My Chithi Latha Part – 2

Hi, readers hope you enjoyed my first story that happened between me and my chithi latha ( pls read my chithi latha (one) ) here I am going to say what happened next.

As I followed chithi to her house without knowing what to tell when I face her, I was standing before her house door for nearly 5 min thinking about what to valuable, then I opened the door and locked it inside, she was in her bedroom with the tear rolling down her cheeks, when she saw me she turned her face and looked the other way, I went and sat beside her and started talking.

Me: chithi I love you very much I did not know how to express it so I did a horrible thing I am really sorry chithi, please don’t tell about this or about the pics to my parents pls pls pls…I was begging her while crying like a baby, suddenly I sensed her moving and a hand touching my shoulder, when I turned her face was near me and suddenly she kissed me on my lips ( I did not see that coming) I also responded by kissing her back, we were kissing like lovers, both lips were touching, our tongue were moving on one other, tears were coming from both our eyes.

I slowly moved and made her lay on the bed, I slowly removed her pallu exposing her blouse which was doing its best to hold her erect breast with only one hook, she even helped me to unhook it freeing her boobs, I started to squeeze her boobs gently and even pulled her nipples she was moaning in pleasure, I fully removed her blouse she was totally topless before me, she was like a goddess statue in my eyes, I started kissing her on her face, eyes, cheeks, lips, forehead, ears, neck, breast, stomach, navel, etc I even liked her tear from face and sweat from her boobs, armpits (with hair) etc. When I tried to remove her petticoat she suddenly stopped me and stood up told meChithi: karthi wait I will clean myself by having a bath after that let’s talk about what happened and what gonna happen next

Then she took a towel and rushed to the bathroom with only her petticoat she adjusted to cover till breast.

I was just sitting there thinking about what gonna happen next is it for good or bad, I heard the shower sound suddenly I got an idea removed my clothes became naked went to the bathroom asked her can she open the door far a bit, she responded by opening the door with towel covering her full body, I went inside and hugged her removed the towel from her body exposing her fully nude, it was a real feast for eye, even though I just fucked her a few minutes before, it was like this is the first time I am seeing her in her full beauty, with water droplets all around her body dripping she was standing there covering her breast with one hand and pussy with other, she was standing there with telling any words.

Me: can I join you chithi.Chithi: hmmm no please go out.Me: chithi please we can clean each other

Without asking her anything I pulled her into the shower and took the soap liquid and started applying all over her body, she also let me do it, I asked her to raise her arm so that I can apply soap in her armpits etc, I applied soap on all the places on her top body when I moved down she stopped and said ” I could do myself ” but I refused and asked her to spread her legs a little bit so that I could rub and apply soap in her pussy ( it was like as if I was dreaming, losing my virginity to my dream girl, bathing with her, it was like I had everything in my life from nothing in just a few hours ) I soaped her everywhere on pussy lips, under her pussy between her two thighs, leading to butt cheeks, between her butt on her asshole, I was inserting a hand up and down between her ass cheek as if I was butt fucking her, she was moaning with her eye closed, she would even give a big moan and a jerk when I touch her pussy or her asshole. After some time of rubbing, I opened the shower and cleaned her from soap foam, I bathed her fully like a baby after some time she herself started to apply soap on my body, I was standing there with my erect penis pointing up words, she started a conversation while cleaning my body.

Chithi: why are u attracted towards me.Me: you are the most beautiful girl I have seen till now chithi.Chithi: are there no girls in your college or in your classMe: they are not as mush caring and beautiful as you chithi.Chithi: do you mean itMe: yesChithi: why did you tell me this sooner

Me: I was afraidChithi: of meMe: afraid of our family chithi, think what will happen if you refuse and tell about it to my parents are anyone, my only option would have been suicide chithiChithi: you know this is a sin right

Me: ya I know but a sin like this doing sex with you makes me feel like I am in a heaven on earth, I don’t care if I go to hell for this sin once I am dead.Chithi: (eyes became teary) I would keep everything a secret from all can you keep it as a secret.Me: sure

