My First Date With Online Friend

Good morning to All readers ISS. I’m a regular fan who enjoyed the stories stared by other folks here and I’m inspired by all the stories here and composing my first date which happened in 2010.

I’m 29 yrs old fair and fun loving guy and going to hit 30 in couple of days girls date sex were the common topics that was often used at my work place. I was wondering how these guys (my colleagues) managed to date almost every week.

Late I got to know the secret of their date it was nothing but a simple registration to a dating site out of curiosity and I registered to a paid subscription and got lots of responses which dint last longer than a couple of email responses.

One fine day one I received a call from a un known number from Hyderabad. She called herself as Priya who used to work in Bangalore for one of the MNCs here. She had a cute voice and my imagination started to think that she should definitely be a beauty queen.

Our conversations continued for a couple of days on general topic. One fine day I broke the suspense and told that I’m looking for a date and lucky she was looking for the same. So we decided to share our pictures and I was amazed to see her lovely pictures.

Great bold eyes, lovely lips and what not and she had everything perfect that I could imagine. I was only thanking God for such an opportunity after a week’s time we decided to meet in Bangalore. I made arrangements for her stay in one of the beautiful Serviced apartments here.

The room was perfect for a real date and she was 26 years old, she appeared to me like an angel, with required curves on required parts as soon as we entered the apartment, we gave a wild hot kiss and smooched for a long time and things were easy for us as our telephonic conversations made us gel easily.

Since we both were in need of sex, we started undressing and played for a while smooching, hugging, caressing. We broke our romance after almost 30 minutes and she went to the restroom to freshen up and I said to myself that this is the luckiest day in my life after 10 minutes Priya appeared in front of me wearing a turkey towel wrapping her young beautiful body.

I believe me I was not only enjoying every second, but was thanking god for this day. She was hot, and gave me a hot hug and since this was my first time, my tool started to react immediately about me unlike all other story writers, I’m not going to fake on my tool size mine is 5.3 in length average amongst Indians with good stamina..

We started kissing each other and I un wrapped her towel and captured her beauties. She had perfect pink tits not too big nor small was those average and perfect for me to handle. I slowly started to kiss all over her face and then moved slowly to her neck and then to her boobs. She loved the way.

I kissed her as we were romantically connected to each other. I started fondling her boobs and playing for a while by this team she was so horny and wet down there. I slowly went down further kissing her whole body. I could feel her rush deep down there. It was time for me to remove her panty.

I’m fond of licking a girls pussy but was little hesitant for the first time. Now I got a glimpse of her wet pussy which was dripping with her love juice. I used a tissue first to wipe it off and then slowly started kissing her pussy lips. She guided me to those spots which made her feel aroused to the extreme.

She started morning when I started to lick her fast and started to tease her clit with my teeth slowly. I could sense that she is reaching her orgasm so I started to play faster, licking her like hell. She pressed my head against her pussy for a long time and I was suffocating for a while.

Finally she splashed some of her love juice and she wanted me to taste her juice for which I was not comfortable the first time. I slowly moved up and kissed her lips for a while and asked for a blow job and she was hesitant too since it was her first time.

So I did not push her too much for it then we slowly started and got ready to have sex and she spread her legs for me and I started to thrust her it was tight and but her wet juice helped me go deep in her smoothly. I was in heaven when my penis felt her tight pussy.

We did for a while in missionary and then moved to doggy style. I loved this position and we tried almost all different positions sex on sofa on floor near the window in the bathroom and the whole day. The best part was the sounds and the moaning and she made for each thrust.

She loved it and it kind of gave me more energy to drive her crazy. I could see her white discharge on my penis and was capturing all that beautiful moment through my eyes and we both enjoyed the time we spent together. It was almost 3PM and we both were tired and hungry and I ordered for food.

We were lying naked hugging each other like boyfriends and girl friends after a while, food arrived and we started to eat and we shared food with each other it was romantic then we decided to go out for a walk in the evening. We came back at 7 had another session and our initial agreement was to stay only for a day together and hence.

I went to drop her till the main road and helped her catch an auto. I was so tired was feeling hungry. So I decide to grab some snacks and by the time and I returned back to me service apartment, I was surprised to see Priya already waiting for me near my door. I asked her what happened, and if she left something here in the room.

She said yes, she missed me and would want to spend the whole night with me. I hugged her and we both stepped in order for her favourite biryani and had several sessions the whole night and she was sleeping in my arms like a baby and I was admiring her sleep for a long. I felt a sleep after some time and woke up all of a sudden around 4 AM.

I was horny by then and tried to wake her up and she was in deep sleep and hence I started fondling her pussy was completely dry now slowly it started to become wet and I knew she is awake now so I started kissing her, smooching her and she responded to me romantically.

We had unprotected sex this time which last long it was great sex though I could only feel it now and I might have not expressed it so well as this is my first writing. We both loved our company and believe me she gave me a BJ with a chocolate cream on my cock omg! Those were amazing time that I had in my life.

Since then we agreed to meet once in a month and we met twice after that and she had to fly to Honkong to take care of her dad’s business. I miss this cutie in my life her thoughts still flashes my mind now and then and she left a trace of her in mind.Feel free to share your views and hope you enjoyed my story as well crazyluv121 at

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