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Hello, friends this is Karthik here. I’m from Bangalore 22 yrs. I’m new to this site and this is my first real experience which I’m writing here. I’m available for all needy girls and aunties of Bangalore. Privacy guaranty. Mail me for more information to [email protected]

The heroine of this story is my best friends gf. Her name is appu (which I call sweetly with love). She has a very attractive figure of 34-24-36. She has a cute looking face smile. My friend name is Rakesh.

Rakesh and appu got married recently. Rakesh used to go to work and was busy daily. When ever he is free I used to visit rakesh home to talk to him so I know appu also very well. So I had appu phone number also. We 3 used to talk many things continuous for hours. We used to talk about adult also. When ever appu is bored she used to message me and I used to chat. We became close like that.

One day we chat like this.

Appu: I feel lonely and bored as Rakesh is not at home many timesMe: why feel bored appu when I’m thereAppu: you are there but you cannot be RakeshMe: why cant I be himAppu: I cant tell all thoseMe: arre baba why do you feel shy in front of meAppu: ok see Rakesh is not spend much time on me. So I’m boredMe: so can I help you solve this problem??Appu: how?Me: this is a surprise. I will come to your home and tellAppu: ok come Karthik

I knew that Rakesh was out of town for three days, so I went to appu home in the evening. She opened the door. She was wearing a white jeans pant and a black t-shirt. Her structure was easily visible in that tight shirt. Her shirt neck was a bit deep so I can see the cleavage also.

She welcomed me inside. I told that as Rakesh was not there I came to reduce your boredom. She became happy. She hugged me with joy. I couldn’t control I held her tight and caressed her back. She didn’t resist. She was still hugging me. I got brave and raised her t-shirt from the back and inserted my hand. She saw me and winked. This was my green signal.

I suddenly hit her ass hard and said, you wanted me very badly right naught girl. She didn’t say. She just held my face and started to suck my lips.

Aah, I was in sudden heaven. I was smooching back and was pressing her hot big ass hard. We kissed for 10 mins like that. I broke the kiss and took her in my hands to her bed room.

I went behind her and took off her t-shirt. Her big round boobs jumped out immediately. I started to press her boobs from behind. I caressed her navel also from behind. My dick was hard by now and made a big tent in my pant. My tent was touching her ass from behind. This seduced her and she now removed my pant and underwear and took my dick in her hand. Aaah this is amazing. Seeing my best friends gf semi-nude and holding my dick in her hand.

She gave me a blow job. She was giving amazingly. She made a sound while sucking cock like ummmm, aaah, ummmm, yyummmm. This made me hotter and I came to climax and threw my cum in her mouth. She drank all those.

Now I couldn’t control. I removed all her clothes and made her nude. I took her in my hands and threw her on her bed. It was like my sex goddess sleeping on the bed nude.

I went to bed. Her pussy was already very fully wet due to the foreplay and blowjob. I rubbed my hand on the clitoris and she couldn’t control. She screamed very hard and she holds my head from the back. I rubbed my finger round her clitoris. She was begging and screaming for me to fuck her. I slowly inserted my finger in her pussy. With another hand, I was pressing her boobs. She was begging hard I wanted her to wait more so I took my finger out and started to suck her breasts. Her breasts were so big that I couldn’t take full inside my mouth.

She now couldn’t control so she made me sleep on the bed and she sat on me. Now she inserted my dick inside her pussy and started to stroke very hard. Her big boobs were bouncing while she was stroking. She had reached almost climax so she stroked fast. I didn’t want this. So I made her sleep on the bed. Made her legs wide and inserted my dick at once fastly. She opened her mouth and screamed very loudly. She got pained. But pleasure is also there. I started fucking her slowly and I sucked her boobs by my mouth while fucking slowly.

Later even I had got very orgasm so I started fucking very fast. She was screaming loud. Then I released my load inside her pussy. We were very tired. We slept for 3 hours. Later we got up. She said that Rakesh has not given her this much pleasure and fun since she loved him. She then kissed me again and thanked me for giving such a wonderful sex. I again kissed her played with her naughtily. She got happy. We slept like that.

By the time Rakesh came back from out station in 3 days I and appu had fucked many times. I had made her my sex slave. Earlier I always dreamt of having sex with her. That dream came to true today. Even after Rakesh came back, we used to meet separately and had sex when ever we became hot.

So this is how I made my sex goddess appu to my sex slave.

So girls or aunties staying in Bangalore if you like my style please e mail me to [email protected] I will give guaranty to your privacy.

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