My Fantasy Of Anal Sex Fulfilled By Bindu Akka

Hi guys. This is Madhu again. This is the 4th part of my first sexual experience with my goddess Bindu Akka. Please read the first 3 parts if you haven’t.

To tell you about Bindu, she was a bit heavy but had awesome 46D boobs. You can check her details in the previous parts. I used to jerk off just by imagining things with her. But then she turned my fantasies to reality.

I’ll get to the story right away. So after the great bathroom session, both of us were exhausted. We somehow gathered some energy and cleaned ourselves. We had a bath together. I wanted to sleep with her but Bindu said not to risk it. Bindu went and slept in her room. And I went to my room.

I was so spent that the moment I closed my eyes, I went into a deep sleep. It was about 5 pm when I slept. I didn’t even wake up to have my dinner. The next morning my mom woke me up to go to college. After what had happened the previous day, I was in no mood to go anywhere.

I just wanted to burst into Bindu Akka’s room and pounce on her. I checked and Bindu Akka had already left. I was a little disappointed as I did not get to see the face of my goddess. I had no choice but to leave home and attend college.

Just attended the first class. To be frank, I couldn’t hear a single thing the lecturer was teaching. I was still hungover from yesterday’s events. All I could hear was my Bindu Akka’s sensual moans. All I could see was her sexy figure. I was going crazy.

I just wanted to hug her naked body. Suck on her boobs. Lick her pussy. Fuck her hard. I could not think straight. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just went home from college at around 11 am. Nobody was at home. I directly went into the bathroom and took out my bunty to masturbate.

Even though she was not there, I could see her just the way everything happened the previous day. After just 4-5 strokes, I ejaculated a huge load. Bindu’s actions had such an effect on me. I locked the house door by the key and went into my room. I was hoping Bindu would come home soon.

I even prayed for it. It was around 11:30 am. The almighty answered my prayers. I heard the main door being unlocked. And sure enough, it was my Bindu Akka entering the house. That happy excited aroused feeling just cannot be explained in words!

She was wearing a yellow and black salwar kameez. The dress was sticking to her body. Her boobs must have been fighting to get out. The lining of her bra could be seen over her tight dress. She looked at me and gave a smile. Aah! It was divine.

The moment she latched the door from the inside, I jumped on her and started to smooch her. Bindu Akka almost lost her balance and was about to fall. She regained her balance and asked me to control myself. But I just couldn’t. She laughed at me and asked me to wait at least till she had changed her dress.

Like the Vodafone pug, I followed her to her room. She saw me and smiled.

Bindu: Go outside and wait da. I need to change my clothes.

Me: No need.

Bindu: What?

Me: We’ve already been naked. We have also had sex. What does it matter if I’m here when you change?

Bindu: So how was it? Did you enjoy? Yesterday was your first time right? I took away your virginity. Hahaha.

Me:(shyly) Yes. That was my first one. I enjoyed it. I want you all for myself.

Bindu Akka laughed and started to remove her salwar. The moment she took off the top I asked her to stop. She asked why. I told her I wanted her milk tanks. She said, “Uff!” and stood there simply. I went towards her hugged her hard. I undid her bra when hugging only. I took her bra off and threw it on the bed.

Her breasts jumped out to freedom. I started licking and sucking and biting her nipples. She gave out sensual moans. I removed my shirt and shorts. I was only in my briefs. Bindu Akka was in her leggings but naked above the waist. I moved down, kissed her belly button.

I removed the knot of her leggings and dropped it down. I dropped her panties also along with the leggings. She was standing totally naked in front of me. Her facial expressions were as if she already knew I would make her nude. I fondled her breasts.

Sucked them. Bit her nipples. Smooched her. Licked her bellybutton. Licked her pussy. And also fingered her. Bindu Akka gave out moans. She protruded her chest forward and lifted herself up standing on her toes. I, like a wild animal, sucked and licked every inch of her body.

Her earlobes, lips, tongue, neck, back, boobs, armpits, arms, stomach, hips, bellybutton, thighs, pussy, everywhere. Bindu Akka always shaved her private parts. They were clean and shining. I could tell from her reactions that Bindu Akka was enjoying all this as much as I was.

