My Business Trip With An Attractive Woman

Hello readers I am Neeraj age 32 from Mumbai . This is a true story of me and my assistant.

My work occasionally has me on the road attending meetings across the state. Sometimes I go alone but every now and then I travel with someone from my company. This time i was traveling with Asha, a woman who provides all the financial information to the project on which I am working. I had never traveled with Asha before so I dint know what to expect.

Let me tell u about Asha. She is an attractive woman but not necessarily a knockout. She is few years older than me and dresses very well. She’s into skirts and heels at the work which is fine by me. Although she is caring a few extra pounds, her slight chubbiness makes her rather cute. Asha has a full bosom that tends to turn heads, and her pretty chest is complimented by a pair of shapely legs.

Our flight to our meeting destination was uneventful. Asha and I chatted a bit about work and about things in general. The conversation was not particularly revealing except for the facts that she was divorced three years ago, had no kids and lived alone in Mumbai. I told her I was also single and an apartment dweller. We arrived at our hotel and after checking in we went to our respective rooms. I unpacked my clothes and hung them up and then went to the hotel bar for a nightcap. I was dead tired from working all day and then flying out. I went to bed and the next morning met Asha for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. She looked radiant that morning. She wore a cream colored suit with a tight white knit top underneath. I noticed she wore stockings or pantyhose and high heeled pumps to match her outfit. Her jacket was buttoned tight across her chest and the buttons strained against the swell of her ample breasts. When i first met her in the lobby I saw that her skirt was short and tight on her thighs and buttocks. whit her hair worn”up” she was very attractive and I felt my dick twitch as we talked over breakfast. After eating we took the car over to our clients facility and seteled in for 8 hours of boring presentations.

Asha and I had lunch together and we were becoming accustomed to each others company. Our conversations revealed a little more about us and we started to relax so much so that after the days meetings, I asked her if she would like to go to happy hour before dinner. She said “Yes” immediately and excused herself to go up to her room to freshen up. When she came down I noticed she had removed her suit jacket and also her stockings. The weather had turned very warm since the chill of the morning. I didn’t mind because she wore that tight white, sleeveless knit top. Asha had a soft cup bra underneath and it did little to smooth over her nipples which were now quite erect in the air-conditioned bar. We found a small table in the corner of the bar and talked while waiting for our drinks to arrive. I was really enjoying her smile as she began flirting with me. It had to be a great smile to take my attention away from her round and plump breasts. Our drinks arrived and after finishing those plus one other round, we decided to head out for dinner. We found a great seafood restaurant just a few miles away and both of us consumed great meals. After dinner we moved to a small club attached to the restaurant and order after dinner drinks while listening to the band. I can’t remember how many drinks each of us had but we were feeling very loose. I suggested going back to our hotel before either of us was too far gone to drive. It was only a short trip and we were soon riding the elevator up to our floor. was giggling and had her hands all over me. She wasn’t really drunk but in a partying mood. I was surprised and pleased at the same time. When we got to Asha’s room she gave me the key card and I unlocked the door for her. At that moment, she turned one of her high heels and slipped down beside me. I caught her fall with my hand catching her right breast. Both of us were surprised and I know my face was flushed red. All she did was laugh and put her arms around me. Still holding her breast I fondled her as she dragged me through the door of her hotel room. Her breast felt nice and soft through the knit material of her top. Her hard nipples were now fully erect at my touch. Asha quickly turned around and put her hands around my neck and brought my head down to her mouth. We kissed deeply and plunged both of our tongues inside of our mouths.

My hands traveled down from her breasts to her waist and then after a few seconds to the soft pilows of her ass cheeks. I pulled her pelvis into my crotch area and she moaned as she felt my cock stiffen inside my trousers. She moved one hand down to my fly and rubbed my dick through my pants. By that time both of us were out of control. Sparked by the liquor we had consumed and fueled by a mutual attraction for each other, Asha and I began stripping out of our clothes. She removed her top and bra first and her bare breasts were magnificent as they tumbled free.As she pulled off her skirt I was shocked to find out that not only had she taken off her stockings, she had removed her panties as well and she was bareassed all night! Asha became impatient and as I took off my shirt, she undid my belt and pants and pulled them down along with my briefs.

My cock sprung out immediately and Asha took it into her hand as she knelt down in front of me. She stroked my dick for a few moments and then lifted it and gently licked my balls. She then kissed my cock on the head before opening her mouth and devouring the entire length of my shaft. She proceeded to give me one of the best bloswjobs I ever had. After what seemed like hours she pulled my cock out of her mouth when she sensed I was about to come. Jerking me off furiously, She looked up at me and smiled. Just then, I came in an uncontrollable orgasm. I spurted a stream of thick white cum into her face and mouth. She laughed and licked the juice from around her lips and after my second shot which landed on her breasts, she used her tongue to clean my cock and balls. We finished stripping off what little we had on by then and eagerly moved to the bed. As she bent down to pull off the covers, I grabbed her by the hips from behind and pushed her onto the bed. She spread her legs for me and I guided my erection toward her swollen pussy.

Asha had trimmed her pubic hair but she left a thick triangle of curls between her legs. I slowly entered her steaming hot pussy and began fucking her in a slow rhythmic motion. She moaned, laughed and cried out as I fucked her. We were both enjoying ourselves. Neither of us knew how good it could be to have sex with one another. After fucking for several minutes, I pulled my cock from her slick vagina. Our combined cum mixed and tiny streams of liquid ran down her thighs as her cunt overflowed. As my cock stiffened again, I rubbed the slick head around the rim of her asshole to lubricate it. Then, with a slow but steady push, I penetrated her ass.

Asha yelled out that it hurt at first but after a dozen thrusts she moved along with me and moaned softly. I shot a full load into her butt and I felt her come to a shuddering orgasm. Larger streams of her cum were now rolling down her thighs and legs. I withdrew from her ass and collapsed on the bed with her. Asha and I recovered slowly and moved to the bathroom and showered long together. We washed each other, especially our genitals, and when we were done, we toweled each other dry.

Upon returning to the bedroom, Asha dimmed the lights and climbed into bed. I climbed in after her and laid on top of her warm body. I took each breast , in turn, and sucked hard on the nipples turning them cherry red. Having the soft flesh of her big breasts in my mouth excited me and soon I was aiming a full erection at Asha’s waiting pussy. Needless to say, we fucked and sucked throughout the night. I don’t know how we were able to make the next morning’s meetings, but we did. Afterward, we couldn’t wait to get at each other again. This time we got naked and fucked in the Jacuzzi in my hotel room. This was the best business trip ever.

Back at work, Asha sometimes treats me to a blowjob in a little-used file room at work. She and I are looking for more opportunities for sexual encounters while “on the road”! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND MAYBE A REQUEST AT [email protected] ! THANKS, HOPED YOU LIKED THE STORY!

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