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Hello all, I am Swarna age 24 size 36-26-36 from hyderabad living with my bf in a live-in relationship since a year. It’s been an amazing year together and lot of love around. Thanks to all for appreciating my writings and rajs skill of love making.. We are blessed with you wishes.

For people who look up to me for love I am sorry I am not interested in any relationships, so please dont buzz me for hot chats.

Today I am gonna share the hottest session that we had last week. This is probably the best of what I had till date.

We work in it company in Hyderabad and are mostly busy in weekdays but this weekend was going to be special it was my birth day on Sunday and I had all my wishes true by raj. By end of the day I wanted a nice love making time and being dominant I had my plans. I requested him to get few things and I decorated our room with candles and flowers.

It stroke 9pm and raj entered the room. I was in my white knee length barbie one piece frock without inners. He was overjoyed looking at me and soon hugged and kissed me but I stopped him and asked him to get all the stuff in the room in 5 mins. He entered the room it was dark and only moonlight on.

He kept the stuff on table and turned around and I locked him up with my lips and we were kissing passionately. Orange flavor was exchanged well between the lips. Due to same height we were holding each other by neck and eating away our lips.

While he tried to lower his hands I pushed him on bed and got on him. We kissed again for some time. I soon undressed him.. Removed his tshirt and jeans which left him only in his jockey and played with his chest hair. He went mad and kissed me madly. Saliva was all over my chin and cheeks.

With no moment to spare he moved hands inside my one piece and was surprised to see no inners. Pressing my boobs so hard, mumm it was the first time I felt so pain in my nipples.

My nails were driving in his skin and within no time he unpin my one piece which loosened and left me stark naked and in moonlight I was seriously looking beautiful… Haha his hands raise to reach out to my boobs but I pushed him back and asked him to stop.

Asked him to drink my milk while he was confused for a sec later he knew where to place his mouth. I opened the badam milk bottle and started drinking it with spilling it over my neck and then travelling all together by my boobs gully and belly reaching lower lips.

He came between my boobs and started licking the milk and rolled his tongue over the milky boobs of 36. Each lick of him was making me wet and hot it just looked like a dog was eating his food. So fast and so wet tongue rolling on body ufff .

He kept sucking the boobs and biting the nipples while I could just hold his head harder and closer to them. I was super charged now. He moved to navel and rolled his tongue deeper in the hole and so did I dig in nails on his back.

It is always fun to get licked and sucked. Saliva adds a lot of hotness. Lying empty I needed something to hold on. I quickly got into his jockey and took over his little boy. 5’9 inch brown colour standing like a hot rod. Giving it jerks was making me feel good.

With him done sucking it was my time to roll my mouth. Pushed on bed and between legs I took the cock deep and hold there for 10 sec and then kept going inside out. It was an amazing feeling.

He was holding my head and mouth fucking me , touch of the tip deep was something new for me. While I sucked he cum inside my mouth without informing … I drank it without hesitation to which he said sorry but he needed to be punished.

I slapped the dick few times which made him hurt and then ordered him to lick my lower lips and clean all the juice that comes out. He soon got between legs and spread them wider. With tongue entering the walls and lips touching the lips I was goose-bumped. I knew he was good at licking my cunt and I was having best time lying there and pulling his head deeper inside. With splash of juices on face over I had my orgasm and he was still not stopping licking.

He came over me and we exchanged our kisses. Took the chocolate flavor condom and rolled on his limp dick. With few suck strokes it was ready again in full form. I was on edge of my bed with legs spread wide he entered my cunt and it went in easily due to being lubricant. He kissed my boobs and then started pounding in and out.

Due to good size with each jerk my boobs were shaking and moans too. Holding my legs in air he kept drilling me for some time. It was touching me deep inside and sound of our meet was around the house.

Soon he changed the position and rolled me a little with one leg on shoulder full access to my cunt he pushed more deeper and kept sucking my fingers.

