My First Sex Encounter With Rajasthani Bhabhi

I am a regular reader of ISS since last 6 months and enjoy reading stories. So I thought to share my real experience which happened 4 years back when I was working in Delhi. I am Pal working in IT field. I was bachelor then and staying in rented house with owner family in ground floor and me along with one Rajsthani family consisting of 2 small kid’s age 1 year and 3 years. I used to call them Bhaiya Bhabhi in respect. Bhaiya was also working in automobile company in IT field. I was very shy in nature and used to hesitate while speaking with them but both bhaiya bhabhi were very frank. My room facing was in such a way that I could see their bedroom clearly sometimes by seeing their nodding I use to close my door as well as windows to make them feel free.

Time passed and I started mixing with them, playing with kids and then our interaction started to be little open. We got to know each other like/dislike in next 2-3 months and atmosphere become very friendly. Sometime I use to have morning tea with them and then Sunday breakfast together become regular feature. One day Bhaiya has to go to village in urgent work for 3 days but bhabhi was not feeling well. So he told me to take care if they need any help. I too went to office when I came back in the evening I saw bhabhi(Sikha name changed) was running with high fever and yelling. I immediately ran to medical shop and brought crocin and gave her and asked her if I can put wet cloth on her head to which see said no need but with my insisting said ok.

I started putting wet cloth on her head during this time she slept when I saw her fever coming down I stopped and ask older kid if she was to eat anything I took her to market and got some eatable to her. I used to cook at my room only so decided to cook but don’t know what happened I cooked in their kitchen keeping bhabhi and kids need also in mind. When she woke up and noticed me in kitchen see was all in tears and said she does not know how see is going to return for my help. I said no worry bhabhi it was my duty in absence of bhaiya. We had dinner and I went to sleep in my room giving her medicine again. Night and day passed she was feeling well now.

I took off from office in order to help bhabhi. In evening she cooked and we had dinner together. As usual I went to my room for sleep. Around 12:00 at night I notice someone is waking on balkani. I open to door and saw bhabhi. I asked if see is all right she said yes but see is not getting sleep don’t know why. She asked if she can sit in my room for some time I said ok and slept on bed while she was sitting.

While chatting with her I fall asleep and she still sitting after some time I notice some soft fingers touching my whole body from top to bottom. I had never experience such kind of touch before so I kept quit but my lund was becoming rod slowly and bhabhi started to play with it. As it was the first time I had the kind of women touch I exploded with 5 min but still kept quit as I am sleeping. Bhabhi removed my underwear and cleaned it and again started to swallow it and after some time she took it in her mouth. I was feeling immense pleasure and in 5 min again I explode this time in her mouth. She drank it fully.

I then open my eyes and asked bhabhi what is see doing to which see said nothing performing her duties. She was in full mood by now and wanted to be fucked and fuck me. She removed my all the cloths and then her nighty and there I saw a sex goddess for the first time in my life. She was very fair taller than me 6″5 with size 32-34-36. Since zero light was on I was not able to see her full nude body so asked her to switch on the light for some time so I can see the sex goddess from top to bottom. My GOD what a fit figure and beautiful body.

After touching/pressing her for some time we switch off the light and she said as I am inexperience she will do everything. She came on my body kissing all around and in one hand playing with my lund I was full wet due to heat of bhabhi body. She was enjoying and I was in seven skies. After some time of play I asked bhabhi if I can lick her choot. This surprised her and she agreed to go 69 position. I started by licking Choot side wall and then placed my tongue in the pussy. She screamed with oooh aaaah. For 15 min I kept licking her pushy deep inside. She exploded to which I drank. She felt immense satisfaction and told me it was the first time someone has licked her pushy.

We were now ready for another fucking session. She asked me to lay down as she is going to fuck me all the way. My lund was already become rod by now. She started pushing it since it was first time my lund was entering in the choot. I was getting pain but enjoying. Slowly slowly she took whole my lund (6″) inside I screamed with pain. To which she shouted “kya Aurat jaise cheekhate ho”. As see was increasing speed I was getting pleasure as well as pain. She also started to moan oooh, aaaaaaaaaah, ooooooh,aaaah. After some time she saw some blood coming out of my lund and see stopped Saying “You have become Man now”. See cleaned my lund properly and gave ointment to apply. See took bed sheet with her to clean next day as it was all dirty. Next 2 day I did not go office due to I was unable to walk properly. I asked bhabhi was this is return to my help she replied this is just beginning.

Since then there were many memorable days till the time I got married. I will narrate in my next writing

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