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Hi this is my first story in ISS which happened to be real. If you like my story, please comment reply, feedback email me at [email protected]

I am 26 year old guy, 5.10 slim, fair, medium looking guys from Kolkata. I am a student in one of the reputed university outside India as I stay abroad; gals’ takes lot of interest in me.

During my school days I used to like a gal staying in my building but I was very shy at that time and never expressed my feelings for her at that time. After almost 8 year I found that gal on fb and I sent her friend request.

She accepted the request next day and we started chatting on fb and within in a week on skype. She was very friendly and nice to me. She told me she had a bf and they recently broke up, they had physical relations as well.

She asked me whether I have any girlfriend or not and I said no. she started taking interest on me and I can feel dat very easily. After chatting, talking over ph and skype I proposed her and she told me.

She will think about the proposal once I’m back to India and after 1 month, I completed my study and came back to India permanently. She is working with govt of India and is free only Sunday (Saturday is also working day for her)

I day I called her up and asked her to meet me on her way to the office, we meet at hazra metro station and my goodness she was looking like a perfect Bengali beauty. She was wearing a light colour kurti with no duppata and leggings.

She told me she is getting late for the office and she hold my hand and pulled me inside the metro. The train was really crowded as it was office time. She was standing facing me and it was so crowded I can feel her breast on my chest.

Then she looked into my eyes and said love you holding my hands as tight as possible. I didn’t said anything, I was thanking god in my mind. Then we get off the train and she left for her office and I came back home. The whole day we sms each other and I told her clearly that I want to kiss her.

She also said she wants to touch me and she took leave from office next day. Her both mom and dad are working so no one is at her flat during day time. So we planned to meet at her house next day. She asked me to visit chemist shop before coming to her place.

I was super excited as I never had intercourse before. I got a packet of condom and went straight to her place, she came to pick me up from bus stand and we went to her place.

It was a 2 bed room small flat in jadavpur, Kolkata. She directly took me to her bedroom as nobody was there. She pulled the curtains of the window and asked me to wait within 2 minutes she changed and came back to her bedroom.

She was wearing a jockey shorts and round neck t shirt. She sat next to me and started kiss me passionately. I lied back on her bed and started responding to her kiss. She knew that this was my first time so she took the initiative while kissing.

I slowly put my hands inside her pants and started pressing it then I asked her whether we r going to have sex? And she smiled at me and said no. Then she tried to take off my t shirt but as I want to kiss her more, so I resisted.

She told me tui ki t shirt pore korbi (are you going to do it with your t shirt on?) Then I took off my t shirt and helped her to take of her t shirt as well. Guys she was hot and horny. She was wearing a black colour bar.

She was very fair like milk, 5.3 tall, 34, 30, 36 figure coloured hair and as she is very fair it suits her a lot as well. We again started kissing each other and this time I was pressing her boobs and ass.

She was so soft and when I told her that you’re so soft she replied baal oy jinis gulo norom e hoi (idiot boobs and ass is always soft). She was very frank and matured which I liked the most. She is very modern kind a gal and I knew that our relationship will not last long.

I was not sure whether I will get another chance to fuck her and so I decided to use the opportunity to the fullest. I asked her to unzip my pants and she took out my animal and started playing with it. I was not hard by that time may be because this was my first time.

She started sucking my dick all off my own and I was helping her to remove her hairs from her face. God she was looking awesome with her specs and black bra sucking my dick after 5 minutes I got the complete erection and I took off her bra.

She got brown nipple and I started eating her boobs like a hungry dog and then I took off her shorts and she was now lying in front of me only in her panty. Leo was written on her panty and I started laughing after seeing that.

She kicked me and asked me satisfy her and I tear her panty. She was not cleanly shaven there. I always had a dream to lick pussy and went for it directly. This was my first encounter with a pussy when I went near her pussy lips to lick it, but I didn’t like its smell.

She understood that straight away and asked me where I kept the condom. She took the condom out from my jeans pocket then sucked my dick for few minutes and put the condom on my dick. So we are all set to fuck her and I was waiting for this day since I grew up.

She spread her leg and lay above her and started kissing her. She guided my dick inside her love hole. I started to stroke her but I couldn’t feel my dick inside her after few stokes I started to feel the real pleasure and I stoked her harder.

She closed her eyes and a tear drop came through her eyes. I kissed her on her forehead and she opened her eyes and said love you and those two words meant a lot to me and I knew I’m doing a good job.

I fucked her in missionary position and den we changed our position. I fucked her 3 times and den we went for a shower and then I dressed up and it time to leave.

She hugged me tight and asked me for one more round then she jumped up in my lap crossing her legs in my waist. I took the support of the wall and started kissing her and she knew she is heavy and I am not able to take her weight.

So we again went to the bed, and gave her a good fuck after few weeks we had another fuck session and den we broke up. She always knew that we don’t have any future and called our relationship friends with benefits.

I used to call her by the name AC (initials of her name) and she used to like it a lot as I’m an electrical Eng. AC, if you reading this and I just want to say that I still love you and will be always there for you. Please email me if you liked this story.

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