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This is Ajay, I am regular reader of this site. Here I am going to explain about the sexual exp me and my younger sister. Even though she is younger she is taller and powerful than me. She is archana aged 19 and I am ajay aged 22

She is 5.8 inches taller. But I am only 5.4. All our families are in Bangalore. But we both are in Chennai for studying. We both living in separate apartment. We are studying in college. Till 4months before we are normal bros and sister.She is very cute girl

When we both walk outside everyone ask whether she is elder sister. I am younger. I am very shy while walk out with her

But she call me ‘anna ‘ (elder brother ). She is affectionate to me.

One Saturday we both are in house. She asked me have bath and to come for tiffin. I told I am very lazy to take bath. Suddenly she told she will make me bath. I surprised o hear this. I accept that. She came near to me and force me to come to bathroom. When showers on she remove my night wear. I am now in only underwear

She asked me to remove that replied ” hey I am your anna I can remove that”

She told ” common kutty anna remove it otherwise I will remove it”

I rejected. Suddenly she took my both my hand with her one hand and starts removing my panty. Now only I realize her power I cant even move my hand. I stand totally nude before my younger sister.I feel ashamed at that moment. She pour water on me. She saw my cock which is so small and she laughed” anna your are like small kid “She applied soap alla over my body even in my cock. Suddenly I got erection my cock stands. She watches that and told you naughty boy. And pour water in my body.

Now I was in a crying situation. She saw that and told come on anna I am your sister dont get panic. She toweled me. When I walk out of bathroom she asked me to wait. She raised me in her arms and walks. Imagine when a brother is nude in younger sister arms. Now I got excited. She took me to bed room ,

She asked me to wear dress and come, I changed my dress and went to dining hall, she was siting there and gave smile at me , I feel very shy and lowers my head, come here anna she told. She made me sit on her lap , she kissed my cheeks and told my sweet boy, she ask me to eat , she feeds me food like baby. I was in a full shy situation. I was staring at her , she as what anna ?. I told you are very big and powerful, yes anna she kisses me, now I too kiss on her face. She smiled at me.

Then I went to room and watched tv and I started sleeping. In afternoon I woke up she was in kitchen I went to her from behind and hugs her. She asked what anna. I told why you are so tall , I feel shy to call you as younger sister, why dont you born before me so that I call you as akka ( elder sister ). She laughed loudly and told anna if you want you call me akka now. I feel excited and called her as archana akka. She smiled and lifts me in her arm, what dear she asked. Archana akka you are very sweet sister I told. It’s very exciting experience to call your younger sister as akka.

She told from now onwards you call me akka in home. I said ok. She carried me to hall told ” thambi ( younger brother ) you are very less weight and kiss my cheeks. I feel shy and hugs her. Akka I want be in your arms always. She told you are welcome da thambi.

After some time she come to my room and asked me to change the dress, I told archana akka you make me change , she come near to me and remove my dress , I was totally nude in front of her, I closed my penis with my hand. She remove my hand and told ajay your cock is so small.Kutty paiya ( small boy )she carried me nude in her hands and walks to her room.

I hugged her tightly. I told her ” archana when you are a child I used to carry you nude like this and now you are carrying me “She laughed and told yes my sweet brother, now you are my kid and kisses me and took me to her room up I have no issues in hugging her from behind. She turns towards me and said hey little boy and kissed me. She asked have you taken bath. I said I am waiting for you to make me bath. She laughed and ask no shy now. I silently removed my dress and stand totally nude.

Now I said I won’t feel shy in front of my younger sister. I am willing to stand nude without shy now. She feel excited and carried me like kid to bath. She makes me bath and applies soap in my little penis. As usual little erection. She laughed a bit and call me naughty boy. She took me to room to change dress. I wear dress and sees her from behind. She looks gigantic. I just look like a small boy. I went near her. She asked what. Will you please make me as your thambi because you are so strong. I wanna be your little brother -suddenly I fell in her legs. Holding her legs I asked please akka. She stunned and laughed loudly. Still I am in her legs.

She raised me and ask you my crazy elder bro you want to be submissive to me. I said yes. She kissed me on my chin. She asked you know when I young you used to beat and tease me and now you fall in my legs. She laughed. I said I am ready to lose to my new akka. She kissed me like babe. Oh my sweet boy and kissed again. In evening we went to shopping she ride the bike and I sit behind her big butts.

While driving I hugged her like small boy. She shopped dresses for her. In dress shop I called her akka in front of others. I feel so excited call like this. She treats me like small brother by giving me chocolates in mall. She took me to kid section for dress. I feel shy to enter there.

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