She then got on her knees and pulled down my briefs. She asked me to sit on the bed and took my bunty in her hands. I thought I was in for another handjob, but Bindu took it directly in her mouth. The inside of her mouth was so smooth. Silky smooth. It was wet and I can’t find the words to describe it.

She then increased the speed of her blowjob. I was literally mouth-fucking her. It was heaven. I had jerked off earlier and so, even though my dick was rock hard. I was sure I wouldn’t cum anytime soon. Some of my kinky fantasies suddenly came to my mind.

I stopped her told her I wanted to try some of the things I used to imagine about her. She gave me a naughty smile and said okay. I asked her to lie flat on the bed and she did it with a big smile. I gave her a kiss on the lips and went to the kitchen. I brought honey in a small cup.

I dipped my index and middle finger in it and rubbed the honey all over her boobs and stomach. She said she had butterflies in her stomach. She was enjoying this so much. I even rubbed some honey on her lips, chin, and neck. She said it kind of tickled.

I put both my honey-covered fingers in her mouth and she licked it all. I then started licking and sucking her lips. Then gradually moved down licking off all the honey. I first cleaned the whole stomach area and then started with her boobs. That was something else.

Bindu Akka was lying flat on the edge of the bed. I was kneeling down on the floor smooching her and sucking her boobs. I dipped my fingers in honey again and started fingering her pussy all the while sucking on those large boobs. Bindu started moving her hips up and down.

I went in between her legs and started licking the honey in her pussy. Bindu held my hair and pulled my head into her pussy. I licked her pussy clean. Just as I was tonguing and fingering her. Bindu gave out a loud moan and orgasmed with a big vibration of her body.

Bindu gave a big sigh, lifted her head, looked at me and gave a smile of relief. I smiled back and said-Me: It’s not yet over.

Bindu: I know. Just put your penis in my pussy and fuck me hard. (with a wink) I know you can do it even rougher than yesterday.

Me: I’ll get to it. (with a big grin) But first I want to try something with your ass.

Bindu: (hesitantly) Okay. I don’t like anal but anything for you. If it hurts, you must stop immediately.

I was on cloud nine. My sex goddess. She didn’t even ask what I wanted to do. She even said she’d try anything for me. I was so turned on. I kissed her wet pussy lips and again rushed to the kitchen.

I had seen a lot of porn and so I knew that anal would be painful at the beginning. And this was no ordinary lady. Bindu was my goddess. I wanted to take the utmost care when pleasuring her and myself.

I don’t know what I was thinking or what I wanted to do. I took a little cooking oil in a small cup and took a carrot from the fridge. I went into the room. That scene was majestic! Bindu was nude, lying on the bed. Her face and boobs were glowing with sunlight. This drove me even more crazy.

I gave her a kiss on the lips. She opened her eyes and asked me what I was about to do. I showed her the oil and the carrot. I don’t know if she understood what I wanted to do but she rolled over, lying on her stomach. I smiled and slapped her butt cheek. She said, “Hey, slowly.”

I smiled and smacked again. I wide-opened her butt cheeks. Her asshole was revealed. It looked as if it was inviting me to some hidden world inside. I rubbed a little oil on the area around the hole. Then I poured about 5-6 drops inside it. Bindu gave a light moan.

Hearing her moan, I could feel the oil flowing into her ass as if it was flowing inside my ass. This sent a chill vibration through my spine. I rubbed a little oil on the carrot and slowly put it in her asshole. She didn’t react to anything. I pushed it a little deeper and she gave a light moan.

I got aroused even more and pushed it further down. Bindu asked me to stop as it started hurting her. I told her to relax her muscles. She said, “No. Take it out.” But I didn’t. I bent down and kissed her on the back of her ears and rubbed my left hand all over her back. She relaxed with a sigh.

I pushed the carrot in further with my right hand. Now Bindu’s sounds of pain started turning into moans of pleasure. I was kissing the back of her ears and neck. I pushed the carrot slowly and slowly until it was on its edge.

I whispered in Bindu’s ear, “The carrot is in all the way in.” (BTW it was a pretty long carrot). Bindu was shocked at herself. She smiled at me and said that she didn’t know she would be able to take it. I took out the carrot slowly and again put it in slowly. I did this for about 3-4 times. Her asshole got used to it.

