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Hi my name is Mohit I am 23 years old I am an athletic so my body is average type and quiet good looking!

This is my first ever sex experience. This incident happened on 5 march 2012 when I lived in calcutta! A maid use to work in my home her name was mohina she was unmarried and 32 yrs old her boobs were of 38 size and her ass was just massive tight and juicy, she was beautiful her whole figure was just damn sexy.

One day my whole family went to a trip and I was having some crash course work to complete so I didnt went. On next day mohina come at 9:00 am to my house she was doing her routine work, my room was at upstairs, she came to my room and started doing her job and at the same time I was cleaning up my stuff, while doing so a pen fell down and I neil down to fetch pen she came and grab the pen and I got a glimpse of her massive boobs, she saw on what I was starring at, she gave a killer smile and went.

Then after cleaning my room I was surfing facebook, then a bell rang and I went to see who was that, it was a postman, I came back to my room and I was surprised to see that she was watching adult sites on net and moaning quietly, after seeing me in room she just closed the site and went with a scared face.

After couple of times I went to living room and she was standing to say that my work is over I am leaving.

But she came near to me and said I am sorry mohit for that thing, I kept quiet. She said please don\’t be angry with me please; please don’t tell it to anyone I said its ok I ’ll keep it as secret you can go. The days went like normal days we began to come close to each other.

One day after completing our work we sat down on the couch and started talking to each other. I asked her do you live with your parents. She said no they are in hometown I came here in search of job but due to financial problem I decided to do maid job but I am a mba graduate, I was not interested to do a job because my parents will be alone at home and there is nobody to look after them but now they have land and have some small business to carry out so they decided to send me for job, that’s how I came here.She changed the topic and asked me do I have any girlfriend? I said not yet I am not interested in that she said quietly thank god! I asked what!!!! She smiled and, all of a sudden she asked do you like sex? I was amazed!

She asked directly, she said listen I was in crush with you since 5 months I use to fantasize about your naked body, I just wanted to fuck you at least once. I was shocked! She was talking to me very frankly so even I opened my heart and said same here too! She was soo excited and happy that she grabbed my face and gave me smooch we both enjoyed for 5 min then I said her sorry but we can’t do sex as I am afraid to do without any precaution and it is first time and I don’t know anything about sex.

She said I ’ll teach you, I broke our conversation, then I asked her why didnt you married she said I was not interested but due to lack of sex and urge for sex I became horny and need for sex and one day I got a job at your home at that time you were not here, but when I saw you one morning you were bathing and you forgotten to lock the door of bathroom, I came to your room for sweep and I saw you naked, I starred at your body- you got good body and cuts man, and was rubbing my private part(pussy), then I came down and saw your cute and small penis…. She asked me- it seems that even you are virgin, you don’t masturbate? I said no.

Then she said I felt something different and that night I couldn’t sleep because of you, I fantasized about you whole night by masturbating then I thought to have a night with you I imagined how big would be your penis when I ’ll seduce you or play with your cute penis, we giggled and then I asked how your dream husband should be? She replied just like you! Apart he should be sexually active so that whenever I want sex he should fulfill my desire and should be a polite and good person, I asked did you find any such guy? She replied with a naughty look- if you say yes something can happen! I felt great hearing that. I said do you think that our parents will agree for this? She replied we can discuss with them about our relationship, but it has time now don’t waste time let’s start our first ever session. I am excited to experience my first fuck.

We then again smooched each other this time she whispered me to squeeze her boobs, I was squeezing her big boobs and she was moaning ahhhh …. Yeahh press it press it harder…..

Then after some time she grabbed my penis and started rubbing and jerking from outside the cloth itself, then she guided my right hand to her ass and told me to grab it. I grabbed her huge ass and started squeezing it I was lost in it.

She then asked can we have sex! I said but how! I don’t have even condom, she showed 3 packets of condom to me and said now can we? I asked so you already planned for this? She smiled, I closed the window locked the door and we both went to my bedroom. She was wearing tight salwar dress her ass and boobs were looking so hot, we both drench ourselves in oil then I went to her and grabbed her ass and started squeezing she moaned fuckkkk ….. Press it harder darling!!!

