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Well let me tell u something about myself first. My name is Abhishek Saxena. I’m working as a Manager in a firm now to be really honest. I had never been in a homosexual act before this incident. And even this one wasn’t planned. ever since i started working my life had been very stressful. WORK WORK And WORK!!!.., I hardly had time to go out with my Girlfriend, so we kind of grew distant. I was already quite stressed about my work and my failing relationship when this incident happened!, My stressful life started affecting my health as i started having muscular pains.

One day while working out at the gym i accidentally sprained my leg. The pain was unbearable!, I lived alone so i went to my neighbours place the next day. I met my next door Aunty. I told her about my sprain and asked her if she could help me out. After examining my condition, she suggested me her personal massager. She booked my appointment with him at 8:00PM the next day! now let me tell u somethings about my looks. I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall, and since i have been working out since college. I’m pretty well built and if i may add I’m quite hairy at my chest and my pubic region. Coming to my Asset i have a decent 6.5 inch cock 🙂

Coming back to my story, The next day i came back home at around 7:30PM from work and i was tired like hell. So all i was thinking of was is the massage i was about to have in the next 30 mins!, anyways the massager was dot on time! Now let me describe him. He was a big guy, About 6 feet tall with big biceps and deep voice. He had a stubble and to be honest he was handsome!!! We went into my bedroom and he asked to lie down, since my worst affected area was my right thigh, Iasked him to massage it first and to focus more on it. first lifted my leg and placed it over his shoulder and gave me one legged squat as brought my leg in contact with my stomach. I could feel his crotch rubbing against mine at first i didn’t even bother about after 2 reps I did feel awkward!

He then pulled up my pajamas and started to massage my leg while i lay on my bed facing him. Now his hands massaging me felt realllyyyyyy gooooooodddddd!!!!, his slow and steady strokes at my leg felt like heaven!!!!!…, what a relief! now to his surprise i started moaning!!! Ummmmmmmm!!!!!…Uuuuuummmmmmmm!!!…Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!, after a few strokes he asked me to pull down my pajamas for a better massage. Which i did promptly. I was in my underwear laying this time on my chest.but after a few strokes. He suddenly pulled up my underwear. First from the left then from the right. My underwear was Bearly covering my asshole!!!

It became whether when he started giving me small spanks on my hips after each stroke at my leg! All i can say is for some reason the spanks felt goooddd!!!!..;) He then turned me towards him and continued the massage. I closed my eyes to enjoy each and every moment! I could feel him quite close to my crotch!, I could feel his warm heavy breath against my crotch!!!! he started from my toe and moved all the way to my thighs and to my pulled up underwear!!!!! by now i was semi erected!!!!!…i could feel my dick hardening inside my underwear!!!!!…, Just then he gently rubbed my underwear!!!!!…now this was too much for me!!!….my cock was throbbing inside….just waiting to come out!!!!!!!

Just then he slipped his hand inside and after a few minor strokes at my balls…pulled out my cock and started sucking onto it!! This was a total surprise to me!!!, but somehow it felt good his warm tongue around my cock felt really good. He started spitting on my dick as he sucked it. I WANTED MORE OF IT!!!, I grabbed his head and pushed it to my crotch!!!!by now i was moving my ass in a circular motion!!!!! his warm mouth around my cock!!!!!!!…after a few strokes he got upa nd took off his clothes! oh boy!!!!! he was hairy!!!!!….he leaned towards me and started sucking and biting my nipples!!! He was spitting on it biting it amd sucking it!, I could feel his cock touching mine. I could feel our balls rubbing together, IT FELT AWESOME!!!!!….He then turned me around and I was on all four when he thrushes his head into my ass.

He was licking and biting my asshole. Then he started spitting on it again! I didn’t stop him. I didn’t want him to stop! I wanted him to do more. I wanted him to spank me. spank me on my ass! again And again!!!!!…He then tried to thrust his hard cock inside my asshole…it was too tight for him but he continued!!!…i felt this pain like never before….a pain i liked…a pain i wanted more!!!! few seconds later he was FUCKING me!!!! he squeeze my nipples as he did me. I could feel his hard cock inside me. His balls smashing against my balls!!!, He then moved his left hand to my cock and started jerking it. He kissing and biting my neck and my shoulders!!! I don’t remember how long he fucked me. All i remember i having fun!!!, He then turned me around and went 69 on me!!!

For the first time i had a cock so close to my face, He was sucking onto mine licking my balls and biting my cock!!!….I grabbed his big cock and started sucking it!!!….i sucked his balls…i sucked his shaft!!!!…I sucked him till he came into my mouth!!!!…i had his cum all over my lips…my neck.and on my chest!!!, after sometime i cum too!!!….He then got up looked at me with a smile and left! I lay on my bed and fell asleep. This was the story of my first gay experience hope u liked it!!!….any reviews or comments on [email protected].

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