My First Male Escort Service

Hi, this is a sex story of my first male escort service encounter with a HiFi lady.

About me, I am Shri from Bangalore 22 years old and studying engineering in a reputed college 5.9 feet height with slim body fair enough to attract a girl and about my boner its 7 ” and 3″ thick. Anyone need service in Banglore for one night stand, long term relationship, massage, just to pass your time or any of your fantasies to fulfilled can mail me @ [email protected]Let me start the sex story.I am a big fan of iss and once I read the story of male escort so I thought to try my luck and posted an add in some sites(no need to mention it)

I didn’t get a reply. I thought its waste of time and lost my all hopes.After 15 days I got a mail from unknown saying interest in u wanna meet. I replied all my details and we started to chat there for 3 days she felt comfortable with me exchanged numbers. We told to meet me in the hotel and I was in joy and I went to the hotel booked by her I was dumbstruck by seeing her beauty. About herName: Night( not real because privacy is the key factor for me)Age 34Height 5.5Sizes 32 28 34We both introduced ourselves and had a cup of tea then went inside the hotel we exchanged few things like what are her likes dislikes, fantasies etc.

She is a wife of a rich businessman who always travels around the globe and no time to look and satisfy his wife.

As we entered the room she closed the door and started to cry and I asked what’s wrong and she said all her stories. I felt bad and calmed her by kissing on her forehead (guys my advice if u want to calm down any women just kiss on her forehead ).

I started to kiss on her neck to make her horny and she respond in affirmative then I shifted to lips, her lips are pink with light lipstick. I sucked her lips and our saliva mixed both were feeling like we were in heaven. Slowly I started to caress her boobs with my right hand over her t-shirt she started to give a light moans and asked me to suck those boobs. I slowly removed her clothes and she was nude and I too removed my dress. I was just in my boxers I slowly started to kiss her boobs and started to suck those melons though it was my first time I was like an experienced because I see videos and I know how to satisfy women. Then slowly I started to suck her melons like there is no tomorrow she took my head and placed it between her boobs and she was not acting normally. I understood she reached her orgasm and she left a loud moan and her heavenly juices are out.I slowly shifted to her pussy. She had a clean shaved and looked like a pink pussy and I was crazy after seeing it. I started to lick her pussy juices while she was moaning as please haha mmmm. Lick it fast I can’t control anymore, please. I obeyed her and started to lick like a pro. I slowly started finger fuck her pussy.

First, entered one finger and it was so tight like virgin then slowly enter two she can’t handle. She shouted please do it fast I can’t bear this.I took my fingers back and again started to lick her pussy.By this time my boner was 7″. She removed my boxer and planted a kiss on my dick as it was my first time I felt a current shock passed through my body. She slowly put it in her mouth and started to give blowjob she was like a pro and it continued for more 15 minutes. Then I had my orgasm. She took all my sperms in her mouth and drank.

Again we started to kiss and I shifted to pussy wore a condom and slowly inserted my rod. I was virgin until that it was tight so it was difficult for me I slowly increased the pace and my full dick was inside her heavenly hole. I started to ram her pussy like no tomorrow, she had her second orgasm I continued to fuck her for more 20 minutes and my liquids are out.

Now it’s time for doggy and I made her bend in doggy position and started to fuck her again. I tried almost all positions like 69.New position 68 I have read it some article and my experiment were successful. She loved it a lot and she was tired and asked me to bath her. I took her to bathroom started shower slowly and started to kiss her. We had another round in bathroom.It was 2 am we both went to bed in nude hugged each other she said it’s her best experience. I was happy because in my first attempt I got good compliments.

Morning at 7 we woke up and two more sessions and it’s time to depart. We came out of the hotel and she gave me one bag and told not to open here. I thought it must be something and we planted a kiss and departed. After coming home I opened a bag and was surprised to see the money. It was 35k and had a letter saying thanks for satisfying me and I loved your way of treating and caring women, I am leaving Banglore now so please don’t call or message me thanks for everything.

I felt disappointed and tried to forget everything that happened. I deleted her number and after one month, I had a message in my WhatsApp saying h.i I replied hi and who is this. She said one who loves you most and whom you love the most. I understood it’s her and till now we are on calls messages even though she is somewhere .I don’t know the place because I didn’t ask and she didn’t tell. We will meet soon in future.I hope you all enjoyed the sex story and I need comments from you all if its good are bad no problem all comments are welcome.

So any ladies want service in Banglore, contact me @ [email protected] .Privacy and security are 150% guaranteeThank you all for reading my sex story please keep supporting. Have a sexy day love

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