My First Encounter With Iss Couple

How I met an Indian sex story couple and have a great time with them. Ate her pussy and fucked her with her husband.

Hi, friends. It’s ur favorite abhay from Jaipur. Thank you all for a huge response from my last sex story. On a huge demand from the last responds I m back with another sex story but this time it’s totally an imaginary sex story.

U all know m vitals so I m skipping it. Guys plz it’s a request, it’s m first time I m writing an imaginary story so if u find and mistakes, plz forgive me. Suggestions n comments are always welcomed. I respond to every mail I get.

Many Indian sex story readers asked me to cook a sex story on their first meet with me. This sex story tribute to all my readers. Now let’s begin our sex story.

After I published my last sex story “A birthday to remember for the lifetime”, I started getting too many responses. In those emails, I got an email from a lady from Delhi. Her name was Elena (name changed). We talked on email for several days n became good friends. She is very polite n cool by nature. We had sex talks. One she told me, she will be visiting Jaipur with her husband, so we decided to meet. I have never talked or chatted with her husband before but according to her, he was fine with our relationship (me & her). So the day came. I went to their hotels. She welcomed me in.

Her husband was a regular Indian guy like us all. We sat together talked for some time. They made me feel very comfortable. They both were jolly. We all went for lunch later. Elina’s husband Rohan (name changed) asked me to join them for the dinner as well n later we can party in their room to which I sadly refused. I was feeling too sad on saying no to them but they understood. So we made plans for the next day.

At night, Elina messaged me that she is ready & wants to get fucked in front of her husband and her husband is fine with it. I cheered up with lust n happiness. I couldn’t sleep whole night n even masturbated in her memory.

Elina is pretty with a figure of 34-28-36 and 5.6 ft. Tall with light brown color skin which is too soft. Rohan is 5.9 ft. Tall, well built with a little tummy.

So next day, the again went to their hotel. Knocked their door. Elina asked me to come in. I entered in & saw Elina was in bed n Rohan was in the bathroom. Elina asked to sit beside her on the bed. I went n sat. She holds m hand n took it inside her blanket. I was surprised, she was fully naked. She put m palm on her boob. Her breath was too smooth m hand slipped from it. She smiled at me and placed a deep kiss on m cheek. Elina then pulled me towards her n hugged me and pulled me inside her blanket. Now we both were horny. We started kissing each other passionately. We both forgot abt Rohan.

She quickly unbuttoned my shirt n squeezed her boobs on my chest. We smooched for some time then I started sucking, squeezing her boobs. She was playing with my hairs. I could feel her nails on m back. I ate her breath till they got red and her nipples became hard. She undid m jeans and took out m cock. I was sucking her ear lobes n neck while Elina was stroking m cock gently. She was also softly moaning “Aaaa mmm-aaaa”. I was enjoying it n was not in a hurry. I moved down inside the blanket to her navel. Her skin was baby soft. I softly bit on her navel and start eating it up. I licked it wet n then sucked it dry. Now she was moaning heavily “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh-iiiii lllluvvv uuuuu——– I am urs-fuck me now-aaaa” n has tightened her grip in m hairs. Then I turned her n made her laid on her stomach.

Now I again went up to her neck n started kissing her again. I sucked n kissed her whole back with some sweet bites. By now she was too horny n wanting m cock in her hole badly. I went down to her feet n started sucking her fingers n played with her legs. Now I came to the middle at her hips. First I slapped her hips till they got red then I bite them softly n then kissed n sucked them. I took m tongue to her ass hole n licked it. She was moaning madly now “Aaahhahhahhahahaaa-love me-I am urs-fuck me like a Randy-fill me with ur sperm-aaaaaaaaaaa-don’t tease me anymore”. I slipped a finger into her ass hole n fuck it for some time while slapping her ass cheeks.

She was mad n moaning very badly now. Suddenly we heard a voice. We both got surprised n came back to our senses. It was Rohan. He was sitting on sofa n said he watched it all. First of all, I was a little afraid that he said it’s ok I can fuck her but in front of him. He was in a towel n we both could see his erection. He removed his towel n sat on the bed next to us. Elina jumped out of the blanket n came over me. She was smiling very naughtily. The bed was little wet bcoz of her juices.

Elina pushed me to bed n sat over me with her pussy on m mouth. The aroma of her pussy can’t be described in words. It felt like I was in heaven. I pushed m tongue inside Elina’s pussy n started fucking her with m tongue. Her juices were flowing all over m face. She bends a little n took m dick in her hands n started giving me a handjob. Her hands were squeezing m cock. Now we came in 69 position. I was fingering her pussy, licking-sucking- biting it. Elina was giving me a blowjob along with handjob. Rohan came nearer n inserted his 2 fingers in Elina’s ass hole. She moaned out loud “Aaaaaaaaaaaa-tear it-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh- fuck me Abhay-aaaaaaaa” n squirted her pussy juice on me. Her juice was too tasty. It was sweet.

