did not say a single word. In few seconds i removed her saree. Immediately i approached her blouse buttons. I thought aunty going to slap me now. But i shown no fear. But to my surprise she did not react negatively. I unbutton her blouse, and then unhooked her bra. She even cooperated removing both from her hands. I just pull knot of her petticoat. It came down straight away and aunty was standing only in her panty.

Aunty was plump downwards. but her waist and thighs were absolutely breathtaking. Boldly I grabbed her panty too and just looked at her face. Aunty was not caring and was laughing. That ease the tension and i just pulled down her last piece of cloth also. Voilaaa !!!! There i see sweet pink pussy lips. Entire pussy was absolutely shaved. Not a single hair on her pussy. I poured a bucket of water on her head and asked her to turned around so that i can apply aromatic shower gel on her head. She turned her back to me. Oh my god, those 2 immaculate beautiful rounded bums.And they were so firmed who will say Aunty has two kids?!!! Shit that ass was totally white and spotless. Mine was totally hard on. somehow i controlled myself and applied gel on her head and went out.

Shit!!! that was just awesome. I wanted to go further and feel her boobs and bums but somehow i controlled myself. I did not know how aunty will react to my gesture. I went to bedroom,wore my new cloths and came down to hall and started reading newspaper. After about 20 minutes aunty came to hall with all diwali sweets and snacks. She was wearing a very decent saree and was looking very beautiful. With a smile she told me “Happy diwali beta !!!” and we started conversing as usual. That bathroom incident was as if never happened. All day went into meeting all guests and neighbours. In the evening we both went downstairs to see the fireworks. Alas around 10 pm at night we came up in our flat.

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