My Experience First Time With A Married Woman – Part 1

Hi I am BlessyEdna, I am one of the great reader if ISS for the past six months, I will read every story here, then I got courage to post my own story. Here I have seen many stories are fakes, but would like to share my real experience here. My friend referred this site from that on I got courage to post my own story along with my friend shalu.

This was happened nearly 7 months ago. Iam a designer, working helping for big concerns nice job, good money everything as gifted. I am basically from South state did all my studies in South, I came to North for work as my company insisted they ll pay their best. I am stated working this concern for almost 4 years, as a lead designer, one good day shalini came into my life like a breeze. She is a marwadi shifted from one company to my working concern. As I am a lead, my superior told me to take care of her in the work part. ” Now she is taking care of me ?”.

I met shalini she was on her 30’s. A little chubby figure, chubby cheeks and really Rosey lips. Even as a women I was stunned by seeing her. She was on her white shirt and a black Jean. Forget to mention about me. I am on my 27, let’s say a perfect shapes of height 5.8, I do yoga 45 mins daily and aerobics 4 days in a week. Let’s come to my story.

Ya me and shalini are in the chamber, I introduced myself, damn she was on her wheetish complexion. Suddenly a thought come to my mind. How does her nipple looks like. What should be the color of her nipple. I have forget that we too is having conversation. She waved her hand before me and asked me am I okay. I said I am fine. I told her to share my cubicle, coz her desk was not yet ready. That day we shared a lot families, friends, likes and dislikes, she told me that she was married and she is having two kids, I don’t believe that. She told that she was married on her 19 then moved from Calcutta to here.

Oops. My heart stopped, as I too a women I can’t marry her. I don’t know why I was worried, now my shalini is blushing with me and telling that it was “Love”. I too been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years, I too had sex with him a sometimes. But this craziness I never felt for him, and that doesn’t works out, so I breaker with my boyfriend.

Shalini and me shared many but not anything about sex. When we left office to home I told her one day that i am feeling confident and more happy if she is near me. She stopped walking and hugged me, I felt a 1000 volts electric shock went over my whole body, I hugged some girls giving compliment. But I never felt this. I lied that I didn’t bring my car and wait for her reply. She told me that she will drop me. I know that her brother family came to visit her from her native, she told me there will be a lot crowd in her home. She told me that she will drop me in my home. “Much Better” ?

She dropped me at my home I insist her to come for a coffee. I am staying with my grandma, we entered the house its almost 11pm. I told my grandma to take rest, and I will take care of my friend. I asked shalini that she likes to drink. She agreed for one shot. She called her home and said that she is with me, she will reach home in few minutes.

We sat on a couch and had our first drink, taking next day schedule in office. She went to kitchen to pick some ice for her. That time it was started to rain. I was looking outside how the rain flows, shalini came and stand next to me. She was on her short skirt and a shirt, I was slide my hand to her hip and pulled her to me, she lost her balance and almost fell to me, my lips almost touched her lips, she looked me, that look I can’t forget still, I don’t know what happened to me. I just kissed her, it was a very deep kiss, I pushed my tongue inside his mouth and licked her tongue. When a minute passed then we realised our situation and she pulled me back and slapped me, and asked what’s is wrong with me, why I did that. I don’t have answers. She suddenly left the house. I didn’t stop her.

On next three days I didn’t go to my office, I told my MD that I am not feeling well. Shalini called me multiple times for the next day, I switched off my mobile, I don’t want to answer her call, on that day night she came to my house. She sat next to me in the couch, I lay on her lap, she didn’t say anything, just simply sitting, then she called her husband and said that I am not feeling well, and she wont make it to her home tonight. I was feeling happy. She told me she bought Smirnoff for me, she really wants to drink. I said we will have drink in the bedroom, if grandma knows I don’t know what she will do.

We moved to the bedroom and started to drink. We were sitting on the the bed which is on the floor, I like to be with her on the floor, my grandma knocked the door and asked me if I need anything, I said that shalini is going to stay, so no need to worry about me. She said okay and went to sleep.

Now me and shalini are in my bedroom complete silent. I asked shalini does she needs anything she haven’t replied.

Me: Shalini please talk to me you want something.

Shalini: I need answers, why you kissed me.

Me: I don’t have any fucking answers shalini, please leave the topic, we ll talk something.

Shalini: No Edna I want to know, coz I can’t concentrate on my work and you are my best friend, I don’t want to fucking let you go in my life.

Me: Neither do I. Okay you want answers, I think I am in love with you, no I am damn sure I fucking love you.

Shalini: What the fuck did you say??? Please come again..

Me: What are you deaf. I said, I said I Love you. Shit I don’t know why I said that magical word. I was worried does she going to leave again.

She got up from the floor, she opened the door left out of the room for almost 3 mins. I thought she left. Again she came back and locked the room and she helped me to get up from the floor. I don’t know what is happening, she just pulled on to her, hugged me so tightly and kissed me….

Will post you the rest on the next part.

I don’t expect comments from you, as I said prior this is my first time posting my story, still of you want to tell something you can reach me at [email protected]

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