My Dream Darlz My Aunt

Hello everyone.this is Manish. I am from hyderabad.I’m a guy of average height and age of 23.I completed my bachelor’s degree and joined in a reputated company.I got posted to a place and I began in search of a room to live. I was a virgin then and later had many is where my luck changed.

I got into a room and talked to the owner.he said he lives with his wife and a child aged 7 and goes to school.he is a business man mostly goes on tours.I forgot to say I live on the first floor and owners in ground floor. One fine day while returning from office I found a lady in terrace.we got met at the steps and looked at her just saluted the god for making that beauty. Her name is sanskriti.she was 29 in age came to know later and in perfect shape and sexy hips, beautiful eyes and long hair.her assets are 34-30-34 (later i came to know) we just smiled at each other and left.I was thinking of her that night and thought uncle is very lucky to have her.

Later one day I went to give rent to her home and called uncle suddenly she came out and said he is out of town and asked the matter I said about rent she invited me in and asked me sit and went in and came out with coffee.we talked casual for some times and suddenly she asked whether i had a gf? I simply said no and after sometime I left.and began thinking why she asked that way thinking that she was in need of fun. meanwhile we met few times and began a bit close. Sometimes she usually come to my room and chit chat for a while. We exchanged our numbers.that night I messaged her at 10pm.

Me- good night aunty

Aunt- hi manish. Sleeping early?

Me- no aunt should u wouldn’t reply and msgd you

Aunt- why won’t I manish??

Me- no aunt just thought.what you doing??

Aunt- had dinner and waiting for ur uncle to come.

Me- ohh he didn’t come?

Aunt- no manish he come late sometimes.

Me- how u pass the time then?

Aunt- TV and watching videos.

Me- what videos??

Aunt- just comedy manish.what you thought.

Me- nothing aunt.

Suddenly her hubby came And we said good night to each other and left.

One day while leaving to office I heard uncle was talking in phone and came to know he is leaving to Bangalore for two days. I thought I should make use of this opportunity. That day came uncle left and her son left to school I was on leave for those days and waiting aunt to go terrace crossing my room at 12.15 suddenly she came I wantedly came out she looked awesome in saree and called her and asked her whether she is busy? She replied as No. I invited for a coffee to my room.she said she would come in a hour and left. I came to my room and wanted to have her today and exploring some plans.

She then came and knocked the door I welcomed her and made her to sit on chair.she asked me y are u sontensed any problem? I replied no and went to make coffee .an idea struck in my mind and wanted to mix sleeping tablets in her coffee. And mixed tablets and gave her and said that I would come just now and left. After a minute I came to room and found her slept in chair.I shook her and no response from her and I wanted to use this chance took her in my hands and dropped her on bed. She was beautiful in her yellow saree.

I moved to her face and kissed her forehead slowly moving to her nose took it in my mouth and started coming down and opened her sexy lips and took them in my mouth sucking the juices from her lips and then moved to her toes and slowly lifted her saree and started licking her legs by sucking her toes and slowly started moving up lifting her saree.woww sexy skintone it is milky white in color started licking upto her thighs they were very soft I started feeling them and licking and moved to the navel. Splitter in her navel and started sucking it and moved to her breasts removed her saree and started unhooking her jacket pink bra was visible that area was looking amazing in that pink white combo removed her bra and started sucking her sexy melons with that dark brown nipples took them in my mouth and drank milk from her boobs

After pressing for some time moved down to her panty it was white with flowers on It…moved my nose to that and what a aroma it was so better than perfumes and started licking over panty juices oozed from her made my face closer to her panty between her legs and smelling her aroma that smell made me go mad and panty was a bit wet made her panty side a bit so that I can see her pussy it looked so sexy with that pussy lips brown in colour and took them in mouth and sucking them and tongue fucking her removed her panty down and just spread her legs a apart and sucking juice from her pussy petals and made her turn around what a sexy ass whole world would bend at that ass I removed her ass a part and licked her ass hole tongue fucking that moved top and put my dick in between her boobs and started fucking them I couldn’t control and came out on her..then I went to clean up and came after some time and was shocked to see her .she got up and sat on bed with bra and panties

Next what has happened I would tell in my next part depending on your feedback’s. Mail me at [email protected]

I’m sorry if u felt bad as I stopped in middle.any aunts ladies and girls interested mail me.100% privacy guaranteed.

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