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My Family consist of 4 members- My Father, who is now 51 years old, a typical Honest, Sincere and a very Workaholic and Hardworking man (Typical Shareef), My Mother-Now 48,A Housewife and a former Teacher, A very Sincere, and Honest woman towards her Husband (Typical Indian wife, very Honest and Loving towards her husband and with a very, very high Sexual Desires),My Sister,15 years old and Me- 20 years old and very SEXY. Sexy as in ‘ FULL OF SEX ‘ and that’s why i call myself a ” SEX BEAST “,which i really am.

My Mothers Name is Sujaya, She is like a typical Mother-Fair, 5′ 2″ in Height, Figure- ’43-38-48′ (As measured by and Inchi tape), Very beautiful when she was young but as i told you, she Is a typical Indian Housewife and never bothered to maintain herself, Me 20 years old, Strong body, Fat You might say with a Dick of 6.25 inches and Fat as well.

My Mother was in one corner next to her was My Sister and in the other corner was me, Mom just woke up and removed her Kameez and there was Dad standing in front of her, he lighted the bulb and ask Mother what was the matter, She answered that she had to take her bra off, and she did, i was shocked to see those White Beautiful Melons, and this Incident forced me to think about her and take some Action, Which i did when one day, there was no one at Home but only Me and my Mother. 99% of the times she use to wear Salwar Kameez and that day was no different, It was afternoon, around 3 pm, when she was lying on her stomach and watching T.V, i dont know what made me do this, but i just lifted her kameez and started playing with her back, without talking to her (Now, guys imagine this situation seriously).I just laid on her back with my clothes on and was kissing and licking her naked back, with the bra on and her kameez lifted up, till her lower neck. And mind you, till that day i knew nothing about sex and never even ejaculated, i dint knew nothing and nothing means nothing.

I was in heaven as this was the first time i was kissing a naked flesh and that too was none other than my mothers soft and plumpy back, my hands hugged her from behind and were under her RIBS, as i told you, She was lying on her stomach and i was on her back. Now My dick was pressing her Ass very, very, very hard, i am 100% sure she was aware of EACH AND EVERYTHING happening and running through my mind but kept quite and continued watching T.V without uttering a single word as she might have felt embarrassed to talk about that or she might have thought i am a kid and decided to ignore it once or may be she was enjoying it? Anyway but now i was on fire and i was continuously kissing and licking her back and my dick was digging her ass more and more and more and all of a sudden, I EJACULATED, for the FIRST time in my life.

Oh gosh, i just cant explain what it felt like. But i dint even knew what had happened? I thought i have peed in my pants, i am dead sure she was aware of what had happened, as my dick was hard on her ass and she might have realized it when i was cumming and my dick was pulsating. I ran to the bathroom and was amazed to find a YELLOW (Its Yellow, when you cum for the first time) Substance filled in my underwear. I was really tensed and shocked as i was unknown of what it is. She never said anything about this incident, until i did this 3-4 times more with her, she complained to my father and he confronted me, scolding me and making me feel guilty, and i decided not to repeat this anymore but i continued masturbating this way, i use to lay naked on my stomach on a pillow for minutes, thinking about Mother and i would cum, Until and unless my friend told me about the correct masturbation procedure.

After about two years, When My Mother was in Mental Depression (Because My Dad wasn’t able to Satisfy her Emotionally and Sexually, He wasn’t Impotent, but was not able to hold his Cum till My Mother ejaculated),She use to take Sleeping Pills and Sleep for hours, I use to Play with her naked Stomach, Back and sometimes with her Breasts too (But with the Bra on) when she was asleep, and she was very well aware of this, and after doing it 5-6 times, this time she herself confronted me in spite of complaining to Dad, Same Bullshit, those Mother and Son Morals and Motherfucking Indian culture and tradition, i dint even bother to hear her, forget about listening, but i sure as hell was scared and once again took control over my actions.

But the Real Game started when i was 18.I was no more a Virgin now, as I Broke my Virginity with our Lady Servant for 1 year continuously, and those days, when i was 18,i started reading these Mother and Son Incest Stories on Internet, I use to spend lot of Money in Cafes and use to read these stories for hours, thanks to you people, your experiences made me hot and once again made me think about my Mother and One fine day after reading these stories for 5 hours, when i returned from the cafe, My Mother was ready with the Lunch, and it was around 2 PM when there was no one in house,i hugged her and rested my head on her Boobs, She asked me.

Mother : “Kya Hua”

Me : “Mummy, mein aapki tummy se khel loo please, Bahut Mann kar raha hai”.

