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Hello! This is the sex story of my first experience I had with my so called girlfriend. Her name was Riya.She studied in the same class as I did. She had a sweet smile and a curvy figure. She was fair and intelligent at the same time!

I kind of loved the way she seemed…Her cute smile… Her round breasts… I always dreamt of spending time with her, kissing her, licking her boobs. Some time on, after gathering some courage, I proposed her, and she said yes! We used to talk daily on whatsapp. Day in and day out.It would get naughty sometimes, and I used to love it how it was. This went on for some time.One day, I just said her “You came in my dream last night.” she replied” oh yeah, what did you do to me then :*” I was a bit astounded to get such a reply. I hadn’t been this far before. She realized that I guess, which was why she changed the topic. ” let’s complete our assignment tomorrow!” I replied okay and invited her at my place, next afternoon.

Next day, Riya arrived. She was looking stunning! Low cut green kurta and leggings :* she smiled as she came near the door. She bent to remove her sandals when I got to look at her white cleavage! Damn! Round and white, just partly covered with a low cut black bra :*. So soft and white, that I could see her veins. They seemed so likable to me.I just couldn’t stop looking at it! She caught me. Surprisingly, she blushed! I really was nervous, coz it never happened before.

She came in and we started with our assignment. After about an hour or so, she said ” Virat! Let’s do something dude! I’m bored.” I said no. I had to complete my assignment. She gave me a sad look. After some time, I was stuck in a question. She agreed to help me. My hand was on the table. She sat on the chair beside me and said: “Which one?”. At this time, she was touching her boobs to my hands…I guess she had figured out her boobs were my weakness. They were soft! Damn!. She came close to me. I knew she wanted what. I said “Riya! U wanna see my bedroom? ” she smiled and agreed.

She went to the bedroom and I followed her. “What’s in it?” she said. I couldn’t hold any longer. I came from the back and hugged her… And started kissing. She didn’t resist. Her lips. Her neck. I could feel her boobs touch my chest. So soft!I slowly started pressing her boobs. She didn’t say a word. She was making noises like “Aah..” I picked her up and lay her on the bed, and went on top of her. I kissed her vigorously. Slowly, I lifted her kurta and slipped my hand inside it. She seemed nervous and gasped “Virat..” it seemed to be her first time too. I didn’t stop.I shut her up by smooching her even more. I slid my hand in and started rubbing, what I thought was her nipple. Soft and nice :*. “Got it!” I whispered, to which she smilingly denied. I realized it was her slip I was touching.

I retracted my hand, and intelligently located the slip, and slipped my hand under it… There it was! Soft, warm and big! Fuck! How can something be so big yet so soft! I loved it. I tried to lift her kurta so I could lick her tits, slowly. I removed her kurta in one swoop. I could see her beautiful boobs covered in a slip, right before my eyes. I started pressing them a long while, smooching her. Sometime on, I couldn’t hold on anymore. I undid her bra. She smiled and started uncovering her breasts real slowly. I was hungry. As soon as I saw her pink nipple popping out, I kissed it… Licking it… Slowly.. Playing with it using my tongue… It was lovely. She said “Virat! Let me at least remove it “, and went on to remove the slip, while I looked on. As soon as she was done, she pulled my head close to her breast and placed my lips on one of her nipples. I started sucking it like a little baby.

Occasionally, I bit it. She was liking it too. She kept swaying my hair while I was sucking her nipple:*. After about 15 minutes, she took my head away from her right breast. I wanted more! She slowly placed my lips on her left nipple and swayed my hair and kissed my forehead. This excited me and I started sucking them harder. I sucked them, bit them while pressing the other breast with hands. I sucked both her breasts for about 45 minutes!

After we were done, she started wearing her bra. I said, “That’s it?” she replied, “I have a surprise for you..” I knew what was going on here.Soon she went down on her knees. She opened my zip and took out my dick with her fingers.

There’s nothing like this feeling man! She started stroking it slowly, in rhythm. My dark knight had risen.She kissed the tip of my dick and licked it. I liked it. Slowly, she took my entire dick in her mouth and started sucking me! Aah! She was good! Her tits were moving while she blew me. She sucked my dick for about 20 minutes before I stopped her. I pushed her on the bed and removed her leggings and underwear. I slid my penis in her clit and started to fuck her. Slowly at first, then with full speed! She moaned with pleasure. Since I had no condom on, I took out at right time. But she…;)…She started to suck my dick back and forth until I came in her mouth. She drank all of it.Every last drop of it. She sucked my dick clean and kissed it.

She wore her kurta. Just as she was about to go, I said “One more time, please?!” she blushed and replied,”Just once more, okay?”. I nodded.She smiled. I raised her kurta up and also her bra. Her big boobs popped out and she guided my lips towards her big breasts.” here!” she said pointing exactly to one of her pink nipples. I sucked them for about 35 minutes. She kept smiling and swaying my hair throughout.She kept telling me how happy she was, that I was kissing her breasts.

Since that day, I’ve had some sexual encounters with some women (but Riya was awesome!). Readers could contact me with their feedback/suggestions etc regarding my sex story on [email protected]

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