My Bestie Fucked My Mom

Hi readers, this story is about the hot affair between my mom and my best friend.


It happened not long ago. I used to be a big fan of incest and enjoyed fantasising my mom and cousins. My friend however had a very bad opinion on incest and did not show much liking for it. He also did not like it when I told him that I had a sexual liking for my mom.

However, all those things were about to change on that one day. The day he came to our house to drop off some stuff. I had gone out and only my mom was in the house. My friend (let’s call him r) had not told me that’d he would be coming today. So I had left early for college.


He came to my house. My mom opened the door. She had just taken a bath and was wearing a low cut, sleeveless nighty like always. Since nobody used to come home at this time, that was her choice of apparel. R went in and sat on the sofa while my mom went in to get some juice. As she came back to give him the juice, she bent down, giving him a view of her fair milky cleavage. She was wearing a cupped bra and her cleavage was more prominent. As he took the juice, he couldn’t resist staring at her voluptuous breasts. She then went in to get some work done. He was thinking about the times I fantasised my mom and now began to realise why I had done so. After all, she was a bbw and that was turn on for most guys of our age. He too was pulled towards that.


After a while, my mom came back to the living room. R asked for a glass of water and as she served it to him, he further got a view of the mountains, this time a bit closer to his face. So close that he could smell the talcum powder off her breasts. He was starting to get hard and placed his bag on his lap to cover it up.


She sat down in the adjacent sofa and they began to talk.

As they were engrossed in some talk, it was a bit late before my mom realised that it was raining. She rushed to the balcony to remove the clothes hung for drying and he went behind her.


They gathered a round of clothes and when they were coming back inside after the second round of cloth gathering, my mom slipped near the door and fell. She had hurt herself and could not move.

R lifted her, catching her by the waist and as he went inside to the living room, he could feel her breasts nearly on his face. He took her inside and lay her on the sofa.


She had sprained her knees and was in quite a bit of pain. She asked him to rub her knees if he wouldn’t mind.


He was skeptical at first but then obliged. He kneeled on the floor and lifted her nighty all the way up to her knees. As soon as he saw her milky white legs, he couldn’t help control. He started off by slowly rubbing her legs and then massaging it. As he pressed her legs, she moaned. It did nothing but turn him on. Unable to resist the urge, he soon started to rub her knees and her thighs. By now, both were almost uncontrollable. He rubbed and played with her thighs.

Then suddenly, she caught his hand. He got scared. But then, she took his hand and placed it on her left breast. He was shocked and amazed as she held his hand and squeezed her breasts. There was no turning back then I guess. Sexual tension was rampant in the room and he slowly got up while squeezing her. She got up too.


There was an awkward silence as he looked at her. And then suddenly, she grabbed him by the neck and they liplocked. It wasn’t​ intense, but it was enough for a guy to get extremely turned on. The fact that it was his best friends mom might’ve helped too. As they kissed, he was squeezing her boobs and pressing her nipples. After a brief while of kissing, she rapidly pulled off her nighty and quickly took off his t-shirt too. She was now in her bra and panty. They went back to kissing as he ran his fingers to her back and started to unhook her cup bra. As it unhooked, he threw them off and took her breasts in his hand and began playing with them. Then, he put them in his mouth, sucking on her brown hard nipples, alternatively.


She was extremely turned on by now. In a flash, she unzipped him and removed his junk. No sooner had it come out that she put it in her mouth and began sucking it. He had stood up now and was squeezing her boobs with both his hands while she sucked him hard and dry. Once she had finished sucking and blowing him, he dumped his load inside her mouth and on her breasts.


He then sat down while she went on all fours and turned his back to him, showing him her ass. He gave it a few slaps and then inserted his finger inside her pussy as he licked her ass. Then, he put his tongue inside her pussy and started licking her. Within a few minutes, she couldn’t take it anymore and begged him for his cock.

He gave her ass a few slaps and thrust his dick inside her pussy. She gave out a soft moan and then turned her head around. He bent and kissed her. Then, began pounding her in the doggy style. The action was intense. Although the weather was cold, sweat drops were forming on her back and dripping down her valley into a little puddle. They then switched position as he lifted her and held her against the wall and fucked her.


They kept swapping positions, doing it in missionary, lap, reverse cowgirl and whatever else she could do.


After hours of extreme pounding, she was exhausted. She went to the bathroom to wash up and he followed her, taking a shower together and fucking her again in the bathroom. They dried themselves and went to the living room while she went to get a new set of clothes for herself as he dressed up.


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