My Dear Teacher Nirmala – Part 1

Hi I am David from Kerala I am 21 years old I was 6.2 feet height now I am here to share my wonderful experience with my teacher Nirmala. Nirmala is a 33 year aged women her height is 5.3feet her size is 34-36-36 I was very fond of her deep navel and ass. Come on lets go to the story

I was 12th at that time nirmala was my class teacher. All the sirs and students are curious about nirmala. She is the dream girl of the entire males in the school including me. I was good scorer in the class so all the teachers and sirs are very close to me. I was not very fond of nirmala in the first time…

One day I was sitting in the first bench nirmala came to take class she was writing in the board I was coping it in my note.. It was a rainy day wind is also very much strong.. There was a window in the right side of the class suddenly air rushed over the window it blew towards nirmala her saree moved a little now I seen her blouse with boobs which is trying to tear her blouse and her navel in side view.I was speech less my eyes popped out to see this that day onwards I started masturbating thinking of it daily..

One morning I went to ladies staff room to get duster there I saw nirmala was crying I got surprised

I thought “Why she is crying?” I hide in a proper place then another madam came and they started talking

Madam: why are you crying nirmala?

Nirmala: I am crying because of my husband

Madam: what is the problem?

Nirmala: he is drinking alcohol and he is coming drunken to home

Madam: this is not a big problem now all the man is drinking

Nirmala: madam you are not understanding my problem he is not having fun with me for one year

Madam: omg! This is big problem for you are only in your mid thirty you must try to seduce your husband

Nirmala: I tried all I even wore tight dress to seduce him but he is simply sleeping after came to home

Madam: sorry! Then you have to find another one…

Then she went out then I went in and I took the duster and went out.

I thought that her husband is very lucky to have a wife like nirmala . But he is wasting her sexiness. I felt poor for nirmala that day I decided to fuck nirmala.

Soon my luck stroke me my class is selected for that year’s tour to north india so nirmala and other staff also come with us.. First we have to go to railway station which is 50kms away from our village

Two vans are arranged by our school one is for students another is for putting luggage my friends and I started to got into the van there is no seat for me and nirmala in the first bus she said that she will stand in the bus. Suddenly I got a idea and said” maam there is no one to look after luggage in the second van so we can sit there she also accepted for that ..

She was in pink saree she was like an angel in that dress we got into the second van but there is only one seat in the last row all the seats are filled with bags and other stuffs I said”Maam you sit there I will stand” she said”You sit david I will stand” then finally she said” ok I will sit you can sit in my lap” I accepted for that. Then she sat and I also sat on her lap the bus started to move I tried to see the driver but I cant see him so he also cant see us I decided.

Suddenly bus started shaking because of the road condition in our area accidently my arm hit her boobs strongly.

I said sorry but there is no response from her side then I wantedly put my hand on her thighs like sitting properly no reaction from her then I touched her hip lightly. Suddenly she said ” david you are heavy to me so I will sit on your lap”. I was overjoyed.

She sat on my lap I was quiet for sometime then I touched her hip with saree no response. Then I go into the saree and touched her belly button I felt her breathing got heavy then I slowly went upwards and touched her boobs she suddenly got up and said in a low voice

Nirmala: this is wrong david

Me: this is not wrong this is love

Nirmala: hey I am already married and I am your teacher you are my student

Me: maam I know you are hungry for sex for a long time please let me do this

Nirmala: no way

She tried to go but I decided to do something so I caught her tightly and pressed her boobs vigorously she said please dont do this” she said in a low tone.

But I became deaf at that time I pressed her boobs and kissed her neck madly she stopped begging. I thought this is the time and I touched her pussy over the saree she moaned suddenly I put my inside the saree to touch her pussy I was very happy because she was flowing with juices I put my finger on her clit and I finger fucked her she started moaning a little sound I suddenly put my lips on her to reduce the sound and finger fucked her madly suddenly her body stiffened and tears came out of her eyes and I understand she got an orgasm . Then she became quiet. Then I leaved her she got up

I lowered my head in guilt and shame. Suddenly she fell on me and started to eat my lips I was very happy and I also kissed her happily.

It was a passionate kiss this lasted for some 5 minutes or more then she took her lips aside.

We are catching breath. I suddenly asked “How it is?” she said “Wonderful this is my first time I cummed this much. Why you do that to me ?” I said” because I love you”

She started kissing me back and said I too love you.

Soon the railway station arrived we got down and continued our journey in train.

I tell you how I fucked her and made her pregnant and became her lover in the second part

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