My Big Boobed Hot Shoba Aunty

Hi friends, this sunny who studying college now .This thing happed went I was between 10 to still but only thing she is married now with an baby boy ,the main thing is baby is belong to me no one knows about relationship with us.

Let us go to story

About my aunty she is an fitness freak, she us to at size of 37-23-38 she quiet glamour’s lady at the time but she is now at little big hip.At age of 28 she is 4 sister to my dad .Sad thing is I never taste other sisters .

I am an normal guy from an middle poor class family ,person who want to enjoy with sex at age till now . As my parents ran towers for the money. I was always alone at the home ,my grand maa ,father,mother,my father sister (aunty) are only at home .

My grand maa is hot in her teenage. She is an village women but as per her beauty she had a lot of photo , I had noticed her in photo .But she is aged not to have anything with her.

I had sexual feeling at age 10 itself .

I want to watch sex videos ,so I borrow mobile from my aunty .As we sleep to gather my aunt and me at balcony alone .After her sleep I download videos from her mobile .After watching that I erase that from mobile .

I will watch teacher , sister , father and also lesbian sex videos at toilet .Many times I jerked of my cums out at toilet .I followed all night .One day after watch video I forget to delete .

At morning , I wake up normally my mom give me a cup of coffee . I made an bath ,while bathing I remember that I don’t erase video from my aunt mobile. I he scared and searched her she come from her room and with angry face she said nothing.

I was suffering and after she go to bath room I take her mobile and open .At video player with pause still, nude teacher with her student fucking hardly . I had worried that she going to tell to my mom .

At night 12 pm we as usual we sleep on balcony .I take the phone and gone to the toilet and I forget to close the door. She followed me I don’t noticed, she slowly heard the nice of fucking videos in the toilet she pushed the door.

Oh man ,at the time I place the phone on bucket and doing hand job . At time she enter and at time the liquid come out from my thing is same .My cum all at spread on her thigh as I done in standing. She didn’t expect the surprise she looked at me and I am nude as it was home I never where shirt or bunyan .

She come close to me and take phone on the bucket and watched the video ,said what is this what the hell are you doing at this age I am going to tell to your my brother (my father) . I started begging her nee and said I will do anything you want pls don’t tell to my father .

After an minutes she looked up to bottom my body and taped on my 6 inch cock and said not bad your penis is good with an correct inch . Then she picked all my cum on her thigh and licked and said taste is not also bad .

She said , if I don’t want to tell to your parents you must do an favor to me . Without asking what it is I said I will do .She asked me in which website you download this videos with an naughty smile.

She asked me to watch videos with her from today onwards .I gives an smile and said okay .

After that night I usually watch videos together.

One night while watching video she had an heavy mode and she ordered me to hug her tightly .I said aunty this is wrong you are my aunt I can’t .

She said I noticed many times you watch me while I exercise with tight bunyan and you also tried to lift my dress while sleeping . I was shocked she notice all things .She ordered me to hug and kiss on her boobs .She said if you don’t do I will tell this all things to your father do you understand.

With an smile if I lose any control I will get you fuck aunty .She smiled and said don’t we will not get punished for this , I have tablets to avoid pregnancy too .

I get excited and so aunty how could I fast your milky boobs bouncing from your bunyan .She smiled and put her left leg on my thigh and said .

Come on we have no time it already 1 am fast . I said what are you waiting for let’s start sex

She hugged me tightly and I kissed her hardly .Then in lay on her body aunty you making you body to fit for this movement ah.

She smiled and said oh you trying to have your aunty itself ha. Sorry I never have courtesy to do sex with girls like you as aunty at my sister too.

She pulled my shorts down and pulled my chest towards her and sunny you are good like and to sex and without control I tore her leggings and threw away her dress and like an juicer I suck her mile like an animal and she enter her two finger into my ass hole and said how it is I said ha take it out from me she said nothing inserting her full finger to my hole .

Then I stand up and separate her to legs in v shape and licked her tow hole .

She said come on I am eating for your banana I said wait don’t hurry .

I entered my pennie into her vargina and said how it is .She had not opened her mouth .

I started stockings my cum on her she is crying with an pain with sound of hahahaha …. And ahaha hahaha …. And yes yes like that yes yes..

She is enjoying with an pain then I rolled her and done doggy style on her back .

At 4:39 am we get up and she said don’t tell to anyone . I said no . We ran to bath room and fresh up and ware our dress and as usual we act to our family .

After that incident happens we do many time went my parents are not at home .She is has an good boobs and hip too I always play with that things.

After 3years she married at before marriage we had hardly that night .This make her birth an boy to me .But her husband thinking that boy was belongs to him.

We still in sexual relationship I never forget her wet gluey pussy yummy ……

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