My Dream Sex With My Sister-In-Law

Hi to all and my name is James and I hail from Kottayam. I am married. This is an incident which happened between me and my sis-in-law Sil few months back. Now about my sil and she is 26 years with whitish complexion and has a figure of 36 30 32. She got married 2 years back and has no children.

Her husband is abroad and she is staying with my in laws now from the time I got married I was very friendly with her and we used to talk about casual sex whenever we used to meet. That was in a friendly manner after her marriage. I got to know from her that she was not happy with her marriage life and sex life.

She wants to get pregnant but was not getting. We spoke about this a lot of times. A year back her husband moved abroad for a job. I knew this and my chance to get her. We spoke once in a while over the phone and I used to tempt her a lot over the phone. Few months back when my in laws were out of station for a day.

She asked me to drop home as she wanted to talk to me about something. I reached there by 9 am. She asked me to sit at the dining table for a cup of tea. The T V was on. She got the tea for me and sat very close to me. I asked her what were the plans for the day and she told me that she was watching a movie on a cd and I told her to play it.

She gave me a naughty smile and played the CD. It was a XXX cd. I did not get embarrassed as sex was not a new topic between us. I asked her that is this with which she is getting satisfied now days. She told that there is no other choice as the movie was playing and the scenes were getting hot

She rubbed her legs on mine and I knew she was getting wet and hot. I broke the silence. I asked her if her boobs were as big and round as the female in the XXX cd. She laughed and pinched my cheeks. I asked that I was serious and answer me. She was dumb with a smile. I said now let me check that out.

I grabbed her close to me and looked into her eyes. I slowly caught her boobs in my hand and felt it. She closed her eyes. I moved close to her and kissed her lips and licked her tongue as a current passed in her, she hugged me so tight and kissed me. I knew this is the time, she’s all mine now.

I picked her in my arms and took her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I took off my shirt and laid on top of her and kissed her. I was so eager to suck her boobs. I removed the buttons of her night dress. She was wearing a white bra and her tits were hard and waiting to come out. I removed her bra.

I first kissed both her tits and slowly licked it. She hugged me tightly and grabbed my hair. She asked me to take it completely into my mouth. I bit her tits slowly and sucked the whole of her boobs one by one. She was moaning in pleasure.

The feeling that I and she was getting was like, as is we were dying to be with each other and not just for sex only as I was sucking her boobs, I moved my hand into her pyjama and her panties. She was clean shaved. I started to rub her clits and finger her.

I entered my finger into her pussy and I sucked her boobs and finger fucked her for some time. She was in heavens and was moaning out with pleasure. I always dreamed her to suck my cock. I asked her to blow me up for which she refused and she had tried once on her husband and dint like it. I told her that my cock was clean and not like her husband.

She at last agreed. We went on a 69 position. She grabbed my cock and first licked it. It itself sent me a shock. In that shock I bit her clits. She just jumped up in pleasure with a loud moan. I licked and bit her pussy walls and her clits with this pleasure she sucked my cock. She in few minutes became a master in blowing my cock.

This went on for about 10 min. She then moved on top of my cock and sat on it. She had told me earlier that she always used to have sex with her husband with on top position. She sat on my cock and entered my cock into her pussy. I was in heaven as the feeling you get of fucking a female whom you always wanted is really great to feel.

Her rod on my cock up and down with the loud sound of her pussy walls hitting on my cock. She was riding my cock and as well making me to suck her boobs one by one. Now I wanted to fuck her. I caught hold of her and lifted her and changed the position with me on top of her.

Now with the pleasure between both of us and I was so high that I might cum any time. I did not want to finish so fast. So I took out a condom which I had carried in my purse. It was a durex condom for extra time. I put on the condom. I entered my cock into her pussy at first the speed was slow and we were kissing and sucking each other.

I told her that I always wanted her and that I loved always to have sex with her. She told me that she also felt the same but was afraid to ask me. I increased the speed of the stroke. She moaned more loudly with pleasure. I changed the style. I kept her legs on my shoulders and fucked her. She was enjoying.

My speed was at high after some time, I wanted the doggy style which I always loved for. She had not had sex with her husband in the doggy style. I guided her to kneel down and entered from the rear. I was pumping her hard and she was enjoying. I was trying my max to hit her G Spot to make her satisfied. I squeezed her boobs and fucked her hard.

After few minutes we both was tiered and wanted to end it put. But I wanted to cum inside her pussy. So I removed my condom and laid on top of her and entered her. She once again made love with all pleasure with the speed of stroke high. I was about to cum and so was she. I kept pumping more and more

And just exploded my cum deep in to her pussy as she felt my hot cum in her she hugged me tight and kissed and bit my lips. She was also cumin with huge explode even though we both came and we kissed passionately each other for some time and we both we not satisfied still and wanted more each other but as we were tiered we needed to have a break.

We went to the bathroom and washed ourselves and came back and dressed up for a cup of tea. It was about close to 12 noon. While having tea we were watching the rest of the XXX CD. We got horny again and had sex once again with full pleasure.

Still few months down the lane we still have sex whenever she is alone at home in fact we are in love than just sex. Hope that you all enjoyed our experience. So do feedback with your valuable comments to [email protected]

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