My First Experience With Akash

Hi guys and this is Indu Kumar and I am new to this site. I have been reading many stories in ISS from past 1 year but I never wrote any. This is my first story about me I am 24 years bisexual from Hyderabad height 5.7 lean with hairy body and an average looking guy.

This happened about 3 years back when I am doing my degree 3 years back. This is my true experience with my friend Akash. About Akash he is my classmate of same age 5.8 heights fair in color and average body. Now let’s go in to the story.

During our second year after the dussera vacations I reached my hostel 1 day earlier as I cannot reach the classes on time if I start the next day even Akash reached the hostel on the same day. That night we chit chatted for a while and decided to go for a nearby restaurant to have our dinner.

We enjoyed our dinner and reached hostel at 11 pm as I am tired I said to Akash that I am going to bed as I was alone in the room and Akash’s roommates has not yet arrived so he said he will stay in my room. I readily agreed. By that time I don’t have any feelings towards him.

He came and joined our beds and slept beside me in the middle of the night I felt a warm breath close to my face and slightly opened my eyes and saw Akash very close to my face may be just 2 to 3 cms away from my face.

I liked the feeling and didn’t move and pretended as if I am sleeping in a few seconds he came even close and slightly touched my lips. This was my first time someone touching my lips with theirs.

I enjoyed it and waited same to see what his next move is. He tried to open my lips with his and I slightly opened my lips. He slowly inserted his tongue in to my mouth and started to touch mine. Later he slowly started to kiss me. I responded to him. But still acting as if I was sleeping.

He slowly lowered his hand to my chest and started to press them from my shirt. I was enjoying it a lot. Mean while he did not stop kissing me on my lips. He them removed the buttons of my shirt and started to like them. He did it for almost 5 minutes and then he slowly moved downwards from my chest.

By this time I was unable to control myself and thought of waking up and support him but due to fear I was unable to do it. He then slowly pulled my track down and my 8 inch cock was standing by then. He got hold of it and slowly started it to and fro.

He then pulled back the fore skin and kissed on the tip of my cock. He then started to squeeze my cock. But I remained unmoved. He then put my cock in his mouth and started to give a blowjob. I enjoyed it a lot and started to morn slowly.

He then came back and made me hold his cock. I thought of jumping from my bed and have it in my mouth but didn’t do it of fear. But I hold his cock tightly as if I won an award for the first time. He again started to kiss me on my lips but this time with some force.

All the time he was kissing him never hurt me. I left his cock as I got a doubt that he was aware that I was awake. He then again started to give me a blow job with his hand. He later on took my balls it in to his mouth and started licking them.

He then took my cock in his mouth and gave a blow job. After 4 to 5 minutes of the blow job I released all my cum in his mouth. I thought he will split out all cum but to my surprise he drank all cum and even licked my cock. He then came to my lips and kissed them gently and came near to my ears and said thank you dear.

I had a shiver in my body thinking that he came to know that I was awake. But I still pretended sleeping. He cannot move further as I was pretending sleep. I enjoyed my first experience with Akash. But the only disappointment is that I haven’t seen his cock but just touched it as I was pretending sleep.

The next morning I woke up and found the beds separated and Akash had already left to his room when we met during our breakfast I acted as I knew nothing that happened last night. Even he behaved as nothing happened. I am relieved that he didn’t have any doubt that I was awake.

We use to have our mess and college at one place and the hostel is a little bit away. During lunch break Akash said that he had left an important material in hostel and asked me to accompany him. We went to his room and he locked it.

I didn’t respond to it and he came and lay on the bed. I asked him to search for the book as we are getting late. He said lets lay for a min. I sat on the bed and he made me lay on the bed. He slowly stared to put his leg on mine and started to come on me I pushed him away got up and asked him what he what doing.

He got up in a second and pressed me to the wall and said that he knew I was awake last night and enjoyed the entire session. I got shocked by this and before I came to senses he locked my lips with his and the next part will be continued by the response. Please catch me at [email protected] I hope you guys like the story. I will be waiting for your response.

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