Then we both undressed ourselves and gave a massage to her with slippery oil fun I touched her private part, caressed her while massaging I fingered her pussy she moaned ohh! Put it deeper.. While moaning she said ahhhh .. Chuut me daalna ungli!!! I played with her pussy for some time, then she put oil on me and massaged me she smooched me and bite my chest and came down she took my penis and started playing with it, due to this massage my penis became hard and long by seeing this she said wowww!! Honey you have awesome penis to feed my pussy, she grabbed it and gave me a nice blowjob then she asked us to watch some sex movies so that it would be comfortable for us to perform some action on bed, I opened the site and were watching one movie, while watching she grabbed my penis and started to jerk it even I couldn’t resist myself, I fingered her pussy and we both were moaning, after sometime movie got finished. I held her and we smooched each other moving towards bed and we fell down to my bed, I was above her and I started to press and kiss her boobs and made her wet. Her boobs were now shining due to the oil.

I went to her and smooched, she pressed me tightly and whispered “today I am not going to leave you” and took my penis in her hand she started jerking it and gave awsome blow job for about 10 min then I said now my turn. I grabbed her leg and made her to sleep facing towards me the I started licking her feet then thighs ( I love thighs to smooch) and slowly came to her vagina and kissed her and caressed her pussy after some time she came out with her sweet cum, her pussy was shaved and it was our first sex experience, I started to lick and kiss slowly her pussy lips she stared moaning yesss ….. Oh! Yeah fuckkkk me baby…..

Then I opened her vagina and started fingering and then fingered her ass it was amazing while fingering her ass I was licking her vagina she moaned very loud fffuuccckk ….. I drank all her sexy juice then slowly kissed her waist navel and came to her boobs and started sucking it and she gave me a head massage from her massive boobs then I came to her lips and smooched her. She then whispered to fuck me honey please,mean while I asked her can we talk dirty and fuck she said”like…?” I said talk to me in a bad language which will make both of us arousing. She said “ cool, understood” .

Then she said “ok ab mere boobs ko chhod ” kept my penis in between her boobs and started fucking her tits, while fucking she was licking my penis, then she said “mujhe tera lund meri cunt me chaiye”( I need your penis in my pussy please do it fast), she was so horny that she didnt wait for a while. Then I kept my penis on her pussy lips and started rubbing it slowly she moaned ahhh–hhh …. Fuckkk mee please fuck me ….. I kept on teasing her.

Then she became angry and said(chood na bhoosdi, mat tadpa apni jaan ko, chood me teri biwi aaj se) fuck-me-naaaaa you …. Please na darling fuck me yaarrrr, don’t waste the time and do the main thing then I slowly inserted my penis in her pussy and went inside slowly then for some time we were fucking slowly she was moaning oohhh yeahhhh baby fuck me. She then asked me to do fast I increased my speed and slowly she came out with her juice I went to her pussy and licked all of it.

I again inserted this time it went fully, I increased speed and she was helping me by raising her waist up and down this went for 20 min. She then came to me and kissed and said now you take rest honey ill serve you she came on me and sucked my penis for some time then sat on my penis first it went slight inside but after two-three attempts finally it went and she slowly started riding it. I lost in heaven, she then bounced on my penis continuously and I stopped her and said I am cumming, it was first time I cummed, she then suddenly removed the condom and licked all my cum and we smooched each other. She then opened one more condom and placed in my penis.

Then I asked now what? She said fuck me doggy style and came to the position and I saw her big juicy white ass was in front of me I sucked her ass, she was moaning fuck yeahhh… Oh its soo good!! Fuck!!! … Fuck!..