Mother : “Nahi”

Me : “Please, Mummy, 5 minutes ke liye”

Mother : “Tu Phir shuroo ho gaya hai”

Me : “Mummy Please”

After convincing her for about 30 minutes she agreed-

Mother: “Theek hai, lekin siraf thodi der,aur koi batameezee nahi”

I Lifted up her Kameez till her Bra ends, she was sitting, i was lying as my head was under her kameez and i started licking and Sucking her Stomach, i would feel my Dick very hard and it was itching me a lot, as the kameez was over my head it was a bit transparent material i could see her expression, and she could see my face as well, she was Looking at the T.V right now, after playing with her stomach for nearly 10 minutes i asked her to lie on her stomach, so that i can play with her back, she resisted but i was successful in convincing her once again and this time i lifted her kameez till her neck, making her boobs visible with the bra on, but i couldn’t see them as she was lying on her stomach,

I gathered some courage and unhooked her bra and was licking her back like a dog licks her mother’s tits, when being fed, and even a 2 year old kid could figure out my intentions, so imagine what that 47 year old lady might be thinking, after playing with her back i was really hot, now she was again in the same sitting position and i was kissing her back sitting with my dick facing her back, when all of a sudden, my hands grabbed her boobs and i pressed it hard, she dint say anything, this made me more confident and i came to front and once again got in the first position with my face in her kameez but this time, I took out her left breast from the bra, from upside and i started sucking her tits, oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh they were soooooooooo big and so white, i couldn’t believe what was happening, and as i told you, we could see each other because of her transparent material, now she was looking at the wall and thinking something,it surprised me that she wasn’t enjoying my actions, i was sucking her nipples and she was neither moaning not breathing heavily, her eyes were open too this made me think and i made a mistake, i started talking.

I just looked at her face and asked her-

Me : “Kya Hua”?

Mom looked at me and there was a tight slap on my face.

Mother : “Yeh Hua”

Guys, i cant explain how embarrassed i was, i was in the most confusing situation of my life, not knowing what to do.

Later i just convinced her by saying, i was out of my senses as i had consumed drugs that day, she refused to believe, but that matter ended, she just forgot everything and things got normal next day as if nothing happened and she dint tell anyone about this or did i thought so.

She Told me later that she was sexually unsatisfied from my father, Now this might seem like a green signal to you people, but it wasn’t, as i told you, earlier these type of conversations were common within me and her.

Now Life was changing as i had to got out of the town for my further studies, so i couldn’t see my mom, but could only imagine and think of her and masturbate on her name, and things got cool when my dad shifted to Greenwich ,CT (U.S.A) for work.

My Mother and Sister shifted in the same city as i was studying in.

Now i was on my way to home, and was about to see my Mother after 5 months. That night, after shifting the new house and after everything was done, my mother and i were alone at home as My Sister was at our cousins place, so i was in my room, and my little brother, started knocking my underwear door, asking for some satisfaction, Now all i could think of was, my Mother, as this was a different situation-dad overseas. But i was helpless as i had tried each and everything with her, and failed every time, i was thinking how to seduce and convince her and all of a sudden my dirty mind, proved its necessity, earlier that night mother had complained that she was very tired and her legs and back were paining a lot due to overwork of shifting the house, and she always use to request me to massage her legs ,i use to refuse every time but how could i refuse this time, with these thinking i took the oil bottle and walked towards her room, i was nervous too as i have been rejected every time and every time there was an excuse given by me, but the question was- ‘What would i say this time ‘,If she rejected me again?, she was just about to lie on the bed .When-

Me : “Mummy, aap keh rahe the na ki aapki legs aur back mein dard ho raha hai”?

Mother : “Ha,Beta”

Me : “Lao mein aapki legs aur peeth ghutt deta hoon,aur is oil se maalish bhi kar deta hoon,kal subah tak sab theek ho jaye ga”

Mother : “Nahi,rehne de,mein so jati hoon apne aap theek ho jaye ga”

Me : “Nahi Mummy,Karva lo”

And i Placed my ass on the bed she was lying on, there was darkness all over in the room, Like any other man, i too like to have sex with the lights on, but the women dont, they like it in the dark or dim light, i dint bothered too switch on the light, as i dint wanted to take any risk this time, and i wanted everything to happen as per her convenience .So ,i took Her legs and placed it on my thighs, her foot was inches away from my dick. Now i started from pressing her feet softly first as she always used to complained that i am a very harsh guy, and this case was no different, but the fact of the matter is, i am not harsh, but she was too soft.

