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Hi guys, I am Arjun, this is a great site to visit to read nice stories and fantasies. Keep it up and I enjoy reading these stories very much. I am 26 years old from Ahmedabad. I want to introduce this great incident that happened with me when I was in school.

I was very athletic and also good in studies so every teacher liked me. But my school was very strict and it used to be much disciplined. This incident happened when I was in my pre degree final year.

We had to wear uniform during those days. We were not very much exposed to porn or sex but we were curious. I used to look at some teachers who were very nice to me especially my English teacher, Shirly. I used to be fascinated by their boobs as it would give me a hard on.

Let me describe Shirly teacher. She was in her 40’s and used to always wear sares as it was necessary for all teachers to wear. I tried to look from the side at her boobs which were so round and lovely. She had a sexy figure of 36-30-32.

I always fantasised being alone with her and pressing her boobs. Since I was a bright student i was always asked to carry books from the classroom to the staff room for the teachers. One day as I was doing this duty I was walking beside her and trying to catch a glimpse of her boobs through the saree.

She was wearing a beautiful blue saree and matching blouse and I was watching her cute lovely boobs. I was so engrossed in that I didn’t realise that she had noticed it as we reached the staff room, I was so upset that my view was lost.

She told me to keep the books on the table as I was leaving she asked me which class I had next and I said that I had PT. She told me that “I want to talk to you about something. I said yes, mam.

All the teachers then left for their next class from the staff room and she asked me to sit beside her. She asked me what were you staring at when you walked with me from the classroom till here?

I became so afraid I said what mam, I didn’t understand you. She caught my hand very sternly and said I know what you were looking at from the classroom till here. I started to say sorry mam, sorry mam but she said

You will be punished for this you tell me clearly what were you looking at? I again said sorry mam, but she was adamant she said tell me or I will take you to the principal. I became so afraid that i told her that “Mam, I was looking at your mmmmm.

She shouted tell me you or I shall call your parents. I said no mam please sorry mam, then as she was about to take the phone to call the principal i said “Ma’m, I was looking at your breasts.” She said “thats more like it, baby.” I said sorry ma’m but she said “shut up.

Do you like it? I was taken aback. I said shyly yes ma’m and she asked me “Do you see any other teacher’s breasts? I said no. She asked why do you look at mine? I now got some strength and said that I like it very much and she asked me “what do you like? Have you seen it full

I said no, but I like to see good breasts. She then told me that I am going to be punished because of what I did and commanded me to sit beside her on my knees. I sat down on my knees saying sorry mam, but she just slapped me and said shut up. Do as I say so I sat on my knees beside her.

I could see her lovely boobs so round and full inside her blouse with the mark of a black bra inside the blouse. She then caught hold of my face and thrust my face upon her breasts and said “baby kiss it, suck it, my baby.

I was so afraid but when I got this chance I just grabbed her boobs and pressed it with my hands and kissed and sucked it with all my might. She was holding my face there, it was so great a feeling that I could touch those lovely milky boobs and she started to moan.

As the table was a little high and mam used to sit in a corner not much could be visible to anyone unless they came inside the staff room. She was moaning and saying oh darling suck me more mm and pressed my head more into her boobs.

I then removed her hooks of the blouse and started kissing her boobs over her black bra. Mmmm I could feel her smell and the softness of her boobs. And she said “oh baby removes my nipples and suck them hard. I took the nipples out of the bra and kept kissing and sucking her.

This all made my cock to salute in my underwear still I was on my knees as punishment. She touched my cock and gave it a great squeeze and all the lights went out of me with my hands I was pressing her nipples and then sucking it while she was shaking my cock inside my underwear.

She then removed my zipper and took my cock out which stood up like bullet. Touching it she said “mmm nice i want it she then pressed me more into her boobs and put a condom on my cock and started shaking it hard. I was in her boobs pressing and sucking and she was making me cum.

Soon I cum inside the condom and she also gave a stifled moan and told me enough. She removed the condom and licked it and put it in her bag and asked me to tidy up. She then got up, steadied herself and went to the toilet and cleaned and returned. I had also put my pants back by then.

I asked her what was that I released and she said you don’t know that?” hmm that means you should come to me for tuition for English at home. She then talked to my mother, as they were good friends, and made me attend her tuition at home.

What happened there is another story I will tell later. How did u like this story? I love talking sex with older woman around 35 to 40. I love younger woman also. If any lady wants to have sexy chats Ahmedabad then email me at arjunrampal1980@yahoo,

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