It was seductive tempting and generating hotness. I kept my fingers busy rubbing my clit. I felt him tiring and so we exchanged our positions and lied him on bed and got on him.

I kept jumping and taking his cock deeper and deeper, and he discharged inside soon.

With kisses and cock inside my cunt we lied there for some time and just caressed each other body.

He moved to washroom to clean the dick and threw the condom and I kept lying on bed. Soon tongue rolled near my thighs and came licking me all over till my head.

His hug and cool air from balcony I was feeling happy satisfied and lucky to turn 24 in his arms. It was thundering suddenly and power off. Strong cool breeze were passing by. I moved out in balcony naked as we cannot be viewed by anyone as we lived on last floor of building and no big complex nearby. I was safe and cannot be filmed haha..

The feeling of chilled air touching naked body is amazing only women can understand it . I was just revolving round and suddenly raj pushed me to wall and started sucking boobs. Ahhh it was so good.. And then it started raining.. I wished for shower and there almighty fulfilled it too.

We got wet soon and cleaned too but raj didn’t leave my boobs and sucked each inch of them biting then hard and eating away my nipples. All the milk and sweat was cleaned, I was fresh and charged.

Felt a little pain and I pushed him away turned around. He soon was on his knees and took hold of my ass.

Slapped few times and then spread it and licked. This was the first time he was doing that and in rain it added more delight.

Getting licked down there is always too awesome. Ohhhooo ahhh.. I was not able to stand properly and was holding the walls were tight by hands.

Before I could realize he entered his dick in my ass. Ahh I busted in pain. He took hold of my boobs and made the jerks and fucked me.

Soon the weather went mad and he too. Sprinkled all the cum on the ground and hugged me close by back we moved to our room and cleaned each other with towel and lied on bed.

Hugging him and his dick in hand I was overjoyed to be with him and sharing such great time of life.

While I turned 24 I turned more hot and naughty too & the night ended.

Being holiday we rested for long and by time I came to senses my phone already had a lot of missed calls and texts with wishes.

Meanwhile I was checking all pings and raj entered the room with coffee in his jockey which did not had a hard on.

Spoke to parents and few a friends while we were done with our drinks. Raj was looking cute and his lower clean. Turned me on and I pulled off his jockey.

Put it directly into mouth and started jerking him up. He was feeling relaxed and me excited. Early morning fucks are always blissful. All married people will agree with it. Soon he was turned on and then what.. I was riding him and he was sucking my boobs.

Uff what more to say.. I was speechless.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.. This time he cum early and inside me.. But I was safe.. No tension of getting pregnant.

My home would soon turn to be visitors spot and so we had shower and cleaned all the mess we made last night.

Well all knew women like surprises and gifts, so do I .. I was gifted with fossil watch new white one piece till my thighs and matching inners.

Well I wish to have love making again but body was tired and I had to meet my friends.

All day party and fun, while there have been lot of gifts blessings and prayers but I only feel blessed when raj’s dick kisses both my lips and his lips touch my nipples..

Time guests left and we were lone again, while he always kept surprising me with one or other things.. This time he did again with simplicity.

Picked me up from hall and dropped me in bathroom while I was in my one piece that he gifted me. ” hot water is ready , have bath it’s time to relax “.

By time I was done with bath, he was standing there with towel wrapped me in towel cleaned my body and dressed me in free t-shirt and night pants. Took me to bed and made me lie down.

With so much love which women would not respond, so did I .. Pulled him closer and lied on him arms wrapped around the shoulder back and below boobs. Legs between thighs I fall asleep.

& when I open my eyes I find my bed empty.. Shit the it week has started and we need to move our asses again..

Hope you guys like my experience.. Awaiting your comments and please do share if you have any new ideas to make love.

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Note : to all those cheap people who ask for hot chat and nude pics , please do not send me a text. You will directly get blocked if any misbehavior is lighted

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