I then pored some oil on her feet and then rubbed it softly, i could not see nothing coz it was very dark, after doing it for 5 minutes, i started rubbing her feet sexually and i placed her foot on my dick, which was hard, i have no idea what she felt, because it was dark. But now i was excited as too what will happen when i massage her back.

When she said, that’s enough, i shifted on her back and asked her too lie on her stomach, she resisted but i convinced her, and lifted her kameez till her neck and started massaging with the oil, there was silence in the room, and after massaging her normally, i started massaging her back in a very sexual manner, i am sure she was enjoying that, if not in a sexual sense, than in a normal one, but she was having fun.

She never even made a single sound and was quite and after massaging her SEXUALLY for 30 minutes, she asked me to stop, i was disappointed as not knowing what to do or say the chances were 50-50.

Me : “Bus,aur na karoo”

Mother : “Nahi,bus thank you”

Me : “Aur kahi Maalish karna hai toh bata do”

Mother : “Nahi”

I was so pissed of, but i decided, i would try at least to seduce her, no matter if she again rejects me.

Me (In A Trembling Voice) : “Mummy…………Tummy se………………”

Mother (Normally) : “Nahi” (She wasn’t Angry).

Me : “Mummy Please. Thodi der”

She dint reply me and without waiting anymore, i just started my deeds. I lifted her Kameez and started kissing her stomach. As i was busy kissing the tummy i requested her to play with my hairs, as if a woman does when she is enjoying it. She did. I continued this way for ten minutes and i was thinking what will i do next, Something new, Because i dint wanted to do anything bold, as i was scared, i might mess up the entire thing, again my awesome mind said- How about Neck. and i shifted upwards, i was lying over her and my dick was now on her thighs which she might have definitely felt. As i was kissing her neck, her hands were playing with my hairs, and i got lucky,she started breathing heavily and started pressing my face more towards her neck, i was very happy and excited but dint wanted do anything stupid and one thing that i decided never to do was ‘TALK’ until and unless i don’t get her in my hands, i was now confident as she was breathing heavily,i just grabbed her boobs and massaged it very softly she let out a sound (NOT MOAN)

Mother : “Ahh (Not ahhhhhhhhhhhhh)………..Nahi Cheatan,bus kar ab,bahut ho gaya,yeh galat hai.”

Me : “Mummy, nahi kuch galat nahi hai,please”

Mother : “Nahi Chetan,tune kaha tha tu ab yeh nahi karega”

and he pushed me and got up from the bed.

Me : “Mummy,Aap aisa mat karo please”

Mother : “Tu aisa mat kar”

Me : “Acha beth ke baat to kar lo mujhse,please”

She sat next to me, around 3 feet away from me.

Mother : “Bol,kya hai”

Me : “Mummy,Aap aisa mat karo,aapne khud kaha tha ki aap unsatisfied ho,bahut salo se,aapko sex chahiye,aur mein jaanta hoon,aap kabhi bhi kisi se extra marital affair nahi rakhoge,aur rakhna bhi nahi chahiye,Bahut risk ho sakta hai,lekin hum dono ke relation bahut acha hai,Kisi ko kabhi pata nahi chale ga,hum dono ek doosre se pyar karte hai aur ek doosre ko satisfy kar sakte hai”

Mother : “Tu pagal hai,tu mera beta hai,aisa nahi ho sakta”

Me : “Kyun mummy,kyun nahi,jab mein chota tha toh aapke breast mein se doodh peeta tha,toh ab kyun nahi?Jab mein aapke waha (Chut) se nikla hoon,toh ab mere shareer ka ek part (Lund),aapke waha kyun nahi ja sakta?”

Mother was shocked to hear this as this is 100% true and fair, no one on earth can prove me wrong on what i said above, but her morals were too high.

Mother : “Nahi”

Me : “Mummy aap yeh achchi tarah jaante ho ki mein galat nahi keh raha,aur aap bhi yeh chahte ho,aapko bhi abhi mazaa aa rahaa tha.”……Please mummy,mein aapse kya maangta hoon,siraf thoda pyar chahta hoon aapse,aur badle mein bahut pyar dena chahta hoon”

Mother : “Dekh Chetan,yeh nahi ho sakta bus”.

Now i was very much irritated and this was too much for me .I Just grabbed her and made her lie on the bed and got on top of her. and started pressing her boobs over her kameez. She started shouting–

Mother : “Nahi,Chetan please,mein teri mummy hoon beta,aisa mat kar”

I just ignored her and continued doing my job, i started sucking her boobs over her kameez.and started squeezing her ass.

