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Hello readers, myself sip. This is my first story I hope you guys will like it.

Here it goes, I was about to enter my room for my first night, I saw all my bhabhis and cousin sisters sitting around my wife on my bed and chatting. After seeing me at the entrance they understood and they started giggling, winking and one by one started leaving my room and once everyone had left I locked it from inside. Now I saw my beautiful wife sitting alone on the bed in shape with her head covered (typical Indian bahu).

Mine will be arranged cum love marriage, once the engagement was done, we used to meet and hangout for lunch, dinner, movies and parks. This way we came to know each other and we fell in love. I am a very funny romantic and shy person. She started liking me and we both started liking each other and getting comfortable. I used to hold her hand and kiss her in public places for which she used to get scared. I took her to the parks and we used to sit with our hands wrapped around waists. I was getting attached towards her and was getting eager to proceed further. One day with my arm around her shoulder touched and pressed her left breast for which she got angry and she never spoke to me for one whole day. Next day she texted me but I didn’t reply because I was sad and angry too for such small thing she got angry.

Then she said sorry and convinced me and told she will give me a treat and a surprise. I was excited after hearing about the surprise. I started dreaming about kisses and touches. In the next meet, she took me to a restaurant which was pre-booked by her for both of us which looked like a private place and yes it was my first candlelight dinner of my life. I got little emotional at that moment because I have never gone out with any other girl for lunch or dinner. She came close to me and consoled me and gave me a very tight hug and said I love you, my lifelong partner. I was very happy at her gesture. We took our seats and had lunch. After the lunch, I pretended to go to the washroom and went out and said to the waiter not to enter the place for 10 to 15 mins and came back. When she was about to leave I pulled her and made her sit on my lap, she got shocked and saying waiter will come in, leave me.

I said don’t worry and I asked her to my surprise. She said this was the surprise. I said I don’t want this, I want the reason why we had this. She was resisting for this request and then finally she kissed me on my lips and I touched her breast they were so soft and the moment was getting heavy so we got separated and left the place.Now coming back to the scene. My love has a very beautiful face and good figure nothing less compared to any Bollywood actress. And I love beautiful looking girls over their figure. So I moved towards the bed and sat to her left. I took her left hand in mine and uncovered her head, my god she was looking more beautiful. I lift her chin and placed a kiss on her forehead and on her hand. I said I love you and she just blushes. I without wasting any time sat behind her and started kissing on her neck, ears and I could see her back covered with horizontal strings of her blouse and a knot at the bottom. I untied the knot and entire blouse became loose. I could sense her breathing getting heavier. Now I bent my head and placed a kiss on her waist, she just shivered. I moved my hands on her navel and pulled out the multiple folds of the saree which is tugged inside near the navel.

Now saree was loosened, I had to remove the knot of inside lehenga underneath the saree. I pushed my head near her waist kissed her waist, navel and pulled that knot with my teeth. I could feel the heat in that area on my face. I pushed her lehenga moved further and smelled her pussy and kissed over her panty. She places her hands on my head due to the pleasure. Now the stage was ready everything was loosened I asked her to stand but she was shying. Then I pulled her out of the bed as soon as she stood her entire saree, lehenga everything fell down. She was covering her face and she was standing in blouse and panty. I removed her blouse and removed my shorts and pushed her onto the nearby wall and started kissing on her neck and cleavage and by now my tool was touching her vagina/pussy. Then I put my fingers on her panty to remove it, I felt it was wet with her juices. I removed her panty and now she was full on. Till now she wasn’t doing anything and was just cooperating to my moves.

But now she shocked me, she holds my dick in her left hand. Maybe her pleasure was unbearable and she started pulling my dick towards her vagina, she wanted me to enter my dick in her pussy. As she was pulling and guiding my dick since it was my first sex I without wasting any time followed her and inserted my dick. She said a loud aaahhh and we paused our movements and stood like that for a minute. What a heavenly feeling it was. Now I started pushing my dick further into the standing position itself, she was biting her lips and I was kissing her. I increased my speed and lifted her in my arms with the support of the wall with her legs wrapped around my waist. After 5mins we both reached the climax in the same position and she gave a very long smooch on my lips and she was very happy.This was just the first sex of first night. Seriously, guys, the things which happen for the first time in our life are the feelings to cherish for our entire life.

Any suggestions or feedbacks are welcome.

What happened after our first experience will be coming soon only after the suggestions and feedbacks.

I am still single this is just my dream, hope you will like it. You can contact me at [email protected]

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