My First Sex With A Telugu Girl Met Through Locanto

I’m 22 years old living in Chennai. I always feel like sniffing a girls armpit and pussy. But I didn’t get a chance. I’m so horny always. So I used to read iss stories and watch porn videos. Some times I used to check in locanto also. I’ll contact the girls on locanto but I never had a gut feeling to have sex with them. Recently I saw one ad in locanto. A Telugu girl posted an ad for fun. I responded to her add. She gave her email id and asked me to chat in Gmail. After seeing her email id, I mailed her.

Me: hi I’m interested in meeting you.She comes to hangouts.Me: now hangouts conversation starts. ( hi I saw your add in locanto and I’m interested in meeting you)She: heyShe: your spec?

Me: 22 male Chennai.She: Tamil?Me: yes. You don’t like tamil guys?She: I like tamil guys.Me: wow so sweet. How to meet you?She: how much you will pay me?Me: 3k.

She: very low. I’ll look very good.Me: are you fair?She: you want to see my photo?Me: yes.She sent a photo.

Me: you are so beautiful and homely.She: ya I know and I heard Tamil guys love homely girls.Me: ok what rate you expect?She: usually I charge 10k per night.Me: omg. I can’t afford that much. I ready to pay 5 or 6k.She: ok gives 7k for a full night.

Me: ok sure. I want day timing.She: ok when you want?Me: can I inform the before the day when I come?She inform me before two days. So that ill apply for leave in office.Me: I’ll be coming during weekends. Is it ok for you?She: weekends may be fine.Me: what and all service you provide me?

She: what you like baby?Me: I like the soft, sensual and romantic move. I love to sniff armpit and pussy. I like a lot of oral sex.She: wow awesome baby. I’ll fulfill your desire baby.

Me: what you like?She: I like to stand and carry position fuck, boob fuck, and body massage.Me: I don’t know body massage. You teach me ill do it for you.She: yeah sure baby. Do you have your photo?Me: what photo? Cock or normal picture?She: both are fine. First, send a normal photo.

Me: after sending my picture if you don’t like me means?She: ha ha doesn’t worry baby. You will fuck me.Me: I sent my picture.She: you look good baby.Me: thank you. Really?

She: yes baby. Condoms ok?Me: yeah ok. For anal can I try without condoms?She: anal and mouth no need condoms.Me: ok bye ill mail you before two days of my arrival.She: ok bye.

After few days I emailed her and informed her that i’ll be coming this Saturday. She said ok come at 10 in morning. We will have breakfast and start the fun. I asked for her address and she emailed me the address. I reached that place around 9.45. I knocked the door. She opened and welcomed with a smile. I was happy at the same time I’m nervous since it is the first time. I gave a handshake to her. I said please give me 10-minute ill refresh and come. I went to restroom changed to shorts and men’s vest. I washed my face and groin area. I came out and asked her do I want to apply any perfume or deodorant? She said she was ok with natural odour. I sat in the sofa. She bought breakfast. We both ate and we got settled in the sofa. She sat next to me. We spoke casually. I said you are too beautiful. She smiled for it. I asked her to sit on my lap by facing me. Before she does that she removed my shorts and vest.

Also she tried to remove her dress. I stopped her. Please wait. I want to go so slowly. So she stopped removing her dress. She sat on my lap facing me. We were looking into each other eyes. She was wearing sleeveless tops with inners and pant (I asked her to wear sleeveless tops in order to smell her armpit). I hold her both the cheeks with my palms and planted a kiss on her forehead. Then I planted a kiss on her bubbly and soft cheeks. The cheeks were so soft like a baby. I planted few kisses on both cheeks and also licked her cheeks. I lifted her chin and planted a kiss on her chin. Then I planted a soft kiss on her lips. Just lip to lip kiss. Didn’t insert tongue into her mouth.

I kissed her upper lip and lower lips alternatively. I asked her to show her tongue. I started licking her tongue with my tongue tip slowly. I never entered into her mouth. This all happens outside of her mouth. I was licking her tongue upside and downside. Now saliva starts to fell down from her tongue. I was doing it passionately. After some time I showed my tongue and asked her to spit on it. She spits her saliva on my tongue and I drank it happily. Then after some time, we started smooching. Here only we explore each other’s mouth. After a long and good sensational smooch. I moved my lips to her neck. I planted a small kiss on her adam’s apple. Then I moved to the side of her neck and kissed softly. By her face reaction, I understood that she like it. After some kiss, I started licking her side neck from bottom to up. Meanwhile, she was showing happiness on her face. After some time I started sucking her earlobe which is so soft. I asked her to remove her studs. I sucked it for some time. After that I started licking her ear from bottom to up then I inserted into that ear hole. She actually loved it and started shaking her body because of the tickling sensation.