Bindu asked with a laugh, “Are you done? Or do you have any more such kinky ideas?” I told her that I had tons of them and 1 day wouldn’t be enough. She laughed hard and said, “I’ll be here only with you. I know you’ll do this to me every day. We can enjoy slowly. There’s no need to hurry.”

I was very very happy listening to her words. She was ready to do it every day. And moreover, enjoy it. I couldn’t handle that much happiness. I then told her to lift up her hips. I put 2 pillows below her stomach to raise her hips. I again slid the carrot fully in and kept it there.

Now I put my rock hard cock inside her pussy and slowly started moving my dick in and out. Bindu started to continuously give out moans of pain and pleasure. I got even more aroused. I was fucking her in doggy style with a carrot in her ass.

I pulled both her hands back with both my hands and started thrusting harder. Bindu wanted to scream but couldn’t (or else, the neighbors would hear). She desperately tried to keep her voice down. All of a sudden, she orgasmed but I didn’t stop. I was fucking her very roughly.

Her pussy juices were flowing out and it became slippery. My dick started to slip out of her pussy continuously. I stopped ramming her. Took out the carrot. I could see the sexual relief in her eyes through the mirror. There was a mirror diagonal to the bed. She gave a sigh of relief. But I was in no mood to stop.

I slowly started to put my dick in her asshole. Her asshole was already lubricated with the oil and my dick was more than lubricated with her pussy juice. My dick easily and slowly went in. Bindu gave me a confused look through the mirror.

She thought I had cummed when she orgasmed. I told her that I had jerked off before she came home. She bent her head down in an ‘Oh no,’ kind of expression. I smiled, slapped her butt cheek and in one thrust put my whole dick in. Bindu screamed at the top of her voice.

I’m sure the whole neighborhood heard that scream. I quickly pulled out. There were tears in her eyes. I said sorry. I thought she got very upset and would ask me to stop. But instead, she asked me to do it gently. My Bindu Akka. She was ready to take that pain for me.

Even though there were tears in her eyes, she asked me to continue. She was really a goddess.I then slowly, very carefully put it in. Asking her every time, “Shall I put in a little more?” She took her time and slowly guided me in. In time, she took in my whole dick.

I could see she was in pain because she was squeezing the bedsheet. Both my hands were on her hips. I moved my left hand all over her bareback and massaged her. My right hand went under and squeezed her boobs. Bindu slowly started relaxing. Her butt muscles eased up. I started to slowly hump her.

Once I felt that she was comfortable with it, I pulled her head back by her hair with my right hand. I firmly gripped my left hand on her left shoulder. I looked in the mirror and two drops of tears rolled down her eyes. And then she started smiling at me with pain and pleasure.

That scene through the mirror was mind-blowing. I was fucking Bindu doggy style in the ass. I pressed her left shoulder tightly with my left hand. I pulled her hair back roughly. Her back arched. I started to vigorously hump her. I could feel the pressure build-up in my dick.

In no time I cummed hard in her ass. I put all of my sperm inside my goddess’ ass. Bindu threw away the 2 pillows below her and fell on the bed. I fell over her nude sexy body with my dick still inside her ass. My head was over her’s. She lovingly rubbed my cheeks with her hand over her head.

I said, “Thank you, baby. I never knew I would enjoy anal sex this much.”

I said, “No no. Thank you for understanding and taking care of me.” I slept off over her right away with my dick still inside her ass. This is how my Bindu Akka made me enter the sexual world. After this, I fucked her almost every day for nearly 2 years. We tried so many things.

I was never so gentle during sex after that, except on some rare occasions. After that, she had to move out because of her career. We’re still in contact and whenever possible, we still have sex. I’ve had tons of sexual encounters and I’ll write about them in the coming days.

I’ll even tell you all and some of the things which happened with Bindu Akka only within those 2 years. I’ve had sex with family members and colleagues on whom I had crushes/infatuations. But none of them match with my first experience with my goddess.

None of them would be possible without that first one. First experiences are always one of a kind. Don’t you agree with me, guys? I’m sure all of you also remember your first experiences with the minute details.

Please give me your valuable comments/feedback. You can contact me on hangouts or mail me at [email protected].

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