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Hi, Indian sex story readers,

I am new to this site.I am a married woman having 1 baby girl.I am not a virgin by marriage time.I have a lot of sex experiences which include foreplay, sex, and hardcore sex with my boyfriend and some strangers.

This is my 1st sex story on this site.Please send your comments to [email protected]

This happened in 2011.I am a studying BSc graduate in a reputed co-education college and having a boyfriend who is a hulk.The very 1st day of our college we became friends and every time he stares at me my breasts used to bulge like coconuts.My boobs are of 34 sizes and easily noticeable.When I wear tight t-shirts they used to jump when I walk around and its a feast to all boys.Uncles of my area used to watch them hungrily.

It’s rainy season in 2011.

My boyfriend: Hey bags.Shal I drop youMe: no it’s ok.I will go by bus.He: come on Bagi..I will drop you.Promise I won’t hit brakes 😉 ( he winked looking at my breasts and I smiled)

Then he offered me lift to my home.It’s the 1st time I had different sensation in my breasts.Each and every brake he hits.I crushed my melons tho his manly back.Omg…Brake..Hit brake hit…Felt like I am hitting a wall.

Me: hey its ur promise not to hit brakes…Did u forget?( inside I am enjoying his touch)He: oh..Yeah.Sorry dear, I won’t do it again.

Then started the real action.He moved in such a way that each and every time I have to hug him for support.Ahh…What a feeling yar.At some point, I hugged him like a lover..And sat still.He sensed my fear and drove very fastly.Once reaching my home.

He: enjoyed the ride haa? (winked at me)Me: idiot.You enjoyed well it seems ( smiling )He: ha dear..Your boobs are so soft and by the way whats your size??Me: stupid.Don’t you know its wrong to ask like that?He: Yeah.It’s really wrong to ask.I will check myselfAnd then he did something I never expected.He just touched my breast over my dress and weighed them and said it’s 34 it seems.?? Right dear??

I was still in shock don’t know how to react. Just pushed away his hands moved to my home.And went straightly to my room.From my balcony, I can saw the road where he dropped me.He is waiting there for me. He saw me and gave a flying kiss.I blushed and came inside.

He went away and since that day our romance started.The next day he saw me in college and came and sat by my side in the classroom.All the students are busy in their own world, he just put his hand around my neck and reached my left breast.Ohh my goddddd…My mouth was dry and I hear my heartbeat.Slowly I said what are you doing.

He said..Why aren’t you enjoying?I said yes but this is a classroom.Someone might catch us.Please stop.He said no.Then I covered his hand with my chunni.He took it as a green signal and started boob massage for me..O fuckk.I am wetting down there…Body got heated up and I am breathing heavily….

He sensed my breath and took my right hand and kept it on his pant…Don’t know how I did it.But I started rubbing his dick and slowly I pulled down his zip and took out lollipop…It’s hot and I can see his veins on dick…Oh, my sexyyy..I am oozing down there and he removed his hand from my boobs and inserted his hand in my pants.

I loosen that pant and he started fingering.Just imagine in a class of 23 on the last bench we are doing all this romance.That increased my lust and I am giving him the best hand job..Up down up down up down and there he is fingering me.Sup sup sup sup sup sup to and fro to and fro to and fro….Ahhhh..Ohh godd..I am leaking…

Suddenly oohhhh sound came from my mouth in a big volume and my friends turned back and asked what happened..My bf said I pinched her and she shouted.Everyone took it easy and involved in their world… I am tired but his rod is still hot like fire….He said I won’t get satisfied with a hand job, put your mouth in action.

Without any thought, I bend down and took his monster into my mouth.And started sucking his dick like a child sucking lollipop..Ummmm…..Ahhh…Slurp slurp slurp..What a lollipop….My cute banana….Ummmahhh…Meanwhile, he is kneading my breast over my dress and this made me slurp more fastly.After 10min..He released his entire load in my mouth.

I drank it fully.It’s very salty and it’s like some glue or pastes something like that.We are not lovers or married couple but did all these without any inhibitions.Then I woke up from his lap and just swallowed all his cum….And said its tasty yar.He said thank you and asked me to wait in the library after college.

After college, I went to the washroom and made myself ready for the next session.I removed my bra and panty and washed my face and had some makeup so that he may get into the mood…I went to the library after college time and I saw my bf there…Sitting in a chair and shagging his dick.I asked you ready again.He said…I want to have sex with you now….Omgg..I said no..No sex.Let’s enjoy like this…But he is not convinced.And said ok no sex.Let’s kiss and started kissing me.Liplock.

Our tongues are fighting inside.His saliva and mustache and beard…I hold his back and took all his mouth to me and started sucking his tongue…We did like that for almost 15min..Then slowly he started pressing my ass…Pressing it like a sponge.He came down to my breast..Kissed them and pressed them like hell.He just kept his head in the middle of my two breasts and pressed them…

Slowly he is going down.Pulled my churidar up and licked my navel…Cleaned it with his saliva and turned me around and kissed my ass over my dress and I myself removed my pant…In that mood and he started kissing my nude ass and gave a bite on right side..I was like ouch huh….Baby don’t hurt me.Please….He opened my ass cheeks and kissed there.I said.He that, not my pussy.Don’t keep ur mouth there.But he said its yummy dear..I love ur ass.And opened my ass kissed there and turned me around and kissed my pubic hair….And and……

Will continue the sex story in the next part basing on the comments I receive.Excuse me for bad narration..I am new here.Please post your comments to [email protected]

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