We changed our positions now. She bent her knees n hands & asked me to fuck her from behind. I put a condom on m penis & went behind her, slapped the ass, she moaned, I inserted m thumb in her ass hole n penis in her pussy. Her pussy was too wet n slippery with her juices that on penis went in with a single push. Rohan gave his cock in Elina’s mouth. I was fucking her now. I rode her with full speed n she was moaning with Rohan’s cock in her mouth “Aaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaahhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm-aaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeee-fad do meri chut-main tumhari hu- mujhe apni randi bana lo-aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeee-ooooooooooooaaaaaaaaa-chodo mujhe kutiya ki tarah”. She asked me to abuse her to which I denied. I don’t like abusing. I slowed down a bit. Now I was slapping her ass n fucking her ass hole with m thumb & pussy with m cock. Rohan was gagging her throat, slapping her. Her face was all red n wet now. Even her hips were red.

Now we flipped her over n made the laid on her back. Rohan sat on her stomach tit fucking her. He was pinching Elina’s boobs n pulling her nipples while fucking her. I inserted m cock in her ass now. Elina’s ass hole was tighter than her pussy. It was warm inside. I also pushed my 3 fingers inside her pussy. She was moaning loudly now “Oooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii-aaaaahhhhhh-fuck me hard-meri gaand or choot faad do-chodo mujhe-aaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa”. I was horny n was going to cum. I came inside her ass in the condom. Removed m condom n feel on the bed for some rest. Rohan came all over her breast n mouth. Elina then licked clean Rohan’s cock n came to lick my cock.

Elina was licking m half erect cock while Rohan was licking her pussy from behind. In no time Rohan started drilling her pussy, Elina bit m cock in excitement. Now I also started fucking her mouth. We all were too horny, I & Rohan were fucking Elina too badly that her pussy was leaking juices n I was gagging Elina’s mouth till her throat. Soon we both came together. I ejected all m sperm in Elina’s mouth while she swallowed all & Rohan came in her pussy filling it. Rohan’s sperm was dripping out of Elina’s pussy with her juices. We all were too exhausted by now so we fell on the bed to get some rest. After half an hour I went back to my office making a promise to return at night since it was a Saturday.

At night I made a false excuse to my wife of going out with my friends and came back to their hotel. I went in their room. This time Rohan was watching tv in his underwear while Elina was in bathroom talking shower. Rohan told me I was at the right time, they were just going to start loving again. Rohan asked me to call Elina from the bathroom. I went to bathroom n knocked the door. Elina asked me to come inside. “Oh my god” was the only thing which came out of my mouth when I saw her in the shower. She was looking like a sex goddess, so pretty n beautiful that m penis started jumping inside my jeans. I quickly undid m clothes, put a condom & went into the shower to join her.

I passionately smooched her, hugged her tight, pushed her to the wall n lifted her. I inserted m penis in her pussy n started fucking her in the shower. People just can’t explain m feeling enough, it was a unique feeling. We both were enjoying it. Now I turned her n made Elina lean on the wall. I adjusted myself and penetrated her asshole. Her ass was the best, round n white, so tempting. It was warm inside her ass n she even squeezed them further for more pleasure. We both fucked for some time and came out of the shower. We dried each other n went back in the room naked.

Elina went n hugged Rohan. She thanked him for bringing her to Jaipur n kissed him. They both went to bed. Rohan was laying on bed n Elina was on him. She was riding his cock with full pleasure n satisfaction. I went behind her and made her lean over Rohan. I started pushing m cock in her ass hole now n in few tries it went completely in. Now Elina was sandwiched between me and Rohan. I was fucking her ass & Rohan was fucking her pussy. Elina was going mad n horny & started moaning “Aaaaaaaaaaa-love me-tear me fuck my holes-make me ur bitch-aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”. She was leaking too badly this time, even from her ass. Elina suddenly made a scream and released a lot of juices from her ass n pussy. I n Rohan kept fucking her for some more time. Elina was out of her senses n fell on Rohan. I n Rohan came together after some time.

We three rested for some time, got cleaned up, wore back our clothes n chatted for some time. Elina thanked me for meeting them n giving her such a pleasurable n memorable time. She also thanked her husband Rohan for understanding her n bringing her to Jaipur. We had some snacks, cold drink, some more chats n laughs. Later I went back to my house promising them to meet up again in the future.

That’s all people. Hope u all have enjoyed my sex story. Any girl or lady wish to contact me can email me. I am available for sex, chats, friendship. Feel free, everything will be kept secret.

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