My First Lesbian Experience – Part 2 (Blackmail Sex)

First of all, I want to thank you for your response and it meant a lot to me and made me write the second part. The second thing I am a boy and this story is not mine but my one of the close friend Ramya.

I am going to start a new series – “The Diaries Of Ramya In Mumbai”. Please encourage me by reading this story and also by reading my upcoming series. If you have any queries you can contact me through my mail.

Coming into the story.

Sheela saw us while we are on the edge of our orgasm. She was awestruck seeing both of us in that position. She didn’t speak a word with us for 2 days after that incident and we both were afraid that she would tell what she saw to all our classmates.

One fine and romantic evening where we are enjoying ourselves by fingering each other, Suma got an SMS from a private number.

Sms: Hi sexy. How are you??

Suma: Who are you??

Sms: It doesn’t matter much now. If you don’t want to publish the video on the internet, meet me in the old building of our college. Bye, sexy! ????

Suma: What video??

After that message, she got an MMS of Suma and me romancing in that building. Suma almost screamed and said it was none other than Sheela who took the video. Then Suma went to meet Sheela at the old building of our college.

Suma: Why are you doing this?Sheela: Wait, babe.

Sheela went close to Suma and kissed her on her lips. A tight smooch landed on Suma’s lips. Suma was shell-shocked and stood motionless. Then Sheela undressed Suma and started kissing her 34B sized boobs.

Sheela then took off her shirt and bra. I was recording the whole thing to get a clear idea of what was happening. I was thrilled to see her boobs. Damn, man! Those 32B boobs were so cute. Every men and boy irrespective of their age if they saw Sheela like this, they will run to the bathroom and masturbate.

Sheela was sucking Suma’s boobs and pinching her nipples. Suma came back to her senses and saw what was happening. She actually became a fan of Sheela after that sucking of her boobs!

Suma: Damn, Sheela! You are really good at sucking boobs.Sheela: Ohh.. Hi bitch!Suma: What?!Sheela: Yeah. You are a bitch. You fucked Ramya and now, you are going to be fucked by me.Suma: Noo!Sheela: Sorry bitch, you don’t have a choice here.

Suma was crying like hell now. But Sheela didn’t care and removed Suma’s pant and panty. Sheela sniffed Suma’s panty and seemed to be enjoying the smell of Suma’s pussy. She was mad after sniffing Suma’s panty. Suma was in a sort of confusion thinking whether she should be sad for getting fucked or to feel happy that Sheela has become a fan of her boobs and pussy.

Meanwhile, Sheela was stretching Suma’s legs and trying to sniff the pussy directly. Suma started enjoying the lesbian action now. Sheela was licking Suma’s pussy like a hungry dog licking bones. Suma was shouting like a cheap public prostitute. Hearing that made Sheela more horny, increasing the pace of her Suma’s pussy licking. Suma was ecstatic and soon reached her orgasm.

After that, Sheela got up and kissed Suma making Suma taste her own vaginal juices which from Sheela’s lips. Watching these desi lesbian girls and their erotic actions, I couldn’t help but start fingering.

Sheela then made Suma lie down on a bench which was in that old building and started kissing her wildly. Suma was enjoying all these so much. Sheela then lifted Suma’s hands and started to lick Suma’s sweaty and hairy armpits. (I wouldn’t have done this to her but Suma was experiencing this for the first time and was enjoying).

Then Sheela was searching for something and went to the next room. In the meantime, I came in and asked her what was happening?

Suma: Sheela blackmailed me saying that she would upload our video in the internet. So I begged her not to upload and she made me do these things.Me: But you are enjoying na darling.

And planted a soft kiss on her lips. Then I heard some footsteps approaching and I quickly got back to my hiding spot. Sheela came into the room and I and Suma both were shocked after seeing what was in Sheela’s hands. Sheela had brought a 9 inches long vibrator with her!

Suma didn’t know anything about vibrators. Sheela switched on the vibration and Suma was bewildered by seeing the vibrator. Suddenly, Sheela inserted the vibrator in Suma’s pussy and put the vibration in high-speed mode. Suma was crying with pain and shouting, “Please stop this, Sheela! I can’t tolerate!”

But Sheela was enjoying this moment and she started to insert a carrot (she had brought earlier) inside Suma’s anal hole at the same time. I felt Suma was in 7th heaven as she was being filled with a vibrator and carrot in her holes at the same time.

Now Sheela started fingering her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved and her naked butt was a sexual feast. She got on top of Suma and directed Suma’s hand to her pussy and ordered Suma to start fingering her.

Hopeless Suma started to finger Sheela and in quick time, Sheela had an orgasm. Sheela then removed the vibrator and carrot from Suma’s pussy and anal hole respectively. She then interchanged the roles of the carrot and the vibrator. Suma was enjoying a lot with the vibrator doing its work inside her ass. I got jealous of Suma that she was getting to enjoy all of these without me.

Sheela then started to bite and eat the carrot and Suma was getting more aroused now. After the carrot was removed, Sheela slowly inserted her fist in Suma’s pussy. Suma was in a lot of pain now. She shouted like hell but no one was there to help.

Then Sheela started to fisting and fucking Suma. After a brief amount of painful screams, the action became enjoyable for Suma. I was also enjoying the moment. I undressed myself and continued fingering vigorously now.

But to my bad luck, my phone rang during as I had forgotten to put it in silent. Sheela heard that and found my hiding spot. I was nude at the time. She saw me and gave an evil smile. ????

So what was the meaning for that evil smile?! What happened between me, Suma, and Sheela??

Post your answers to my email. And I will continue my story in the last part of this trilogy.

Until then, bye guys and girls. If you are a bisexual and know English or Telugu, mail me: [email protected]


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