My First Sex Experience With Maid Lakshmi

Hi guys! This is Mahesh from Visakhapatnam. When I was 22, I had my first sex. I would like to share it with you guys. After my graduation, I got placed in wipro as a software analyst. As a bachelor, I had to find a rented flat to stay in. I finally found one, in a hilly area surrounded by a country-side beauty. I moved in and after settling in that flat, I found myself so irritating with household works, that I couldn’t manage it all by myself. It was a top floor flat. The view from the balcony gives a large view of the surroundings.

One fine morning, standing in the balcony, I was just wondering how to overcome this difficulty. Suddenly something struck my mind when I was gazing at the huts at the nearby hill. It was actually one middle aged lady, ascending the staircase in the adjacent building with laundry, that struck my eyes. Probably she’s the servant. For a moment, I was taken aback. She had round-shaped fluffy buttocks; her sari was just struggling to cover the whole area. She lifted few inches of her sari and tucked in her waist and the view of her back was a heavenly sight. As I was wondering whether to put someone in charge of the household work, I planned to visit the huts to choose some servant.

On the way back home, I passed by those huts and to my utter surprise, I found the woman, whom I had seen from my balcony the day before. Her name is Lakshmi. I immediately got down the vehicle and asked the woman if she works for household work. She said ‘yes’. I was ready to give whatever salary she wished. She said that she would come from the day after. With a huge content I left and came back home. For the first time ever since my posting in this city, I found myself so happy and contented with something I don’t know.

The next day she rang the bell at my door and came in. As it was dark the day before, when I talked to her, I couldn’t take notice of her except her buttocks. I opened the door and found the angel in front of me. Her boobs were indeed so arousing like her buttocks. Her boobs were perfect shaped and were so fleshy that her black bra was partly visible from her white blouse. I’m very crazy about women who wear black bras. Her sari was again half tucked up and the navel was so fluffy that I couldn’t divert my sight. I let her in after scanning her seductive parts.

I gave a huge sigh when she passed by me and went to the kitchen. The clear view of the shape of her buttocks, when she washed the dishes in the kitchen sitting on the floor was a heavenly sight. My dick started pumping out at the sight of the woman. I went back to my room and masturbated. I started fantasizing her while masturbating. Days passed by, I found the same seductive feel within myself whenever I looked at her fleshy boobs. I always used to figure out how she would look naked before me in bed. This thought always made me horny. I planned to fuck her someday very soon.

Over a period of time, the woman stopped coming for work. I found myself a little guilty though I actually wasn’t. Then, one day, on the way back home from work, I drove to the huts and asked her neighbours about her absence. Then, I came to know that her husband divorced her recently. I thought she wouldn’t come for work any further. But then, after a week or so, the woman started coming for work.

She was very silent that she never spoke a word. But then, I couldn’t resist her silence. One day, while she was sweeping my room, I asked her why she was so sad over something. She said that as her husband divorced her, she has no source of income other than her daily chores, to educate her daughter. Her husband used to send her some money before divorce. But as now, they are divorced, she wouldn’t get any income from her husband. She started weeping at the situation. I couldn’t see her weeping. I got up and held her hand in mine and told her that I would give her some extra salary to help her meet her daughter expenses.

Immediately after this, she fell on to my feet and thanked me very much. She said that she would never ever forget my favour in her life. She was just starting to move out after thanking me. I asked her whether she would return my favour, she said she would return my favour for sure, no matter what it is. This dialogue of her made me so horny and wild that I started hugging her tight and kissed her fleshy boobs and juicy lips. Maybe she was shocked for a couple of minutes or so, she didn’t say anything. But then, after a while she pushed me apart and left the house. I felt my heart throbbing so fast and my dick had gone limp. I felt guilty for being a spoilsport of my plan.

For me it seemed like everything just collapsed. I didn’t go to work the next day. I even noticed the woman’s absence in the morning. It occurred to me that she might have stopped coming for work. To my surprise, I found the woman at my door in the afternoon around 3pm. I let her in and she silently went for her work of washing the dishes. I went into my room and started thinking how to apologize her for my strange behavior the day before. Before I could figure out and walk to her, I found the woman in my room with the broom stick. I said sorry to her and apologized her for what I had done. She kept silent and continued to sweep. I felt more and more guilty for losing a woman’s faith. After a while, she started saying something. She said sorry to me for being rude to me when I was ready to help her.

Me: No. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done such a thing to you.

Lakshmi: No sir! You promised to help me with extra salary. I was rude to you in return. I have to return the favour to you no matter what it is.

The same dialogue of her made me horny again. I was speechless as I couldn’t believe what she just said. She walked to me, sat beside me on my bed and she hugged me tight. I could feel her large fleshy boobs rubbing against my chest. I was totally numb for a while not knowing whether it’s true. I then started kissing her lips. She too started kissing me back. We kissed for five minutes and then I felt her nipples becoming hard. I was totally numb that I stopped kissing and went and sat on bed feeling guilty. She walked to me and sat beside me.

She told me that she was just returning my favour. I made a strong mind and hugged her again and started unbuttoning her blouse. I found the same black bra. I kissed the bra on her milky boobs shape. We then collapsed to a bed. We covered ourselves with a blanket. I removed her bra and found her milky huge boobs protruding out. I took them in hands and started licking it and sucking it. I finally removed her lehanga and her sari. She was completely naked before me. I immediately got naked and hugged her and kissed her fleshy soft boobs. She brushed her fingers through my hair. We kept kissing for 15mins or so and started sweating. Her sweat smelled great and made my dick rise to 90 degrees.

I took her in my arms and started sucking her boobs and fluffy navel. She took my dick in her hand and started caressing it and finally pushed it into her mouth and started sucking it with great delight. I placed her on bed and started sucking her pussy. She pulled me up and started sucking my lips. I was completely drowned this time kissing her, and fingering her wet pussy. And then, a cold breeze blew in from a window cooling our naked, sweating bodies. I parted her legs apart and sucked her wet pussy. It tasted like heaven. I took my dick and started pushing in. It pained a bit at first, but when I kept pounding it in, the feel was so heavenly. She started giving shrill cries in middle. I took her in my hands and started sucking her lips. We fucked like this for not more than half an hour. I cummed and actually thought to clean it, but she took it in her hands and drank the whole cum dripping from my dick.

We then bathed and got dressed. She got dressed up and said that I really have a large cock and thanked me and gave a naughty smile. She kissed my cheek and left.

I slept for a while after the strenuous work and then I was able to come back to my senses. The next day, the woman came and just came inside without ringing the bell and started talking to me so friendly. She said that she made use of the money I gave her and put her daughter in a boarding school to give her a better education. I then smiled and appreciated her for the right decision. As she lived with her daughter in her house, now she’ll be the only one to live without her daughter.

Later on after a few days, she stopped coming in the mornings for work and used to come only in the evenings for a few days. We used to have sex and spend the night. Later on, I became used to having sex with her. Sometimes, we used to watch porn together and have sex. It was the most heavenly time in my life.

After a couple of months, I got a promotion letter from my company. I got a post in Bangalore. I had to move to Bangalore for my profession. I couldn’t see the woman and say bye to her before leaving. Though I didn’t have her, I used to send the money to her as promised. Months passed by and I came to know that she too shifted to some other place. Once, during my vacation I flew to the city and went to that same hilly place and it reminded me of my first heavenly sex experience.

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