My Daytime Encounter With D

It’s been a long time since I visited this site..

Let me introduce myself. I am Edrin, aged 32 from Mumbai..


Now I have moved to a different nation and this is my true account of a daytime M2M encounter.


Due to circumstances now, I don’t have the liberty to open up my sexual orientation freely.


But in one of my moods I had posted an ad to a site with pics of my nice bubble ass for day time M2M fun.I always had fantasies with older men…


After numerous fake starts/communications I had lost hope..

Then out of nowhere, I saw in my inbox a mail, which intrigued me….I lovingly would address him as D. D had taken pains to read my ad and replied back in length..He expressed how he liked my cute buns…He also attached a face pic of his…D was in his 60s and was Italian by origin. I replied back with my apprehensions and requested for some pics of cock.


D’s mail was so hot that I was not able to control myself. The picture of his hot cock with the nerves bulging out was making me mad. That whole day we had a chain of mail communication describing what we will do to each other. I was shamelessly acting as D’s whore and slut. Which in turn was acting as a big turn on for D. Our fantasy for the planned encounter was getting wild and included thongs, eye blinds, etc….


Anyways, D planned to book a hotel room and I was supposed to meet him there…


I planned my day accordingly and took leave( though for my home, I was working that day). D mailed me that he reached at 10.30 AM and I left and reached by 11…


D opened the door and guided me in. I was pretty nervous and saw wine and candles….


D was in his underwear and he took me in his arms and kissed me on my lips. The moment was overwhelming and I just shut my eyes and played with his flow. He gently undressed me and sneaked his hand behind and gently squeezed my ass. His touch there, brought out all my pent up feelings and I was now kissing back.


D poured a glass of wine for me( I know it was too early for wine but D felt it would ease up the atmosphere). D then took an eye blind and covered my eyes.I was now on the bed with my eyes closed, in just my jockey and every part of my body on fire. D was playing with me and I was yet to feel his manhood…..


I could sense he was as hot as me, when he came on top of me….kissing and playing with my tits..Ahhhh…It was like being in a different world …D then guided my hands to his cock… was hugeee…..I begged him to allow me to remove my blinds and see it. But D was the driver here and he gently ignored my request. He removed his underwear and ordered me to suck him and I so very eagerly started to mouth his cock….D was wearing a band or something around his balls to survive for longer hours and I could feel he was hard as rock……D now removed my jockey and we were now into each other’s arms completely naked. Our lips melting together, every part trying to fuse with each other. I was now moaning with pleasure and D was prodding me to go on……


D started playing with my asshole, gently placing his finger tip and caressing my opening….we turned to 69 position now and D was sucking my cute little cock and gently fingering me. I was meanwhile mouthing his swollen rod and trying to keep myself from gagging. We did this for 10 minutes which seemed like eternity. Now D made me turn on belly and was kissing my ass cheeks…..I could feel his wet lips lingering near my man pussy….I was now moaning like a whore…I couldn’t control myself and gently prodded D’s head so that his mouth was on my manhole…D knew from my earlier mails I was keen on getting rimmed. D took this cue and firmly spread my ass cheeks…..His tongue was now stroking my hole….Ahhhhh….Hmmmmm…I was on fire and was now stretching my ass out so D could savour my wet ass…D felt it was now ready to be ploughed….


D applied few lubes and buttered it nicely into my manhole and now shifted his body up so that his cock was now prodding my hole and he did push hard. I let out a low scream as it was too painful..we tried few more times but it didn’t work….


We had another glass of wine and more foreplay. The wine was taking its effect as I now was determined to stretch my limits..D was now on his back and I placed myself on top now. I spread my legs across his cock so that I can guide his big monster. I placed his crown at edge of my hole and lowered my ass……Ahhhhh..It just crossed the first barrier and I was already trembling….by my eagerness or just plain luck I started to wiggle my ass and I could feel D’s cock moving deep.D was also very erotic now and he was ordering me to move my hips more synchronisely….the hot cock deep inside my wet ass was creating waves of sexual pleasures that I never felt…….



D fucked me like this and another position where I am on my side and D is pumping me from behind…my legs and limbs were aching and my tits were sore and nipples stinging but D continued to thump me harder and harder….I begged D to allow me to stroke myself but D gently but firmly dissuaded me….


It was 2 PM and D was fucking for 2 straight hours now….

We took a power break and had few cheese and fruit lunch…I had to make a few calls as well so I went out and came back…

It’s 2.30 now…..I was now completely ease with D and didn’t felt shy to jump out of my clothes …. I was on the bed naked when D poured out third glass of wine.. this time he took some wine in his mouth and was oozing it in my mouth…..his warm tongue and the wine both tasted yummy…we did some foreplay and then D applied some lube and pulled me at the edge of the bed…I was on fours now…D wanted to dog fuck me….this was the beginning of a marathon assault on my ass….


D was adjusting my ass so that he could fuck me from behind without much difficulty…after finally setting me up he thumped his cock inside me….D was so deep inside me that feel his balls touching….D put his left feet on the bed’s edge, so that he can put all his force on my ass…………aggggggghhhhhh…


D was now in his beastly mode and savagely started fucking my wet hole….D would occasionally command me to squeeze my hole and fuck it was so good…like I was holding his cock inside my ass….

I begged and pleaded with D to allow me to cum but to no avail. Every time my hand moved to touch my now fully loaded cock, D would grab my hand…..We both were now moaning loud…totally engrossed with each other’s pleasure…..I was shamelessly wiggling my hips to rhythm with D’s sways as he ploughed deeper and deeper and harder and harder….I think was shooting cum from my hole as now D’s cock was sliding in me like it had butter all over it….

D fucked me like till 3.45 or 4………yes……..IT’S TRUE….


When I pleaded like for a million times D realised I cannot take anymore, he withdrew his cock and turned me on back and started sucking me….I was shivering all over and D lifted my ass and started fingering me…His mouth, lips, tongue all very playing with cute cock and I was mouthing my moans like a slut….I came…..But D was still sucking and sucking…..After 5 more minutes I cam again….


As I laid there tired and exhausted D rested in my chest and jerked himself out…I still remember the animalistic moans he made….


After 15 minutes I tidied myself with a long shower and with few gentle kisses we bid goodbyes to each other…..

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