Chithi: you know I would not have allowed you to do it if you have asked me but the thinks you did in your home made feel like a teen again, it made me realize how much I have missed being with a man for a long time.Me: chithappa does not like to have sex ahh chithi

Chithi: no no he does but not at all satisfactory, it is the same for past 5 years he lost interest in sex, as of no we are only having sex for a namesake.Me: chithi don’t worry, I will take care of you and your need chithi, I will be always available whenever you need me for anything.We kissed again like a loving couple, she has completely changed from the chithi that I know few hours before, she cleaned me fully she also went down till asscrack to clean me as I did to her.

She was cleaning my cock as if giving a hand job, I started to touch her boobs and her ass, I even tried to finger fuck in shower, we got too hot we started to kiss and I asked here “Can I clean your pussy inside” she smiles and said “Yes”, as my cock was already wet with soap and her pussy was wet from our play I tried inserting my penis from standing position then she leaned forward and she helped me to insert the cock in her pussy and I started fucking her hard from the first stroke she was moaning with pleasure I was fucking my angel from behind with full force, we even changed position I lay her on the floor and fucked her missionary position, it was so hot like a scene in a porn movie, we kissed, our body were like glued together it went on for about 20 min at last I came inside her a lot ( as I know there is no danger of pregnancy as she went into some trouble in her first delivery as her birth parts were removed after the delivery ).As we finished our self we were too tired we cleaned our self and came out to the bedroom, I cleaned her and she cleaned me with the towel, I fell on the bed naked, she changed to a nightie without any underwear and went to the prayer room and then to kitchen for making lunch.

After some time she came to my room woke me up from my nap, I was still naked, she asked me to get dressed, I put on my night pant and shirt and when to dining table to have lunch, we both had lunch like a couple, taking about college, how I got shut down by some girls in college when I proposed etc, she told me about her days in village, after marriage etc.

We watched tv for some time during that time I was teasing her by touching her boobs, spank her in ass, pinch her etc, then my cousin (her daughter ) came from school so I went back to my house through back door, took a little nap in my bedroom, as I was tired due to morning fucking, I was thinking about all that happened still it seems like a dream to me, I rested a little, after some time nearly at evening 6 pm I got a call from chithi asking me to come to her house as her daughter has gone to tuition, so I jumped out of bed got freshened up and went to her front door and pressed the calling bell.

As she opened the door, I was blown away by her look, she was wearing a silk saree, matching blouse ( bra & panty too), had jasmine on her hair, little makeup, little jewel etc, she was like a newly wed girl, I could not even speak, though I have seen her like this in some function, this is the first time I saw her doing this thinks for me, I just said wow, ” chithi you look like a goddess of beauty” she was so blushed by my words, we were like a newly wed couple, she came near me kissed me on my lips and whispered in my ears ” until chithappa comes home I am all yours”.

I was so happy to hear these words from chithi, there were min of 2 hrs time till chitappa comes home, so I was in heaven so, we started to kiss her, I kissed her all over her face, went it to her bedroom, it was neatly arranged, it was like first night to us, I started by removing her jewels, hugged her too tight as I could feel her boobs pressing my chest, she removed my shirt, I removed her saree, then blouse, she was wearing a white bra I started to kiss, suck, lick her boobs over her bra, it became completely wet with my saliva, then I removed her bra with her help, her boobs became free I was playing with it by sucking, pinching, squeezing she was moaning in pleasure, I licked and kissed her all over boobs,stomach, navel areas etc.