Then I took my nose near her armpit and smelled it. Wow, what a smell. The first time I’m smelling a girls armpit. Dear, you look so awesome. Nice armpit smell. You are wonderful. After smelling for a long time I made her raise her hands and removed her tops. Now she is wearing an only bra, pants, and panty. I was watching her shape of her boob with bra and I commented. Very beautiful dear. Then I took my hand near her boobs and pressed it. The first time I’m pressing a girl’s boobs. It was so soft like sponge ball(simile ball). While pressing her boobs I asked her to raise her hands. When she raised her hands I sniffed her armpit a lot and enjoyed the beautiful aroma. After some time I unhooked her bra. Now she wears only pants and panty. I was watching her naked boobs some time and admiring her beautiful boobs. Fairish boobs with brown nipples. The size of the boob is 34b. Then I slowly moved near to her boobs and kissed her nipples gently. Did the same for another nipple. Then I started licking her nipples with my tip of the tongue. She enjoyed it actually.

I was not sucking vigorously but licking softly like an ice cream. I was licking quite a few minutes. First time I see her moaning. Then I started sucking her nipples. She doesn’t lactate but I thought in a way that she lactates. While sucking I inserted my two fingers into her mouth. She started sucking my fingers. I took those fingers out of her mouth and brought near my nose and smelled it. It was the awesome smell. I also made her smell. She didn’t experience this smell before so initially, she felt weird. After smelling she liked it. Again I inserted two fingers in her mouth. After some time I took those fingers and applied that saliva on her nipples. After sucking her nipple for quite some time I again started giving her lip kiss, neck sucking and ear sucking. During this time I was pressing her boobs and playing with her nipples. Then I kissed her collar bones and started licking it. After that, I started licking the portion between the boobs. While doing all of these she was sitting on my lap.

Then I made her sleep on the couch. Now I started licking her breast and went down to tummy. Once I reach her navel I started licking her navel. I inserted my tongue in her navel and started twisting. I also spat saliva on her belly button and started licking it. I also licked side portion of her stomach and started licking her body starting from the navel and slowly moving up till her neck. Now I slowly removed her pants. Now she is in panty only, while licking and sucking I was commenting her that you look awesome, your body is great like that.

After removing her pants, I started giving a gentle kiss to her toe. Also, I sniffed her toe. After sniffing I started licking her toes and gaps between each finger. She enjoyed every action of mine. She said she feels so happy for this kind of pleasure. My reply to her is anything for you baby. She felt so happy for that reply. After that, I slowly started licking her legs and moved to her thighs. I paused near her knees and started licking her knees quite some time. Her thigh is the fairest part of her body since it didn’t get exposed to the sun. I started licking her inner thighs and thigh region ends near her pussy. I didn’t lick her pussy but her thigh region which ends near pussy. Her moaning sound and frequency get increased after started licking her inner thighs. Then I slowly removed her panty and exposed her pussy. It was so beautiful. I said to her in the husky voice you look so beautiful down. Then I smelled her panty which was sticking to her pussy for past four hours. The scent of panty made me mesmerized. I loved a lot and also asked her to smell. She also loved it. Actually, that is the first time she is smelling her own panty.

Later I gave a small peck on her pussy lips which she enjoyed. I started licking her moans. She loved it a lot. Since I’m first to lick the moan region. Then as I studied on the internet I spread her pussy lips and started licking the tip portion(probably clitoris as mentioned on the internet). I started licking clitoris and also inserted my two fingers in her pussy hole. I inserted my finger in her pussy in order to find G-spot. As explained on the internet I inserted my finger bending inside the pussy and started finger fucking her. I can feel some different portion touched by a finger. I hope it is the G-spot. I was licking her clitoris and touching her G-spot. Now only she moaned high. I also licked her pussy starting from anus till her clitoris. I don’t know how much time I was near her pussy. After some time she cummed. But I didn’t stop. I was doing the same and also drank her cum. I was doing until she stopped me. She totally enjoyed my oral act. Then I sat on the sofa. She raised from the sofa and gave a good lip lock expressing her happiness.

After few minutes she kneeled on the floor and started kissing my penis. I loved it actually. She started shagging my penis. I said I don’t like shagging only suck. Then she started sucking my penis. While sucking I asked her can I spit on my penis. She nodded yes with a smile. I spit on my penis and she also spits and started licking it. Later I asked her to suck my balls. She did it as I said. Since this is the first I cummed soon with excitement. After taking rest for few minutes. Again my penis got hard. Then I asked her to wear condoms on my penis. She did it by kneeling down. I loved that sight. After wearing a condom I asked her to lie on the bed. She did it. And I lay on her and started smooching, I asked her to hold my penis and enter into her pussy. She did it as I said. I started pushing in. I successfully inserted into her pussy and started fucking slowly. I ended up soon since it was my first fuck in life. I was satisfied because I cummed. Then I lay on the bed hugging her and started kissing her and sucking her boobs.

She loves the stand and carries sex position. So after I regain my erection I changed the condoms and asked her to stand on the sofa. And I showed my hands to her. She puts her leg on her hands and I carried her. And I took my penis and inserted into her pussy and started slow motions. I was fucking her and took her near walls and placed her near the wall in order to get additional support. I fucked her passionately and she enjoyed a lot on seeing her face I came to know it. After some time I ended up. Then we kissed passionately. We slept for some time. After I woke I started fucking her boobs. She also likes fucking her boobs. It went some time and I ended by spraying my come on her boobs and face. She took my cum with her fingers and licked it. Then she gave me a good body massage. After the massage, we bathed. Then I prepared to leave. Before leaving I hugged her and sniffed her armpit again. And she gave a nice blowjob again. I left happily.

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