Then I crushed her ass and started sucking it very slowly she and I were enjoying then I started rubbing my penis in her big ass up-and-down, for that she said, do you like to tease me haaan?!! I smiled and said yes, she begged me saying ppllleeaaseee fuck me naa!! I inserted my penis inside as it was for first time anal she and I were suffering from little pain after sometime we both were enjoying and started fucking she was moaning continuously then she again cummed and I licked her juice.

Then we came to 69 position and were enjoying each other’s cum for sometime then we rested for sometime grabbing each other and kissing. Then she started playing with my penis and it made me erect and horny I am feeling horny again, she said “then fuck me honey I am all yours” I kissed her and turned her back towards me and tried to insert my penis in her ass she was screaming and told me not to stop keep going inside honey ….. Then I put some more oil on us and started inserting she screamed and moaning yyeeehh ….. Ffuucckk .

Then we enjoyed and started to fuck in same position after some time I was about to cum she then came and sucked my penis then we fucked in missionary style (one of my favorite) for some time.

Then we slept by holding each other. I woke up at approx 3:20 noon and saw her back towards me her big tight ass was making me horny( I love big asses) I started feeling horny and I approached her and moved her upper thigh front to her slowly so I can get pussy lips and kept my penis in her pussy lips and rubbed slowly and inserted my penis and fucked her ass and pussy from behind I was doing slowly so that she must not awake , I done this for 10-15min after then she woke up slowly and moaned ahhh. I then whispered in her ears I love you she replied by giving smooch I love u too sweetheart …..

Then we got up and became active fucked each other roughly. Then we took bath and we enjoyed caressing each other’s private part and I said I like your big ass and boobs she smiled and said I like yours hard horny penis and to get fucked by you.

Then we fucked each other under shower, I hold her waist she then turned back and I fucked her pussy from behind in standing position even she was helping me by pushing her waist against my penis and enjoying that then she came down an sucked my penis hard and we smooched each other by caressing each other she then wanted me to suck her ass deeply I sucked and drank all her juicy cum, she was my dream girl. Then she lay down on the tub facing her back towards me and asked me to enjoy my favorite ass, I sucked her ass and opened her asshole, fingered her ass and inserted my penis in her ass slowly then she moaned with pleasure fuck it harder dear … yeaahh.. Ohh Yyeaahh … fuckkkk .. Fuckkk

After sometime I got tired and laid above her with my penis inside her ass after couple of minutes in the same position I raised my waist up-and-down and fucked her by inserting my penis deep in her ass slowly, holding her boobs from below and pressing it hard, after this course she came above me and sat on my penis and started fucking it by moving front-and-back. Then she was about to cum I said her to stand above me and I sucked her pussy and ass and licked her sweet cum.

Then she laid beside me and started playing with me penis and kissing then I asked about her life, then asked about today’s intercourse she said if you were my husband I would have been fucked you all my life. I kissed her we rest in the water tub for some time talking about each other likes and dislikes .Then we came out and she wore her salwar and went to kitchen for other works.

I got ready and went down to her she was cutting vegetables then we both had tea then she turned back and started cutting vegetables and I was pressing her boobs from side, she smiled and said I love you mere lund(with love she used to call me lund) and I smooched her and said I love you too meri gaand(with love I used to call her ass).

I then came back and I poked my dick to her ass and started rubbing she was co-operating by moving her ass alternative side meanwhile I was rubbing her pussy. She then moaned and said

“Jaan, tum vahan sofe me beth jao me ye jaldi khatam karke aati huin. Aaj me tumhe bhout pyaar karungi” with a yes, before I leave I held her ass and squeezed tightly she screamed ohhhh sshh kamineee rukh aakar batati huin for that I fell in love with her and I lost my control and straight away went to her grabbed her squeezed her boobs and whispered bhaad me gaya kaam me tujhe yahin choddunga and she turned back kissed me we became naked and fucked her hard there itself…

We use to live with me until my parents return, we both sleep together and use to have sex in alternative days.

We are in touch now and whenever we get chance we use to fuck and play with each other with protection/precaution.

Hope u enjoyed. Any feedback or chat please contact [email protected].

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