My Elder Sister, Her Friend And Me – Part I

Dear readers, I am from well reputed family, moreover I must say that I am from a well educated and well disciplined family. I am 27 years old now and I am male. The experience which I am going to share here has happened when I was in my early teenage. We were three siblings. I, being the youngest enjoyed the love of my elder sisters. It was all going on fine during my early life. I have had nice friends and moreover I was so reserved. I was looking so cute during those days and most of my relatives and neighbors would love to give me a kiss on cheeks or forehead. I was so funny to talk and people love to talk to me.

I have two elder sisters as I have mentioned earlier. My eldest sister loves me very much and most of the times she cared for me, and was like a mother to me. She wakes me up in the morning and makes me study and help in doing my things. She is very cute to look with a charming face and I know she had a huge follow on. I used to sleep with her during those days. She loved me very much.

My second elder sister always used to tease me, fight with me. She was kind of trouble maker in our home. Her name is Nikki and my story is related to her and her friend Usha. There was nothing to worry about as my parents were well earning. So we have a bungalow and two cars, and people to work in our home. Nikki has a best friend Usha, moreover they both hang around everywhere. Nikki has only two things to do in this world; one is to hang around with her friend and the other is teasing me.

Usha was a silent person and I never understood how on earth they became best friends. Nikki was very noisy and naughty all the time. But, I love her very much and she looks so cute the way she does naughty things.

Coming to their bodies, Nikki was slim and 5’9″ tall, with a perfect body and medium sized boobs. She always had a shoulder length hair and was always in her pony tail hair style. She looks so posh and modern and always wears Jeans and Tees. Coming to Usha, she was very gorgeous, with a childish face, chubby with dimples. I must say that her body was heavily built. She was equally tall as Nikki. But, Usha had extra large and plumpy buttocks, and her breasts were bigger than Nikki. To say in one word, Usha is a heavy built fucking machine, who can fuck the shit out of you. I am sure, she can fuck continuously for weeks, and she can defeat anybody when it comes to fucking. But, she always was nice to me.

Everything was fine until the day of our holidays began. Dad and mom were busy with work, so they go in the morning and come at night. We were all home, so first few days were quite exciting. Usha used to come to our home regularly, and Nikki always used to tease me and Usha used to comfort me. My eldest sister went to Bangalore regarding her job training. So, I was now at the mercy of Nikki.

Usha used to sleep in our home most of the time. We used to join the three beds. I always hugged my elder sister while sleeping, and then I was hugging Usha while sleeping. She never minded, and in fact she liked it. Usha used to sleep in the middle and I was extreme towards the wall, as I was afraid of falling down if I slept at the other end. Most of the time, Usha slept facing away from me, so I used to hug her from behind and sleep. It was so nice to hug her. In the beginning I never felt anything rubbish.

Later on, I noticed few changes in my body, like my penis was becoming harder and larger etc. Internet was readily available at home, so I got good information regarding this stuff within a week. Next night when we were all slept, I as usual was hugging Usha from behind. I noticed that my penis was touching right buttock. She was sleeping on her right side, and her ass was very high in the air. Her two buttocks were too massive, that I was no match with her.

I turned other side and joined my buttocks with hers, and I was shocked to see that my two buttocks were just half of the size of her right buttock. I pressed mine against hers and it was so soft and spongy. I do not know what to do next. I pressed my buttocks against hers for some time, then I turned towards her and placed my hand between her ass cracks and I was busy searching for her ass hole. I know that Usha is slept then nobody can wake her up. So I was so bold in my movements.

I raised my hip to adjust my penis between her ass cheeks. It was so exciting. I caught her boobs and was pressing them rather rough. They were very huge. I slid my hand inside her shorts and I was searching for her vagina. It was hairy and when I touched her vagina, she moaned and turned and slept where her boobs were facing towards bed and her buttocks her high up in the air. After few minutes, I slowly climbed on her body and I adjusted my penis between her ass cracks. I was giving mild strokes to her imagining myself fucking her ass. I was small when compared to her body, so I could not take control over her body fully. After a while I lowered her shorts and her underwear.

She always wore elastic ones, so no big deal in doing that. I searched for her ass hole with my finger and I found her. I was adjusting my penis to make it enter inside her ass hole. In fact, my penis was small and thin like a bold marker that time. I could not reach her ass hole with my penis, because her buttocks were so big that they did not allow me to reach her hole, as I had small penis that time and also buttocks were huge. With much pressure I could just touch her ass hole with my penis.

I decided to enter her hole at any reason, so I began putting much pressure on and on. It could just touch her hole; still I did not give up, finally my small penis found its way into her hole little bit. I was mad fucking her then. I put my hands under her boobs for extra support and I was pressing with full power to enter inside her. This made her turn other side and I lost balance and fell over my sister Nikki who was sleeping other side. Nikki woke up with my sudden falling on her and yelled at me, saying you idiot, you don’t let me sleep peacefully. She woke up and was shocked to see me with my shorts down and throbbing penis, and she looked at Usha was still sleeping. She slapped at my face and she adjusted Usha’s shorts and underwear. I was crying in fear. Nikki hugged me and told me it’s OK. She told me that she would not tell anybody.