After that, I removed her petticoat and exposed her white panty started licking and kissing over her panty, she was in high pleasure as I licked her all over her pussy, I removed her panty and her pussy was before me in bright light, I did not even waste a single sec, I started to lick and finger fuck her at full speed she was shouting my name and moaning in loud voice, I turned her made her position in doggy style and started licking again as I was fingering her at high speed I slowly moved my mouth to her ass and as soon as my tip of the tongue touched her ass hole she jumped and turned and said ” oooi karthi what are you doing licking there, its dirty don’t go there, but she seemed so horny as her face cheeks turned red in color ( she is so sensitive in her pussy and double sensitive in her ass ) then I made her turn forcefully and started to lick her ass cheeks, and slowly moved to her asshole, she was shouting ” no karthi don’t” but I ignored that and started licking her ass hole slowly, she squeezed her ass cheeks so tight that I could not breathe so I took hold of her both cheeks and started licking I even tried to insert my tongue in her asshole but it was tight so left it. After some great licking in asshole and fingering, she came with a loud moan and collapsed on the bed.

Then I moved to her face and said with a smile ” chithi I would like to kiss you but my lips and tongue are dirty after licking your ass ” she responded by giving a deep lip kiss and ran her tongue deep inside my mouth, it continued for few minutes. Then I asked “Would you give blowjob or you don’t like to do it” she told “No no I like to give blowjob and made me lay on the bed and started to stroke my cock and placed her mouth on my tip, I was in heaven it was totally different from her pussy, she was playing with my cock she was moving her head up and down at full speed, she was giving me a blowjob for about 10 min I was about to explode and she moved away her head from my cock and finished it with a hand job. I was little disappointed about it and asked her ” why did you move your head away from the cock when I was about cum in your mouth” she said ” karthi sorry pa I don’t like cum in my mouth other than that I will do anything” so I left it and we lay there for some time still about 1 hr was left so we moved to bathroom and cleaned each other and came back to bed she gave me handjob till it became rock hard again and I was licking her pussy till then ( we were in 69 position ).

When I was rock hard again, I made her go doggy style as my face was so close to her ass I kissed on both the ass cheeks and opened her pussy lips and kept my cock tip and pushed into it. Wow, this was a different feeling than before it was like her pussy was absorbing my cock into her, my cock was in heaven as it was inside my dream girl third time in a day, as I started fucking, her ass cheeks acted as a cushion and it was a pleasure on its own. I even tried slapping in ass cheek as I seen in porn movies, but I stopped as it may leave a mark on her butt.

As I was fucking I bent forward and started to squeeze her boobs from behind and fucked her at full speed after 15 min we both camped at same time and I fell on the bed but she moved and cleaned my cock with a cloth and started to give a blowjob and my cock was hard in no time then she started to ride me, she placed my cock at her entrance of the pussy and sat on it, my cock was fully inside and she started moving her hip up and down, it was fully pleasure on its own as I can see her face and boobs jiggle before me, I caught a boob and pulled her towards me we started to kiss as she was moving her hips at full speed,

As we were at peak I started shouting ” chithi chithi latha chithi” she was shouting ” karthi karthi” again we both came and she fell on me, we stayed in position for few minutes.As the time was about to get 8pm I got up dressed up and gave her a bye kiss on her lips and went to my house and waited for her call for dinner.Chitappa came by 8:30 pm and her daughter came just after her father and I got a call for dinner at 9 pm, I went to her house front door and rang the bell, chitappa opened the door and asked me to come inside, we all sat for dinner and chitappa started a conversation.

Chitappa : how did the day goMe : studies some literature pa.Chithi : as usual serial, tv, cooking etcDaughter: ( some stories in school )Chitappa : where did you eat lunch daMe : here only pa

Chitappa : how was it anything specialMe : it was great pa, I had a great one.Chitappa : karthi why can’t you come to this house for next few days, that will also be safe for chithi as me and daughter go out.Me : if its ok for u and chithi, its ok for me to paChithi : it’s ok for me, if it does not disturb your project work.Me : no chithi, it won’t, I will come tomorrow chithi, before chitappa leaves okwaChithi : ok

Chithapa: k then it’s decided karthi will be spending his time in this house for next few days till anna and anni (my parents) come homeMe and chithi looked at each other with a good smile on our faces.I ate and went to my home for night sleep looking forward to next day in chithi’s house… ( to be continued ).

My next story will be about how I spent 3 days in chithi house….Hi, readers pls sent your valuable feedbacks about the story to [email protected]

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