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Hi this is Danny, Don’t Bug with history. Coming to the story, I’m doing my engineering in a repudiated college. I’m leaving in Hyderabad…During my holidays I have to go to my town, so I m started to go my town but unfortunately there is a lot of rush in the buses. So I called to my parents and said I wont come today cause of rush. My parents told me to go my uncle’s town and stay there for today’s night and come here tomorrow. So I picked the bus went to my uncle’s house. My uncle was doing govern job. He was from a village near town. he shifted to town cause of children’s education. And he was doing agriculture at the village same time. So that day he went to village and aunt was there. Those are holidays so their children went to their grand parent’s house. Actually Aunt also have to leave but having some work she have to stay there.

I called up my uncle and said I m coming, he told me aunt was there. So directly I went there and rang up the bell. She saw me and feels very happy to come there. She asked me about studies and all. Told me to fresh up. I was. She asked me what I liked to be eating. I told what ever u r s favorite dish. She asked me to go out and bring chicken. I told I don’t know much about this area. So she also followed me. We went to the market and picked up what we required. When we are returning to the home the rain started so we stand under a shed till half an hour and had a little bit chit chat but the rain was still falling, So we decided to go home as the rain will not stop. We both are completely wet due to the heavy rain. Near our house a tree was fallen and we are unable to walk cause of no power, So We decided to go in another way. I m shivering due to the cold. My aunt worries about me and told lets wait for some time in the buss stop near there. Cause of heavy rain no one was there (small bus stop). We both were standing there and she held my hand, till that time I had no bad feelings about her. But her Black hair, Water drenching around navel makes me mad. So I held her hand tightly and bodies are closely.

Coming to my self I m 20 years aged, I’m enough tall and due my leanness I looked like a small boy. No one thinks I am 20. And my aunt was around her 35 with fair withiest skin and with perfect shaped curves. She was lean but having enough flesh at required places. Coming to the story we stand there for twenty min and power came so we reached the home in another way. After we reached our home I’m looking at constantly at my sujatha aunt. She was wearing white color silk saree and matched blouse. Due to the wetness her body clearly visible to me. These town ladies are addicted to home work, caring husband and children’s and don’t care about the people. These people much care about pallus when they are in home.. My aunt’s pallu was slight aside and making me aww. She saw at me and asked what I’m looking. I said checking weather u are shivering are not. She laughed and pinched my cheek and told you innocent guy you doesn’t look like to care about us. I smiled and said i care for the loved ones (innocently).She surprised and asked do you love me. I said obviously aunt, don’t you? She smiled and placed a small kiss on my forehead.

After that we changed our clothes and i wore a boxer and T-Shirt. She wore a black saree with black blouse looking like a angel with opposite of saree color. She went to the kitchen and busy in cooking the food. At the same time she was careless about showing pallu and navel. I m enjoying the naves and curve line between boobs. She finished cooking and we had dinner nicely. We are chitchatting by sitting side by sides. Suddenly the power gone. She brings a candle. Oh my god she was stunning look in the candle light. My cock became fully erect. She was asking me about my habits and all. we are chit chatted for some time and she asked me what the movies my laptop contains. She searched and selected a South Indian typical telugu hit film. So we went to there bed room and placed the laps on bed. We are watching. The movie contains good navel waist show of heroine (in hindi it is rowdy rathode) makes us hornier. My aunt asks me do you have any gfs. I said Ya. Again she asked me again do you have done like this to her. I said no aunty, she just allows me for a kiss only, i tried much not worked. She laughed at me by saying u naughty guy, looks like innocent.

The movie going on. I said aunt you are lucky and uncle is very lucky. She asked me why? I said you are doing all these regularly, It feels great na: She smiled at me and Y u are uncle is lucky? I said having a sexy chick as wife like you. She kissed my cheek and said thanks for compliment. This time i also replied with a kiss on her cheek. She came close to me, Danny u r so sweet. You are never show the love to me like this. I laughed and said I m there na suji darling to love you. She became sensed and hugged me tightly. Her boobs were crushing on my chest. She said I love you darling..After that we had some chit chat and finished the house work and closed the doors. She was holding my hand and we are standing in the balcony and enjoying the rain.