Mother : “Nahi bhagwan,mujhe bachao,yeh kaisi aulaad di hai tune mujhe,nahi please chhodd de mujhe Chetan,mein mar jaoon gi”

Me : “Chup Be Randi,Natak chodti hai”

I just tore off her kameez and her bra as well, now she was lying under me only with the salwar on.And i started Kissing her on her lips, And fondling her tits simultaneously, she dint open her mouth first, but then after 10 minutes, she did, and i inserted my tongue inside her mouth. and my tongue was licking her entire mouth, her tongue, her teeth, i licked her lips with my tongue too and it felt soooo good, and this made her go crazy ,she too held my head and started moving her tongue with mine, now i was sure that her cunt is gona be mine.

I then started rubbing and pressing her breast and nipples for 4-5 minutes and then started sucking her boobs-

Mother : “Ahhhhh,Kutte Fassa liya tune mujjjjhe,Kameene,Choos mere mummo ko,aise hi chusta tha jab tu chota tha,tab bhi chuswane mein mujhe bahut mazaa aataa tha,par aaj tohhhhhhhh hayeeeeee maaaaa.”

I was on the stars, sucking those white softies weighing 3 Kgs each and my Mother appreciating me as well. Now as i was sucking her boob,i placed my hand on the knot of her salvar and united it simultaneously and she raised her hips so that i can remove it, and i placed my hand in her panty and started playing with her cunt, goshhhhhhhhhhhh it was soooooooo wet, watering, and was sooooo hot as it was winters that time we were enjoying the warmth of each others body.

Mother : “MAAAAAAA,Kya kar raha hai bete,mein mar jaaongi,tere baap ne toh yeh kabhi nahi kiyaaaaa”

I then removed the panty completely and placed my mouth on her cunt and started licking it. I was in heaven ,i drank all her precum and it was such a nice feeling to lick her cunt, so soft and so tasty.

Mother : “OHHHHHH MAAAAAA,mein aaj mar jaaaongi,hayeeee us haramzade (Dad)ne toh kabhi meri chut ko haath bhi nahi lagaya,siraf apna 4 inch ka lund lagaya,aur tuuuuuu,hayeee bhagwan isse mera pati kyun nahi banaya tunnnnnnnnnnnneee?Par ab maa chudaye tera baap,ab mein roz apne bete se kutiya ki tarah chudwaoongi.aaaaaaaaahhhh maderchod,chaat aur chaaat ander taq le ja apni jeebh,sala maderchod yahee se paida huva tha aur ab kutte ki tarah chat raha hai isko. (She was now pushing her cunt more and more in my mouth and was pressing my head in her cunt) ,aaah aaah oooh chut chatwane ka mazaa aaj pata chala hai,bahut mazaa aa rahaaa hai chaaat,aur chaaat,aaaaaayeee ab rukna mat,mein jhadne wali hoon,please beta aur zooor seeeee aaaaaah mein aayeee,maaaaaaaa mar gayeeeeee,hayeeeeeee kitne salo baad aaj mein jhadi hoon”

I was shocked to hear that my mother was cumming after years, i was feeling pity on her but now i wanted to really enjoy this fucking session so i decided not to forget anything, and keeping this in mind, i started licking her legs she was enjoying this a lot, most of the things were never done by my dad, he was a stupid asshole, my mother told me later that dad use to just smooch her, play with her boobs and fuck her cunt with his 4 inch dick, he dint even allowed my mother to suck his dick. Then i started licking her fat inner thighs, she was just going nuts like me, Now i couldn’t handle it anymore i too wanted her to love me, and i purposed her to do so,

She removed my T-shirt and Shorts leaving me in the underwear only, and first thing that she did was lied over me, a current ran through my body, my heavy mom, on me and my dick touching her cunt, this feeling made me crazy and i squeezed her naked ass cheeks very hard, she then started kissing me and then she started sucking my nipples, it felt so good. and then came the time for what i wanted, Blowjob. she removed my undies and held it in her hand,’ ohhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaa’ was all i could say, and on hearing this, she gave me a slutty smile, that i could die for, she was sooooo excited to see my cock and said “waaaaaaaaaaahhh tere baap ka lund isse do inch kam hai aur patla sa hai”now she started moving it to and fro and i was moaning helplessly she then started licking the head and later swallowed my cock till her throat and then moving her mouth to and fro, believe me frnds i just cant explain what it felt like ,i was pushing her head more and more and was lifting my hips on her face. She was simultaneously playing with my balls with her hands.(i was shocked to know that she never sucked a dick before in her life or never even saw any blue film, she was so damn good at this).

