My Dream Wedding – Submitting Myself To A Dominating Girl

Hey guys, I am writing after a very long time. Sorry, I was busy with my personal work. But here I am back with another exciting couple sex story. For the first time readers, this is Ahmed, a 21-year-old male from Hyderabad who is very submissive to females and alpha males, who loves to be dominated, humiliated, cuckolded and wants to try BDSM. Feel free to message me for taking it forward.

Guys, this is an imaginary story which I want to experience in my real life. I am an introvert and very submissive nature. I stand 5 ft 10 inches tall, very thin and hardly had any facial hair. Like I said, I am very submissive to females and dominant men.

Whenever I used to go to the washroom, I never used the urinal because I feared people would laugh at me because of my small dick. Yes, I have a small dick which is only 3 inches when hard.

I knew from the beginning that I can’t satisfy any girl as I have a small dick and also physically, I am not athletic and didn’t have a muscular body. So I made up my mind to become a sissy cuckold husband in future and follow whatever my wife asks me to do and pleasure her that way.

I was very fascinated by the Bollywood movie “Ki and Ka” starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. The movie thread was swapping the roles of husband and wife and showed Arjun being a house husband and doing all the household chores like cooking, cleaning etc and Kareena went out in the real world and earned. I really liked the idea and wanted it to happen in my real life.

Fortunately, my mom knew about my condition. She never made fun of it but whenever we went for shopping, she would accompany me. In the undergarments store, she would always buy me briefs. Yes guys, I never wore boxers and my mom knew I had a small dick.

My mom also knew about my submissive nature and so she decided to marry me to a beautiful yet dominant bride. Sorry, actually I am the bride and she is the groom.

Mom had many kitty party friends who were rich and filled with attitude. Their children were also very arrogant and would show off. On one of her kitty parties, she asked her friend Zareen about the marriage proposal. Mom also told her about my condition.

Zareen was very happy for the proposal and immediately called her daughter Sultana and shared the news.

Sultana was a very beautiful girl and was very fair and tall by Indian standards. She was polite yet had a dominating nature in her. She had lots of boyfriends in past and had slept with many.

Sultana was open-minded and willing to try new things. She was a superior feminist and believed females should lead the world. She agreed to meet and discuss things.

So, the next day, my mom shared the news with me. She asked me to get waxed and remove all body hair and asked me to clean myself top to bottom and gave me new clothes to wear.

Finally, the day had come – the day I was going to meet my future wife. Sultana and her mom visited our house. My mom had already asked me to prepare breakfast and other things. When they entered the house, I welcome them and asked them to have a seat. I then got tea and breakfast. Sultana was checking me out. Zareen came straight to the point.

She said: Son-in-law, I know about your condition and your nature. We are happy to marry my daughter to you but you are to follow certain rules:

1. Sultana will be the bread-winner for your family.2. Sultana is free to do anything and you don’t have a say. Her decision is final.3. You are slave to both of us and you will do all household chores.4. Sultana is a beautiful girl and many men want to sleep with her. You can’t stop her.5. You are supposed to cook for us.6. You must obey us at every point and if you fail to do so, then you will be sent to jail for sexual harassment or domestic violence.

I looked at my mom and she gave a nod of approval. I then went near Zareen (my future mother-in-law) and bent and kissed her feet saying I agree with all the conditions. Sultana lifted me and kissed me and said, “I expected the same from you”.

After a few days, our engagement was arranged and I was made to sign a clause agreeing to follow all the rules. Sultana then called me and asked me to drop my trousers. I was shocked and then she said, “Drop them down now” and I removed the trousers. She then removed a cage from her bag and slipped it on my cock and locked it. She said, “No touching without my permission”. I was surprised but couldn’t say anything.

Our marriage was scheduled after a few months.In that time period, Sultana made me even more submissive.

Before the day of the marriage, they sent me new clothes and mehendi and other things. I was supposed to wear those things. What actually shocked me was they sent me a lingerie too and there was a note from Sultana saying: “Wear this my beautiful husband and I shall treat you good or else I will shame you in front of others”. I was scared and was ready to follow her commands.

There was a sangeet programme organized and Mehendi was applied on my hands. Girls were laughing at me.

On the day of the marriage, I wore the sexy lingerie they sent me under my sherwani. I was feeling weird and horny at the same time. The smooth texture and feel of the lingerie was making my cock hard and it was paining as it was still locked.

When we reached the venue, Sultana called me inside the dressing room and asked me to undress. She saw I was wearing the lingerie, took a few photos and kissed me and asked me to get dressed. The marriage took place in a peaceful manner and later I sat in the car along with my wife and we left for her house. It was exciting.

We reached there and my humiliation started. Sultana wanted to see how devoted I was. So she asked me to suck our servant’s dick. I never sucked a dick before but now I was forced to do that. She guided me to suck the dick and it felt nice. He cummed in my mouth and I was forced to swallow the cum. “You are a good husband,” she said and kissed me.

Then I was asked to wait on the bed like brides do on their wedding night. Sultana came near me and asked me to undress her. I was so excited. Slowly, I started removing her ornaments, clothes, lingerie and was delighted to see her 36B boobs and a hot wide ass. I started pressing them and immediately she slapped my hand saying not so soon.

Sultana then kissed me and unlocked my cage and laughed at its size and slapped it. She then asked me to turn around and lay on my stomach and wait for her. She went and came back after sometime.

Then she kissed my ass cheeks and was inserting her fingers in my ass. I got weird thoughts. She then started putting jelly inside my ass and started lubricating it. I understood what was coming. She kissed me last time and said, “Happy married life, husband” and pushed her huge 8″ dick (dildo) inside my ass! My ass burned and I cried and she soothed me saying, “Don’t worry, you are gonna love it”.

She started ramming my ass and started abusing, “Son of a bitch. Chutiye. Namard kahika. Ahhh kaise lagra (how is my dick feeling inside your ass). Dekh mera bada lund (see my big dick).”

I started leaking, she started thrusting faster and soon I cummed. She kissed me and asked me to lick the cum, and suck her dildo. I choked on her dildo but soon started deep throating it. Later someone entered the bedroom and I was shocked and started hiding.

“Don’t worry, it’s my boyfriend Rohit. He is a real man and he is gonna fuck me because I didn’t cum”, she said.

He then came near us and kissed Sultana. Rohit was muscular, very tall and handsome. She kissed him and started feeling his hard dick. She dropped to her knees and started removing his pants. His big dick popped out and Sultana looked at me and said, “See, he is a real man with a big dick”.

She kissed it and started sucking it. It was so hot. She asked me to come and suck his dick. It felt weird but was exciting. So I sucked his dick.

Then Rohit saw my dick and laughed at it. He then pushed Sultana on the bed and started fucking her. She was moaning loud and it was very hot. They fucked like lovers for a long time. He lasted 10 times longer than me. After he was done fucking, Sultana called me and asked me to clean her pussy and drink all the cum. The taste was weird but I liked the mixed juices. Then they kissed and were sleeping in each other’s arms. I slept on the sofa in our room.

That’s all for now. I will definitely continue in the next part. Any girls interested to be like Sultana, please message me on my email id. I really want to be in such a marriage and be dominated. Hope you guys liked it. Feel free to share your opinions and suggest edits!

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