She asked me darling what do u think about this sujatha aunty? i said u r having good nature, beautiful body .. So thing i need a wife like you Dear aunty.. She smiled again. Need I tell if she is at my age would marry her. She became close to me and hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear make me as u r wife now. I stunned and asked what’s this darling. She gave me a lip lock and said I love you deny beta.My blood rushed away. I pulled her and put my lips on her. We are sucking like a lollipop. Saliva getting mixed. We had it for 10 min. i grabbed her taekn in to the bedroom. Wow my darling was with me in a candle light. I jumped on to the bed, kissed all over her face, eyes, lips, nose every where. Taken her tongue out and sucked it. She wake and tied her hair and hugged me tightly and moaning danyyyyy. I need you darling. I raised her head and kissed her neck, ears, grabbing her waist with my two hands. I simply removed her neck less and put away. Removed her pallu. Kissed her navel. I removed the mangalsootra and again I tied it, and kissed her lips and said Suji U r my wife from now on words. She kissed back me. I’m kissing and licking her waist, some times biting. She was moaning ah ah ha ha ha haha ah ah ah dany, my darling be my love.

Now I removed her blouse with my teeth and pulled the petty away. She was only in her bra and panty. By seeing those melons I roused on to it squeezing it. She was moaning loudly. Now she woke up and grabbed me down and removed my clothes. M completely naked in front of my Suji darling…She opened her mouth and sucked my penis like a lollipop. I’m moaning loudly SUJATHA DARLING. SUJATHA SUJATHA SUJATHA SUJATHA SUJATHA , jAAN AH AH AH AH AH HA HA HA AH HA AH AH AH AH AH… SUCK ME LIKE THAT. She was busy in sucking and I had my first one…. I closed my eyes and hugged her tightly her. She asked shall we Sleep Dear… I said no darling I have not seen or feel your body. I want to tear Pussy suji. She hugged again and said don’t we need safety dear? I said I m ready to die by fucking u once in my life darling. She gonna mad with my words and said do as your wish dear! Now I make her stand and seen her from top to bottom, what a figure. For my luck the power came, what a sight for my eyes, simply removed her Bra and thrown away. /Now my lust game stars. As a breast lover I cupped her breast in my hands, first taken the right one in to my mouth and sucked it like a whore, biting, licking. My Sujatha Darling gone mad and shouting Danny please go slow I never feel like this my life. But m not in a mood listen.Suckin her tits like an icecream. Her boobs almost become red my way. Next shifted to left one sucking it and like a baby. Milk oozing out. Sucking on it’s….and at the same time removed her panty and thrown her on to the bed…

Feeling her breasts more than half an hour and, Now went to pussy. What a seen…it s like a cake. I finger fucked her. she was shouting “dany beta…… ammma…..please enter your rod i cant wait even a single sec” Her bangle Sounds make me crazy… slowly first time in my life i enterd my rod in to her pussy.. What a feeling… She cried due to pain.. i closed her lips with mine and piching her boobs with hands.. The show stars.. I’m fucking her up and down.. She was moaning amaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Danyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy betaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanu fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk me like thatttttttttttttt, go fast betaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, darlingggggggggggggggggggggggggg fastttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, fassssssstttttttt, her half words and bangle sounds make me crazy.. Fucked her much faster and had our mix together….. we hugged tightly with pin drop silence…….except bangles sound… we fucked two more sessions that night and I put my mouth on her boobs and hugged tightly and slept like that… Morning I woke up lately and called sujatha she came to me and asked what my sweet husband needs. I said a kiss on my lips… I pulled her bed and tear her blouse and sucked her milk till it completes… she was moaning AH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

DANY PLEASE LIVE ME NO ONE CAN FEEL A WOMANS BOOBS LIKE THIS, Please leave meee….. Suddenly door bell rangs.. Its my poor uncle.. We wore dresses and came out.. uncle enquired about my self and he told that had some work so i ll come in the night .. and asked me to stay there but my parents asked me to come My suji takes the phone and convinced my parents to stay m there. My uncle left… my aunt was preparing food, I went in to the kitchen and hugged her tightly and squeezing her boobs.. she moaned and told me to have a bath.. I asked her to have bath together.. I sucked her boobs in bathroom more than one hour.. She was moaning DANY SUCK ITTTTTTTTTTT LIKE A CHILDDDDDDDDD……… I’M YOURS………… KILL ME BY FUCKIN……………. She gave me a nice blow job N it s my turn to moan like SUJATHA MY SUJJJI, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH……. AFTR that I ass fucked her….. We fucked tll evening.. My uncle came… Night m so horny because i have to leave tomorrow morning… My aunt asked my uncle to sleep both with me.. we 3 are slept .. my uncle slept and we had a great fore play with out noice , i feeled suji’s boobs a lot…………. n left next day.. from till that day i never get a chance to fuck her.. I’m eagerly waiting for another session… any aunts who want a boobs feel and fuck can mail me………[email protected].

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