Me : “Mummy,Bahuttttt Mazaa aaa rahaa haiiiiii,Haaaaaaaaa aur ander lo,Natak toh aise kar rahee thi jaise sita ho. Karti rahoooo.”

Now i was about to cum and i warned her she dint even bother to listen to me and i shot my cum in her mouth, Seeing my cum flowing out of her mouth gave Me an intense pleasure.

And it was now time for the main thing. But my dick was pale ,i need to do something more suddenly i saw her huge ass ,i asked Her to lie on her stomach and first licked and sucked her back ,she was enjoying everything a lot, she couldn’t even explain me, and the reason for that was most of the things that i did were new to her. I then started licking and sucking her ass cheeks, now she was on top the world, beacause this was something she never even imagine, most of you might have not imagined it as well.

Mother : “Hayeeee raaaaaam,pata nahi tu apne baap ka beta kaisa ho sakta hai,ek woh hai chakka,aur khassi aur ek tuuuuu,mein bata nahi sakti tune mujhe aaj kya diya hai.hoooooooooooooo ooooooooooohhhhh.”

And Now my dick was ready for action.

I Came between her legs and started rubbing my dick over her cunt she was moaning so loudly, and i started entering her cunt, Guys,it was very hard to enter her, Her ass was 48 inches wide but her cunt was soooooooooooooooooooooooo tight,t hat it was unbelievable, she then told me that she hasnt had sex for more then 4 years now, and in all her life she hasnt had sex for more then 25 times, i was shocked and felt like killing my dad. As i was entering her cunt slowly and slowly, she was moaning louder and louder with pain, and then when i entered her completely, i stopped for a while and than started pumping very slowly, very slowly.

Mother : “AAAAAAAAHHHH Chetan,dard ho raha hai beta,bahut aaram se kar abhi”

I continued moving very slowly for 10 minutes and then when she stopped crying with pain, i was increasing my speed. In every stroke, i increased my speed and pushed it harder, She got crazy, and just getting nuts by my technique, she was enjoying it a lot as i was speeding up and hardening in, she too started moving with me, perfect rhythm, we both were going in and out at the same time, we were going were good, with a great timing.

Mother : “HAAAA,Ab thoda zorrrr se kar le par zaada nahi,meri chut dheere dheere khul rahee hai,accumulate kar rahee hai,goood,Mene zaroor pichle janam mein paap kiya the jo mujhe,woh suvar ki aulad apna pati mila,par zaroooor koi acha kaam bhi kiya hoga,jo bhagwan ne tere jaisa beta aur yeh raat milii,haaayeeeeeeee rammmmm,mein bataaa nahi sakti mujheee kitna mazaaa aaa rahaa hai,beta,tere baap ke lund mein itna dum nahi raha ki woh teri tharkee maa ko satisfy kar sake,yeh kaam toh siraf tu hi kar sakta hai mere bete, yeaahhhhhhh fuck me,karta reh,keep moving,aise hiiiiii,ab thoda zor se aur tezzzz.”

15-20 Minutes later, i was sure that now she was perfect, so i started pumping real hard and real fast. And That 48 year old fat women was jumping and raising her hips like a 14 year old active girl.

Mother : “YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,Haramzade america mein kya maa chudwa raha hai tu,yahaa aa ke apne bete se seeekh kuch,randi ki aulad.YES YES YES YES YES YES YES,OHHH yeahhhhhhh sonnnnn,aur zorrr se challlllllll,Tu aur zor se chod mujhe,poooooooora mere ander ghus ja jaise niklaa tha,bussssss,hold itttttt,yeah,mein jhadne wali hoooon,ohhhhhh bhagvannnnnn maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

And she dropped tonnes of cum, and was very very satisfied i ejaculated after 5 minutes and we lied on each other for the entire night, after 3 hours of this fucking session, we slept like horses ,in the morning, my mom woke up by giving me a blowjob, and then she came on top of me and started jumping ,I continuously was holding and sucking her tits, she was looking so damn sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy while jumping on my dick and later i fucked her ass which took 25 minutes for my dick to enter her ass.

Till today we fuck like crazy, dad has been here once till then, but he could never even imagine what happens, later i told mom, that i wanted to fuck Chandani as well (my sisters), my mom wasn’t shocked at this, neither she got angry, but she suggested me to wait for few years .So that she can develop completely…

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