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Hello, i am karan(name changed) 18 years old from mumbai. I am a regular visitor of iss but never posted my experience. I am about to post about my cousin reema(name changed) who seduced me.

Reema is 18 years old and 5.7 ft. She is really hot with a figure of 32-28-34. She lives in pune. Now i will start my story. It was summer vacation and i always visit my grandmother-in-laws house in summer vacation. I visited reema’s house for a month. She lives with her parents n grand parents. When i knocked the door reema came to the door and opened the door. As i seen her i was surprised and kept staring her. She was looking red hot in tight blue jeans and blue tight top. She ran towards me and hugged me so tightly that i was feeling her big 33d boobs.

I entered the house at 12 noon and met everyone. Ive spent my day with reema’s family chatting them while reema was sitting beside me holding my hand like a girlfriend. I had no bad intentions on her. I’ve always cared for.

Days passed and we came soo close to each other. One day we were sitting at bedroom. At that day everyone except me and reema were gone outside for mandir and me and reema were free for 5-6 hrs alone at home. Reema came from bathing to bedroom where i was sitting playing in her laptop. She was wearing tight black jeans and a white tight transparent top from which her black bra was clearly appearing. She came beside me and sat beside me sticked. I was feeling like i am in heaven because of her aroma. It was arousing me unknowingly. She then stopped the game i was playing and said to me that i want to talk to u stop playing. Ive closed it. Then she asked me hows your girlfriend??

Me : i am still singleReema : so what! Dont u have a friend who looks hot to u??Me : (shocked) ya there are many of themReema : did u ever had sex??Me : (again shocked) no yar but r u asking such questions???Reema : just for timepass yar.She came close to me and asked me ” do you have some hot movies?” i was like omg!Me : yeah i have some of them. Are you serious reema?Reema : yeah i want to watch some movies.. So many days passed i’ve never seen a movieMe : are you experienced!? Did you had sex with your boyfriend.Reema : yep . But we broke up since 4 months and i am alone. But when you came i felt so much happyMe : oh dont worry reema i am there to fulfil your loneliness.

And hugged me tight and whispered in my ears “lets watch some hot stuff” and winked me with a naughty smile. We started a movie in which there was a hot bed scene. Reema was sitting holding my hand and we were watching a hot movie in our bedroom all alone in the house. She kept her head on my shoulder. Then she suddenly put her hand on my thigh and i was feeling hot but didnt responded. She was caressing my thigh saying that nice jeans. Her hand was slowly coming up to my crotch which was getting bigger. I was getting aroused. Then she said

Reema : hey karan close the laptop. What if have some fun??Me : what r u talking about?Reema : (giving me a horny smile) you n i are alone in this house and its been a month having sex with my ex. Karan you are experienced and hot.

She then came so close to me and kissed me on my lips. I resonded her amd we started kissing. This feeling was sooo hot. Reema has got juicy lips. She was kissing me like a pornstar. Then she moved her hand from my thighs towards my crotch. She was removing my pant where i was checking her awsome ass and hot back. She removed my 6″ and started licking it. I was moaning.. ” oh yeah babe! You are my pornstar” and then she took my dick inside her throat! I ejaculated a little in her mouth n she drank it.

Then she stopped sucking mine and said “your turn” and slept on the bed. I was like a snake. I started from downwards caressing her thighs but she was in jeans and i removed her jeans. Her thighs were oily and really hot. She was moaning like ” mmmm karan tadpaoo mat mmmnmm…” then i came up to her navel. Her belly was so soft and i was kissing her belly and she was getting aroused and her breathing became faster. I was feeling so hot by seeing her so desperate. Then i came up to he boobs. I removed her top. Her boobs were popping out of her bra. I started sucked them lightly.

Reema : oh karan ahhhh hmmmm yummm ohhhhMe : oh reema your boobs are awsome

Then i gave a bite on her boobs and started sucking and pressing it hard like an animal..

Reema : ohhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhhhh presssss it haaaaaard aaaahhhhh yeaaaaaah boy!!

Then we started so fast and then i stopped sucking them and i started licking her wet pussy.

Reema : ohhhhhhh yeaaaaahhhhhh aahhhhhhhh eat ma fuccckkkkinn pussy bitch!

Then i dont wanted to wait and i removed my cloths and when she saw mine she gone mad and held mine squeezing it and sucking it…

Then i again ejaculated into her mouth…

Reema : ohhh yeah i luv your juice karan..

Then i held her ass belly and kept her in froggy style. I was on bed and she was facing me. She held mine and putted in her big hot juicy pussy. She was pumping hard on me. I kept my dick inside her and paused and got up meantime i was recovering myself from cumming. Then we kissed for a minute then i put her in doggy style and it was a final attack. I started pounding her hard.

Reema : oh oh oh oh oh oh fuck fuck fuck fuck ah aha ah ah ah harder!!Me : oh i am gonna cum!

Then we hugged each other tightly and then we got refreshed .. After 2 hours all relatives came from mandir …

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