Next day was so horrible to me. I could not face Nikki. She understood my feelings and she talked with Usha privately. That night, we were all sleeping once again as usual. Nikki woke me up and told me to fuck Usha. I was shocked as well as scared. Nikki smiled and said, it’s OK come-on fuck that fat bitch. I was looking into Nikki’s eyes confused. Nikki was giving permission to fuck her own best friend. Still I was scared. Nikki understood my feelings and she kissed my lips and slowly slid her tongue inside my mouth. I hugged her instantly and I came up and sat in her lap.

We both were hugging. She was breathing heavily so was I. Nikki was not ready to take her tongue out of my mouth. Her tongue filled my mouth and she was pressing deeper and deeper. She was suffocating me. Then I thought that I must do something. It was uncontrollable pleasure. I began to fight back. My little tongue was pushing hers outside and I somehow managed to push her tongue back into her mouth, and now I was dominating her. She was doing hmmm hmmm sounds as if she was requesting to take my tongue out of her mouth.

But, I was fucking her mouth with my tongue with full force. Then she sucked my tongue harder. In revenge I pressed her boobs harder and in return she caught my penis. It looked like a fight and none of us were ready to surrender. Then she released my tongue from her grip and out mouths were free. We were breathing heavily. Nikki was taller than me that time. So she carried me out of bed and I clung to her as monkey would do. I gripped around her waist with my legs and she was carrying me in the air. Soon our lips were locked and our tongue fight began. Nikki was pulling my shorts with her hand and she caught my penis and began pressing it. I too removed her T-shirt and pressed her breasts.

It was a love fight. Nikki was so powerful that she turned me upside down in the air and she took my penis in her mouth and I was hanging where my face was facing her pussy. I gripped around her neck with my legs and with my hands I raised her skirt and began biting her vagina as I remembered in one of the videos I saw. She was not able to bear this pleasure. She was grunting. I was tongue fucking her. She put me down. I was up to her breasts in height. I wanted to enter into her vagina as I could not control any longer. But, she was taller. I was climbing holding my hands around her neck and gaining the height to reach her vagina with my penis. She was laughing.

Then she lifted me up and adjusted my height where our genitals were touching. She began rubbing my penis over her vagina. My penis was small that time, but it was too hard. With one thrust, I entered her vagina. She was breathing heavily, and one side she was holding me in the air. I gripped around her waist with my legs circled and I began pressing her waist with my legs. I was not pounding her vagina, but I was inside her. My penis was paining as Nikki was gripping my penis harder and harder. She is squeezing my penis harder. I was in pain. She did not leave me, she was breathing heavily. I took the right chance and I locked her lips with mine and inserted my tongue deep inside her mouth. I wanted to defeat her in this sex fight, so I with my right hand I began searching for her ass hole. I found her ass hole hidden deeply between her buttocks. Nikki understood my next move which is CHECKMATE.

My tongue was inside her mouth and I was fucking rapidly so she could not speak a word except sounds uhu uhu uhu (meaning NO NO NO). I, without wasting any time slid my middle finger inside her ass hole. It was too tight. She could not bear it. Tears were rolling from her eyes. I closed all her holes. And it was a CHECKMATE for her. She could not move any way, except to accept defeat. Finally she surrendered to me. She released her pressure in vagina, so my penis was comfortable inside her vagina. I too unlocked my lips and freed her mouth, she was gasping for air. I was slowing giving some strokes in her ass hole with my middle finger and my penis was going in and out because of my slow hip movement. We enjoyed that slow fucking. We were hugging and after a while she released her juices. My penis became soft when I ejaculated inside her.

It was a memorable night to both of us. I was the happiest as I defeated her and she was forced to accept defeat as there was no other go for her. It all started with Nikki. My sister Nikki brought out the hidden lion inside me. Usha was completely unaware about what has happened previous night. Next night I did my best to make Usha surrender to me just as Nikki did, but that bitch was too strong that she fucked the shit out of me. I already told that she is a heavy built fucking machine. She is unstoppable and uncontrollable.

I will share this in my next story regarding how Usha nailed me. But, I believe I fought well to defeat her and take control over her body. But she was a fucking machine who nailed me completely. Guys, I am sure that nobody is match with Usha. Good night guys, its 3:30AM in the early morning already. Well, I do not want to give further details about me here. Well, I am male 27 from Bangalore. I do not want to share my personal email id as I know that Google is too powerful. So, this is my email id here [email protected] see you guys next time. Happy Diwali to everybody.

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