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I am not going to use any names; nor am I going to describe the girl in this story. You have full freedom to think of any girl you want. Get her in your head and start reading.

This story dates to the time I was 18. A girl from my school had a huge crush on me and over the time post school we bonded over gtalk and we decided to get into a relationship.

It was an evening date; we decided to meet at the garden. It was the first date for me but she was pretty experienced (you know what I mean).

I met her at the garden entrance. We started talking and started walking in the garden. We went and sat at a spot and one thing led to another and we became horny.

We became wondering what to do when suddenly it struck her that there was a secret lane in the garden where couples sit, cuddle and do stuff they can’t probably do in public.

We went in the lane and saw the young horny India. There were couples talking, sticking tongues into each other’s mouth while some going one step further. Surprisingly we actually struggled to find a spot.

Eventually we found one and sat pretty uncomfortably for a couple of minutes. We were sitting spaced apart; she moved closer. Our arms met. I sit close to many girls generally but this one ran shivers down my spine. I moved my hand behind her and placed it on her waist.

She moved closer and kissed on my left cheek. During that her breast pressed on my hand and those huge melons felt like the softest cushions ever made.

She went back; and I moved along and went ahead kissing her neck. She moaned for the first time. Little did she know; she was so going to get used to it. I moved my left hand over the waist upwards and felt her left breast. She fell onto my shoulder and submerged deeper as I went on pressing it.

I wanted to find the nipple; so I started pressing her boob everywhere in an attempt to find the hard part which was obviously the nipple. The moment I found it; it pinched it hard from over her top.

“Ouch..!!!”, she shouted and we suddenly gained attention. I gave a scornful smile.

Another guy buried deep into his girlfriend’s throat looked at us for the tiniest moment and dived back into her mouth.

My girlfriend asked me to go slow. I was in no mood to listen.

We looked deep into each other’s eyes and smooched. That was my very first smooch and it was awesome. She was the best kisser. The way we played with our tongues made us both overly horny. I moved my hand over her breast and started pressing them hard. Every time I pressed them hard, we moved even closer and our kiss revved. There was apparently an unsaid conduct of the lane. Whoever spotted the security guard coming towards the lane had to start coughing. That happened and by God’s grace, I was distracted and we broke that awesome kiss.

All the couples started chatting normally. Some even started pretending to be playing games. The security came; noticed the coupled and went their way. We were both horny but our temperatures had dropped due to the unpleasant interference. So we decided to talk. I had a mobile phone with a camera; and being one fond of photography had a lot of clicked pictures. She started watching those. Meanwhile I rested my hand over her shoulder.

She was watching the pictures and my hand started wandering downwards her shoulder. I touched the bare skin near her neck and started moving downwards. I could sense a shiver but she did well to not disclosing her emotions. She kept watching the pictures.

My hand lowered and the skin started feeling softer. There was her slip. I went inside it and could feel her awesome cleavage on my bare hands. Gosh, it was so soft. Softer than the balloon breast I used to masturbate using. I started fondling it. Her rack was huge and I was having the time of my life.

I went further and touched the bra. In no time I cupped her entire left breast and started jiggling it. She had stopped changing pictures though we were both looking at the screen.

I found her nipple and started playing with it. I nipped it and she started moaning into my shoulder. Out of nowhere she started biting my neck like a vampire as I nipped her harder.

I used the elastic of the bra and placed it beneath her breast; repeated the same for the other one and started enjoying her awesome boobs.

The guy from the couple opposite to us was watching my actions while he kissed his girlfriend. To spice up things; out of nowhere I pulled her top and slip downwards and gave him an ample view of the awesome mangoes I was enjoying.

She noticed, pulled it up, gave me a naughty look and left for the washroom.

I was left alone there; so I started watching other couples. The guy who saw my girlfriend’s cleavage looked in the mood to return the favor. While they hugged he pulled her tank top completely down and exposed her breasts in full view to me. She didn’t seem to mind while she also noticed me checking that out. They hugged again and the girl then covered her breasts. I wondered why.

“I’m back.” My girlfriend had returned. And that girl was smart.

It was getting late and we had to return home. So we indulged into one last deep smooch. She adjusted her bra and her top and then we left.

Meanwhile I also winked the awesome couple that was seated opposite to us. We ate a little in a nearby restaurant and went home.

For knowing what happened on the second date…. STAY TUNED…!!

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