My First Time With A Guy

Hello everyone, I have been a great follower of Indian sex story & always wished that someday I could write my own sex story. So here we are, My first sex story. My name is Aryan & I am from Mumbai. I am 22 years old, tall fair good looking rich & single. My dick size is 6.5 inches long (yes you read that right) & fully functional. So let me tell you about the first incident of mine with a boy.

This is the sex story long back when I was 18 years old. I have always been an addictive of porn. I am straight so I used to watch straight porn. But I never thought that having sex with a boy would also be so much fun. So, let’s begin with the day when it all started. I had a group of friends in which all of them were maximum boys. There were hardly 3-4 girls & we boys were 9-10. I always used to play & talk with girls as I get a chance to touch them as I don’t like to have fun with boys. But after every end of the day me & my best friend Kumar (name changed) used to have a daily talk about which porn did we watch & how we impressed girls & tried to get a touch of them.

He was a guy who never got any girls & was a loner. Let me describe him. He is 5.5 long fair with an athletic body.So one day he called me at his home as he was alone & we decided to watch porn together. We obviously were watching straight porn & I was not much-taking interest about it as I ejaculated that day morning, but he was fully into it & was getting very excited. But suddenly the electricity went & the computer got shut. He was sweating due to excitement & his dick can be seen fully erected in his pants. I asked him that I have to go & meet him at night for football, but he was so excited that he asked me to stay until the electricity comes. I agreed & tried to just stay away from him. After some time he was cooled down & again everything was normal.

We then again started discussing the porn which we watched & started imagining how fun it is to get a blowjob. I controlled my thoughts & told him to stop or else we would turn gay *laughing* but he was unstoppable & continued. He then asked me that how I feel to be all around girls every time & be so likable. & then asked me if I had sex with any of them. Then I told him that yes I have had just oral sex with one of them. He was so stunned that he was literally begging me that please help me with ejaculation. Please teach me that how can I have at least an oral sex with a girl. I also want to know about how is that feeling of getting sucked. I asked him to calm down & jerk off so he can take off everything from his head & cool himself down.

He went off to the bathroom & started jerking off. He then came back & said that he wasn’t able to get his penis erect as there was nothing to jerk off to. & suddenly he came near me & grabbed my penis. I asked him to stop but he didn\’t. & I pushed him back & locked him inside the bedroom.

After few minutes I went in to apologize but there he was. Lying fully naked in the bed & his 6 inches tool fully erect. He was jerking off & I was stunned. I don’t know what happened to me but I also started getting an erection in my pants. He asked me to sit beside him & I agreed. He told me to unzip my pants & show him my dick so that he could jerk off to something. I agreed & told him that I would only give him a glance of my dick. He agreed & there I was, I started unzipping my pant & took off my 6.5 inches dick out.

He was stunned to see my dick & then asked me if he could touch it. I agreed & then he started jerking me off. I liked it so very much that I forgot my sexuality that I am straight or a bisexual. He then asked me that if he could suck it. I agreed to it as I know how it feels. It feels heaven. & then his lips started sucking my dick & then I asked him to stop but he was unstoppable. He sucked & sucked & suddenly I came in his mouth. He drank that all. He liked it so very much.

Then when he was about to hold my hand to grab his dick. I rejected as I was cooled off after ejaculating sperm but he started seducing me again & I don’t know what was into me I grabbed his dick. His dick was so warm. It was my first time touching some other guy’s dick. His penis got soft & when I touched his dick I could feel that he is getting erected. I shook his dick a little & then he got up & asked me to kneel down. I don’t know what was into me but I was hard again & agreed to kneel down & suddenly I heard someone outside the door. Someone started knocking the door. It was his mom. I quickly gave him clothes & asked him to get himself ready in the bathroom & I would take care of his mother.

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